Vastu and Astrology

Vastu and Jyotish (Astrology) cannot do without each other. Since they are like air and water; they are guiding factors. In the socio-economic context of the ancient and middle ages. Jyotish (Astrology) and thus is old as the Vedas themselves. Jyotish literally means ‘light of god’ or ‘path to fulfillment of desires’. Astrology represents ‘eyes’ in the Vedic body as it enables us to see our past, present, and future. This ‘divine eye’ is achieved by those who are well versed in the scientific study and application of the language of heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies have a great influence on our lives and houses.

In Brief : 

Now, let us deal with planets and their effects on the house, in view of the science of Astrology.

Sun :

 Sun is the soul (atmakaraka) besides being Pitrkaraka, and governing planet of the fifth sigh Leo of the zodiac. In Grhavastu, the window on the East should be such as to allow maximum sunlight, otherwise, it will disturb the prosperity of a family.

Moon :

 The left side of a house is indicative of a mother or daughter. If the left window happens to be a puja room, women will enjoy divine perception, wisdom (Moon + Jupiter); in case a room is full of darkness with materials dumped, the housewife suffers ill-health.

Mars and Venus :

 The Kitchen should be in south-East ( Cagney ). Mars is the planet ruling the south. But it is Venus who governs a kitchen. If a kitchen is situated opposite to a bedroom. Although there may happiness, there will be ill-health. In some houses, where both the kitchen and bathroom are combined, great hardship is felt and earnings go the waste.

Mercury : 

Mercury governs the North, verandah, hall visitors’ room, and sit-out. If there is a puja room in the hall itself, the owner of the family enjoys great benefits from lands. If the hall is attached to the bedroom, the house-wife will be earning well. If the hall suffers for want of ventilation or darkness, there will be immoral affairs and earnings through shady means.

Jupiter :

 Jupiter rules the direction of North-East which is suited for proper puja room. Suppose the door is directly facing a puja room, even though there be hardship in life, later on, one would enjoy prosperity.

Saturn :

 it governs the West and is the best friend of Rahu. Rahu and Ketu represent the main door and rear door, respectively. Food material stored in the West (storeroom, etc) is auspicious and leads to prosperity.

Rahu :

 It governs the South-West. Unused materials and toilets are good here as Rahu governs the main door, the entrance door must be larger than the other doors.

Ketu : 

The direction of Ketu is also the North-East. Ketu governs small rear door, the bathrooms, ditches, and staircase. If the staircase leading to the first floor is near the main door entrance, it indicates self-deception and is not auspicious.

The following charts are an illustration of how Vastu and Astrological planets are related to each other.

Ruling PlanetDirection
EastLiving Room, Bathroom (no toilet)
North-West Guest room, Bathroom, Grain Storage
NorthLiving (sitting) room, Safe
SouthKitchen, storeroom
South- WestMaster bedroom, heavy storage
North- EastWorship room, Living room
WestChildren’s Bedroom, Store room, Study

The placement of parts of your house in accordance with these important directions plays an influential role in personal as well as the overall development of your family. Depending on your Sun sign, the direction of placement of rooms in your house may change. You might want to take the advice of a professional who would look into your signs and guide you in the ideal direction. This would be based on your Sun sign and the impact of the ruling planet together with the directional force exerted by the Vastu of your home. However, in general, here are some of the rules that would help you harness positive energy in a specific room. Ideally, these need to be looked into while constructing your house but you can always do corrections and renovate accordingly.

In your living room:

  1. Have a front-facing living area
  2. The owner should be facing the east or north direction
  3. Other members can sit beside or opposite the owner
  4. Have the main door in the north area
  5. Having flooring at lower level helps give a good sense to your family

In your bedroom:

  1. Bedroom door should open at least 90 degrees
  2. Have adequate space to move and avoid clutter
  3. Ensure your head points south as you sleep
  4. Avoid sleeping in line with any sharp corners

In your kitchen:

  1. South-East is the ideal direction for a kitchen
  2. Colors like blue, red, green and yellow promote good health
  3. Exhaust and gas should be placed in the south-eastern corner
  4. Refrigerator and other electrical appliances are to be kept in the southern corner

These are some of the thumb rules followed according to the ‘Vastu Shastra’ for any home. However, it is always recommended you consult a reputed astrologer and seek guidance specific to your home and family for the peace and prosperity in your house.

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