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A balcony is an important part of the room, it makes the room complete and allows some fresh air and sunlight in the room. Having a balcony is not only good for health, but it is also romantic where you can sit with your partner and have a good time having a cup of tea and talking to each other. But, sometimes making a balcony in the wrong direction leads to fights and problems in the family. A wrong placement can lead to health issues, mental breakdowns, and even fights in the relations that is why people prefer using Vastu Shastra Tips for Balcony to make the balcony a relaxing and romantic place:

1. Location for the Balcony:

The right location for the balcony plays an important role to bring harmony among relations and also makes the house look good. According to Vastu Shastra, the right location for the balcony is the eastern or northern part of the house. The north and east sides of the house are prone to air and sunlight during morning and evening which makes the area moderate and comfortable to sit whereas southern and western sides are too hot to sit thus avoided. So, whenever you are planning to cut some space for the balcony, try opting for the north or east side of the room.

2. Furniture for the Balcony:

A balcony is an open area to relax and enjoy the natural environment. Often people have a habit of reading newspapers with a cup of tea in the morning that is why it is important to put the right furniture for the balcony. Can you put a whole sofa set in the balcony? Well, that sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? A special selection of furniture is available, especially for balconies. Vastu suggests placing heavy furniture like chairs, bean bags, small sofas, and a table in the south-west corner of the balcony. You can also hang a swing in the balcony for recreational purposes and some cute chairs and bean bags for children.

3. Decorative Items for the Balcony:

Nowadays, the presentation is most important. People follow the ultimate formula of keeping fewer things but presenting them in a classy manner to stun people. You can play with colors, decorative and creative items, furniture, plants, and what not to make your balcony look at a beautiful and serene place to spend some quality time. Vastu advises keeping small plants on the north-east side of the balcony so that they can enjoy proper sunlight and air for their growth. You can hang a swing in the east-west axis, and a person is facing north or south while sitting on the swing is considered auspicious. It increases blood flow and brings happiness to life. You can also keep small flower pots on the balcony to add up the charm and beauty to the balcony.

4. Roof Positioning of the Balcony:

A balcony is a half-open area where a person sits in the morning and evening to relax the mind and body. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, the height of the balcony must be lower than the roof of the main building. It will give a proportionate look at the balcony and make the building look good. While choosing the metal for the roof of the balcony, avoid tin for the roof as it absorbs and traps heat within the space and make the area hotter and uncomfortable to sit within. Vastu says to keep the area clean and clutter-free to keep all the negativity and evil eyes away from the balcony. You can also hang a wind chime on the door as it makes the environment calm and soothing.

5. Material for the Furniture of the Balcony:

Keeping furniture in the balcony is very important otherwise where will you sit? Can you enjoy your first cup of tea while sitting on the floor? Of course not, that is why people keep some furniture in the balcony. But, you cannot keep any furniture in the balcony; only the right furniture will bring comfort and relaxes the body. Vastu guides keeping marble and wooden furniture in the balcony works the best. If there is metallic furniture, it will burn your body from heat, and keeping plastic furniture looks cheap and also bad for the environment. To make your balcony look beautiful, you can use a marble table and wooden chairs, or you can go for a customized designer wooden set for the balcony.

6. Lighting for the Balcony: 

Sometimes it feels so good to sit under the stars and enjoy a peaceful time watching the sky. Many people have a habit of sitting on the balcony after dinner and talk about the day. But, sitting in the dark leads to the negativity that is why lighting in the balcony plays a crucial role. Vastu advises using soothing lights or lamps in the balcony rather than the high beam and scorching lights. High beam lights kill the mood and are also bad for vision, so choose the right lights and make your balcony a romantic place to dive in.

7. Colors for the Balcony:

According to Vastu Shastra, using calm colors like blue, cream, white, and light tones of pink and green works the best. Avoid using dark and dull colors for the balcony.

To conclude, a balcony acts as a connection between a person and environment, so to make the connection peaceful and deeper make sure you construct a beautiful, calm, and soothing balcony by using the above tips from Vastu Shastra.

A Balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of the building and is blocked by a number of Vastu for Balcony railings. It is usually attached with a bedroom or living room. People use it for relaxing, sitting and unwinding purposes. It may or may not have a roof. The increase in the trend of living in apartment buildings with balconies has taken the place of courtyards. Moreover, it gives shelter from the rain, direct sunlight, and storm. It is also used as a gathering spot for families to have some fun time in the evening and to enjoy the best of weather conditions.

Here are some Vastu guidelines to be considered while designing a Balcony.

Location of a Balcony

The balcony should be constructed in the eastern or northern parts of the house. The ideal position for a balcony is north and east, where there is constant sunlight from morning to evening. The western and southern sides are too hot to sit and hence should be avoided. Avoid constructing a balcony on the southern or western side of the main building.

Furniture arrangements in a Balcony

Heavy furniture and seating should be placed in the south-western, southern, or western corner of the balcony. Swing can be placed in the east-west axis so the sun does not hit the face of a person directly. Moreover, a person facing north or south while sitting on a swing is considered auspicious according to the Vaastu principles. Small plants should be placed in the north-east side of the balcony as they need sunlight to thrive. East and north direction will provide constant sunlight to the plants. Small flower pots should be placed in the balcony. Avoid keeping huge ones. Flower pots with creepers should also be avoided in the balcony. Big flower pots and pots with creepers tend to obstruct light in the balcony.

Roof positioning of a Balcony

The height of the balcony roof should be lower than the roof of the main building. This will give a proportionate look to the balcony in comparison to the main building. Asbestos or tin should not be used for the roof of a balcony they absorb and trap heat within a space, making it uncomfortably hot for the users.

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