Vastu for Home Office


In this increasingly digital world, it’s quite the norm to work from home or telecommute. There are a growing number of home-based professionals and entrepreneurs who find working from home more productive. With less time spent on commuting, there is more time to concentrate on work. Most work-from-home professionals choose to set up their workspace in a corner of their bedroom, on the dining room table, in the corner of a passage, or maybe even in the guest bedroom.

However, to maintain a balanced environment and ensure productivity, it is imperative to follow some important Vastu guidelines to attract good vibes and positivity in your home office. Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, holistic life coach and founder at Enlightening Lifestyle, lists down some of the guidelines to keep in mind for using your home as a workspace.

Vastu for a Home Office

1. According to Vastu Shastra, a home office should be set up in the west or southwest section of the house as it is conducive to business and a stable career. It is here that an individual can make the best business decisions.

2. The best colors for your home office include cream, light yellow, light green, or light gold. In order to ensure a balanced work environment at home, a neutral color like cream will help increase engagement and respect toward your work. A light yellow palette will ensure good health. Light green balances the mind, body, and soul as it helps attract positive vibes. Light gold ensures productivity and profits.

3. According to Vastu, the work chair should be comfortable, strong and spacious enough to cover the head of the person sitting on it, as it represents supporting life.

4. The work desk must be in the south-west direction, while your positioning during work should be in the northeast direction without the obstruction of a door, window, or balcony behind the workstation. This ensures less stress while increasing an individual’s concentration.

5. Drawers and wardrobes containing important documents should be placed in the west or southwest section of the house to ensure it open up in the north, east or northeast direction. Placing a citrine cluster or a gold pyrite crystal inside your drawer will attract and multiply wealth, according to Vastu.

6. Avoid using colors like black or blue while setting up your home office. Black represents negativity and has the power to attract bad energy. Blue is not suited for entrepreneurs. It represents water, which can destabilize your emotions. It could also lead to medical issues.

7. Discard unwanted papers and pens immediately to avoid stagnation and bad luck.

8. Always have a small globe placed on the northwest side of your work desk to attract international work opportunities, says Ashna Ddhannak.

Location of study room or home office:

 As per Vastu guidelines, the western direction is most ideally suited for a home office or study room. The western direction in Vedic astrology is considered to be associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury is considered to be the planet responsible for providing analytical ability increasing brain power and functionality. Mercury is also considered to be a catalyst for business acumen in Vastu principles. The location of a study room or home office in the western direction also balances the moon, Venus, and Jupiter as per Vastu principles. South or West is the ideal location of the Home Office and North-East part of the office is ideal for a reception in a Home Office.

The best shape for a study room or home office: 

Vastu Shastra places great emphasis on providing the right shape for the study room or home office to derive maximum benefit. In this day and age of unique architectural designs, a lot of people use innovative shapes for the study room by offering uneven designs. According to Vastu Shastra, the best shape for a study room or home office is a pyramidal form. The pyramidal shape increases the concentration level for children using the study room as well as increase the analytical ability of the person using it as a home office. It is, however, important to note that pyramidal shape is only recommended if the room is not used by any residents for sleeping purposes.

The furniture in the study room or home office:

 The location of the furniture in the study room or home office along with the direction used to sit in the desk or work table plays an equally important role. According to Vastu principles, the study table must always be kept in such a way that the person sitting on the table is facing east, north, or northeastern direction. Cabinets and tables must be avoided in the center of the room. Book racks can be placed in the northern or eastern directions. South West and North West are considered as the most negative directions for placement of such books shelves or racks.

Perfect color combination: 

The use of over the top bright colors is prohibited for the study room and home office. As per Vastu principles, the use of soothing pastel shades including green, white, and shades of cream are best suited for study rooms or home office. The use of light colors is given preference over darker colors. Avoiding using glossy paints in the study room or home office and subtle and matt finished walls offer the perfect color combination for these sections.

Vastu for Doors and windows:

 The location of doors and windows along with the inner decorations can play a major role in enhancing the overall positivity of the home office or study room. Larger windows must be planned for the eastern wall while smaller windows can be accommodated on the western wall of the room. The door leading to the study room must be located in either North or northeastern directions for the best results. The inner decor must be subtle and the use of soothing pictures is recommended to provide good results.

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