Vastu For Main Gate And Compound Wall


Independent residential buildings usually have boundary walls and gates that clearly demarcate the structure and protect them against the entry of uninvited guests. A front door is also the opening from where energies enter and exit. As a transition piece between outdoor spaces to an exterior décor element, contemporary gates are now available in attractive designs that complement the wall or pillars to which they are attached. Traditional manually operated gates have now evolved as automatic electronic gates and designer doors, too.

According to Vastu, there are certain rules when constructing boundary walls or compound walls. They should be constructed on an auspicious day, and before the house construction begins. Here are some more guidelines you can follow when designing compound walls and main gates for the house:


A compound wall should be higher and thicker on the south and the west side as compared to the north and the east side. This is required to block harsh sun rays coming from the south-west portion and allow warm useful rays from the north-east sides. Compound walls should be built first in the south-west direction. Avoid placing a gate in the south side or extreme corners.

Keep in mind

  1. Use soft colours for the front gate such as white, silver or wood colours. Avoid use of black, red and dark blue colours.
  2. The main entrance gates should always open in clockwise direction and open inwards.
  3. The gates should not make any creaky sound while opening or closing
  4. Obstructions such as trees, drain, poles or another wall before the gates or compound walls is not good. However, if the obstructions are at a distance twice the height of the house, the negative effects are nullified.
  5. Place auspicious symbols such as Om and Swastik at the main gate.
  6. Compound walls should not be taller than the main house as that can block positive energies.

Vastu Tips For Main Entrance


Main door in the north or the east is regarded auspicious. Create a doorsill if not there already. This completes the door frame forming a rectangle which has a great significance in Vastu.

Keep in mind

  1. The absence of a threshold in the house may result in loss of money from the household. So, a threshold on the main door should be created preferably of wooden material which helps in retention of magnetic energy within the house. The platform must have a height of at least two inches.
  2. Avoid using materials such as granite, plastic or marble for making a threshold.
  3. Placing the footprints of goddess Lakshmi on both sides of the threshold is considered auspicious.
  4. Ensure the door opens completely and does not make any cracking sound as it can limit opportunities flowing into the house.

Vastu Tips For Using ‘Toran’ At The Main Entrance

*Use toran made of mango leaves for the main door to attract wealth and peace.

*Hang toran made of 108 Panchmukhi Rudraksha beads for spiritual as well as material benefits.

*Toran made of leaves of Ashoka tree hung on the main door keeps evil eye at bay.

*The entry door can also be decorated with toran made of seashells to remove negative energies.

Favourable material for the main door

As per Vastu Shastra, a wooden door is considered to be auspicious for the main entrance.

  1. A door made out of wood and metal works for the south direction.
  2. A door made of metal works for the west direction.
  3. A door painted with silver colour works for the north direction.
  4. A door made of wood and decorated with metal accessories works for the east direction.

The direction play


The north direction represents the element water. Having an entrance door placed on the north side of a home is auspicious. But, do ensure that the door is placed in the northeast section of north wall. Along with this, ensure that a window is placed near the north-east corner.  This will give way to morning sun rays which are necessary for ensuring healthy bones and a strong immune system.  


When the home’s entrance is positioned in the south direction, then the southeast is a favorable direction for the main door. Positioning entrance in the southwest or center portion of the wall must be avoided. When the entrance is placed in the south direction, then it becomes necessary to have another door in the north direction. 

Accessorising main door

As per Vastu Shastra, accessorising the main door is essential for bringing in happiness and prosperity.   

  1. Painting the main door in red brings good luck.
  2. Accessorizing the main door with a swastika or symbol of Om brings happiness.
  3. Decorating the entrance door with bright light brings in happiness and prosperity.

Some points to remember

As per Vastu Shastra, some points that are essential for creating an auspicious entrance are stated below:  

  1. The main door should open toward the left side to the inside. Any violation of this will create an obstruction in the flow of energy within the house.
  2. Placing the mirror right in front of the main door is not a correct practice as it will absorb all the energy.
  3. In front of the main door, there should be no obstructions such as rails, staircases, and big trees.
  4. The main entrance should not face intersecting roads as this leads to the clash of ideas and opinions.

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