Vastu for Residence


Vastu Shastra or the “science of architecture” has been employed in India through ages while preparing a construction site, designing, and deciding on the spatial arrangement of a house. This science is followed to preserve the right amount of energy in the home and to usher in peace, prosperity and good luck. Vastu not only deals with the position, layout or direction of each room, it also advices you on the most desirable use of colours and decorative elements. So today, we will take you through the 12 crucial tips you need to keep in mind while building your residence. These basic principles will help you create a serene and comfortable house which will ensure that you always get the best of everything.

1. The entrance of the house

Since the sun rises in the east and is an unbeatable source of energy and light, your home’s entrance should be ideally towards the east. In case your entrance is already built in some other direction, you can create a large window towards the east to address this issue.

2. Bed in the south

For peaceful sleep, the southwest corner is considered to be most auspicious. So place the bed in the south, east or west corner, but never towards the north. Pick browns and greens to make your bedroom lively and earthy.

3. The northern corner

Water elements like washrooms, pools, ponds or even an RO water filtration unit can be placed in the northern corner of your house. This will ensure steady financial growth. If you don’t have a strictly northern corner, go for the northeast corner.

4. Picking the right plants

Indoor greenery adds freshness and liveliness to the interiors of a home. But if the seeds are being planted during the construction phase, make sure that you choose seeds which don’t produce milk. Such plants can disrupt the peace in your home, so go for peace lilies, money plants or bamboos instead.

5. Kitchen location

Your kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner, and you should cook while facing east. Also, avoid planning your kitchen in front of the main entrance. Take a cue from this beautiful kitchen by the kitchen manufacturers at Kitchen Stori.

6. Airflow in living rooms

Avoid placing furniture like chairs, tables or sofas in a way that blocks doors or windows in your living room. Keep your living space airy, so that you can chat with your family and friends comfortably.

7. Say no to overhead beams

As per Vastu, exposed ceiling beams can cause depression, arguments and disharmony. So simply avoid them to maintain tranquillity.

8. Colors are powerful

Pick colours for each room with care, since they can have a significant positive or negative impact on your mood. Blues, yellows, greens and whites are recommended usually by Vastu experts.

9. Furniture in wood

Wooden furniture preferably in regular shapes like square or rectangle and in average sizes can bring peace and order in your house.

Keep doors and windows clean

Dirty windows and doors can hamper the flow of wealth into your home. So clean them regularly.

11. Angle for doors

All doors and especially the entrance door should open at 90 degrees, according to Vastu. This way, positive energy can enter your house effortlessly and generously. Avoid placing anything behind the doors so that there’s no obstruction.

12. Room shapes

Square is the best shape for a room since it ensures harmony and balance. Rectangular rooms are auspicious too, but L-shaped or T-shaped rooms can be harmful. Rooms in irregular shapes can usher in many worries or even poverty. Octagonal rooms can harm your finances, while triangular rooms can stop you from progressing.   

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