Vastu Remedies for the South-west Corner

If you take expert advice on home entrances as per Vastu Shastra, you will mostly be told to go with north, north east, east, or west as suitable options. The entrance on the south west side of your home is usually left out because it’s believed to cause ill effects. However, following certain Vastu for South west facing house tips and remedies, you can negate the negative effects and increase the positive energy that surrounds your home. This article details remedies for you to follow: 

Vastu Tips for South East Facing House

Create Space in the North East Zone

As per the southwest entrance of Vastu, you should create open spaces in the northeast area of your home. Doing this creates a free flow of positive energy which can be quite beneficial for homes with an entrance in the south. Additionally, large spaces in the southwest area of your home can cause harm, so you should avoid them.

Ensure Correct Placement of Water Tank

One of the most important south west entrance Vastu remedies is to construct an overhead water tank in the southwest side of the house. Doing this balances the energy that surrounds your house. However, you should never place an underground water tank in the southwest corner of your home.

Keep Heavy Materials in the Right Place

Vastu for home dictates that you should always keep heavy materials like cupboards, washing machines, and sofas in the southwest area of your house. Placing them in the right location can help you avoid accumulating negativity inside your home.

Place a Water Fountain in Your Home

While most people advise against keeping a water body like a fountain, swimming pool, and aquarium in south-facing homes, some people believe otherwise. According to some Vastu Shastra experts, installing a water body in the north east corner of homes with a south west entrance can attract positive energy.

Vastu Remedy for Bathroom in the South West

If your toilet is in the south west direction of your house, Vastu Shastra recommends keeping its doors closed at all times. By doing this, you will be able to stop negative energy from flowing into the living spaces of your home.

Avoid Extension in South West Zones

Extending your home in the southwest zone is usually not recommended. This is because the extra space in the southwest corner can increase the flow of negativity. However, if your only option is to extend in that direction, you should install Vastu strips made of brass, wood, or copper on the walls. Doing this will help fix the dosha.

Ensure Your Home Slopes Towards the North East

According to Vastu shastra, designing a slope that runs in the northeast direction will balance the negative and positive energies of homes with a southwest entrance. 

Remedies for Kitchen in the South West

One of the most important southwest entrance Vastu remedies for homes with a kitchen in the same direction is to create a secondary kitchen in the southeast. Doing this will help balance the flow of energy. However, for it to work, you must cook something in that kitchen, every day. Additionally, you should paint your kitchen yellow and place the gas stove in the southeast corner.

Keep Vastu Symbols at Home

To decrease the negative effects of southwest entrance houses, Vastu shastra recommends painting Om, Trishul, and Swastika symbols on the sides and tops of all doors in the house. To increase positivity, you can also place Vastu pyramids, plants, and wind chimes around the entrance of your home

Keep the Borewell in the South West Zone

According to southwest entrance Vastu for the house, you should never have a borewell in the south west zone. However, if you do need one in this direction, paint it red and install a Rahu yantra on its top.

To remedy the ill effects caused by southwest entrance homes, make sure you follow the above-mentioned remedies. In case some Vastu for home tips can’t be implemented, consult experts to receive personalized suggestions and advice.

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