Vastu Science


Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. The Vastu Principles are related with the properties (Natural Energies) of our Mother Earth. . It simply says that the sources of energies are to be open and the flow of energies is not to be disturbed. Vastu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy (‘Prana’ in Sanskrit). Many of the rules are attributed to cosmological considerations; the Sun’s path, the rotation of the Earth, magnetic field, etc. The morning Sun is considered especially beneficial and purifying and hence the East is a treasured direction. Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces, which are equal and opposite in nature. The interaction of these two forces is cosmic ordained and produces a third type of force, which is called ‘Bio-Force’ or ‘Prana’, needed for life to exist. One type of force is subtle and fine. The other is dark and dense. We, for understanding this subject, can call the first one as ‘positive’ and the other as ‘negative’. ‘Prana’ is liberated by the interaction of these forces. Over the surface of the globe, these forces continuously interact, releasing bio-energy. When a structure is built over the surface of the Earth, it comes in the way of a natural interaction. Both the forces enter the structure where the interaction continues. However, the intensity of forces that enter the structure need not be the same. Depending on various factors like levels, water bodies, door placement etc., either the positive or the negative can have stronger presence. If the structure is designed in a manner that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy, which helps all the inmates to be healthy. Even after such reaction with the negative forces, a positive Cosmic surplus is always present in such a structure, which is the ‘Supreme Being Himself’. In such an atmosphere, life is smooth and happy with everything in life coming your way without any great struggle. It is a happy and healthy life for all the inhabitants.If on the other hand the structure is built in such a way that the negative forces override the positive then you have a weak bio-energy field which manifests as diseases in the occupants. The over bearing negative field makes your actions, efforts, thinking negative so that ultimately the whole life is ruined.The science of Vastu guides you about the rules you have to follow so that the structure has a positive atmosphere.By strictly following these Vastu Rules, Human Race can gain quite many benefits and live peacefully. In other words, Vastu rules instruct the ways to create buildings and ‘Living in Harmony with the Earth’. Magnetic Poles in our BodyHuman body itself acts as a magnet with the head, the heaviest and important part of the body, as the North Pole. If the head is directed towards the North while sleeping, the North Pole of the Earth and that of the Human Body repel each other affecting the blood circulation, causing disturbed sleep, tension and other connected problems.It is well-established fact that nervous system of the human body communicates with the help of electric impulses, thus producing electro-magnetic field around the part of the body. Muscles also produce electrical potential. Activities of human body are primarily controlled by the electrical and chemical reactions inside the body. Any movement of charge, howsoever small, will produce electrical field around the direction of movement. Again any surrounding magnetic field will, thus have an effect on the electrical activities of parts of human body. Thus, the entire Human body is the net result of these tiny magnetic fields distributed within the human body, which is equivalent to a magnet matching the size of a human body. The heaviest and important part of the body (i.e. ‘Head’) behave as North Pole because ‘Head’ is the most powerful source of electric and magnetic fields in the organism and also that in the eye the magnetic field induction, is significantly higher than other parts of the body. Bedrooms should therefore, be designed keeping this in mind.
Source of EnergyEnergy is primarily considered as emanating from the North-East corner and many site and building characteristics are derived from this. Sites sloping down towards North or East from higher levels of South and West are considered good. Open spaces in site and openings in the building are to be more in the North and East than in the South and the West. No obstacles are to be present in the North and the East. 
Levels and HeightsLevels and height of buildings are to be higher in the South and West when compared to the North and East. The South-West corner is to be the highest, followed by South-East, then by North-West and finally by North-East. The triangle formed by joining the South-West, South-East and the North-West corner of the site is attributed to the Moon and the triangle formed by joining the North-East, North-West and South-East corner of the site is attributed to the Sun.  The former are prescribed to be heavier and higher and the latter lighter and lower. Sites having a longer East-West axis are considered better. The diagonal connecting South-West and North-East is to be longer than the diagonal connecting South-East and North-West. An extended North-East corner is considered beneficial.
Vastu Shastra is based upon two important scientific facts:
1. Magnetic Property of the Earth and the gravitational and magnetic forces created by the materials inside the Earth.2. Rotation of the Earth on its axis, and the centrifugal and other forces created by its movements.
1. Magnetic Property of the Earth:Our Mother Earth was created from the minerals and dust from the lava of Sun 4.54 million years ago. Due to the large content of iron particles present in the form of solid and molten state in our Earth, it has a magnificent magnetic property. The North Pole emits the positive magnetic energy and the South Pole performs the Negative part receiving this energy. Hence, our Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field all over its mass.If we break a small magnet into pieces, each part will get its own North and South poles and start acting as an individual magnet. Similarly, when the Earth is divided into small parts as an individual property, every division will attain a magnetic field having its own North and South Pole. As the buildings are constructed with the materials containing iron particles as well, this magnetic effect is further magnified. Vastu Shastra applies certain principles to gain from this magnetic force. 

 2. Rotation of the Earth: The main logic behind almost all the rules of Vastu Shastra depends on these principles: We are traveling along with the Earth with all our belongings towards North-East direction constantly at a speed of 1070 miles or 1670 kilometers per hour. The forward direction is North-East due to the inclination of the Earth. The division of the Earth, construction buildings, and utilization of the buildings shall not be against this motion. For example, suppose we have to carry a large and heavy box in a two-wheeler (Bike):

  •  If the box is placed in the front side on the handle bar, it will reduce our speed and comfort as well restrict our vision 
  • If the box is kept on either left or right side, our balance will not be easy and fall down.

The only best option is to tie the box in the backside in a carrier, so that our travel is very comfortable.This is the theory applied in the Vastu Rules.Our Earth is rotating inclined about 23.5 degrees towards North-East direction and rotates on its own axis without any rest since more than 4.54 billion years and also rotates the Sun without any axles, bearings or motors. The weight we keep in our place should not hinder its movement. Therefore,

  • Keep heavy weight in South-West and lower weight in North-East corner.
  • Balance the South-East and North-West corners with medium weight.

 A good example is loading a bullock cart, which runs on only two wheels and without any ball bearings. The cartman balances the cart by distributing the weight so that pulling it is comfortable for the bullocks. The Earth is rotating and rolling towards the North-East direction, hence keeping heavyweight at that direction would strain its moment. Vastu Shastra divides a place mainly into nine parts aligning with the directions:  North, East, South, West, North-East Corner, South-East Corner, South-West Corner, North-West Corner and the Center. NINE DIVISIONS OF A LAND:1. North, North- East Corner, East and the centre are the places in the Forward direction of the Movement (like the handlebar of a motorbike). Keeping any heavyweight in these places will obstruct the movement and create discomforts. Avoiding heavyweight in these areas, make the life peaceful and prosperous.2. South, West and South-West Corners form the rear side of the movement. Keeping the maximum weight at these places will make the travel comfortable and ‘In Harmony with the Earth/Nature’. Acquiring wealth and safekeeping them is an important factor of life. For creating the free flow of finance and saving money, keeping heavyweight in a building in these areas are important.3. North-West and South-East Corners are the two sides(Left and Right) of the motion. We can keep lightweight in these places and balance the movement. North-West Corner denotes the social status and the South-East Corner improves the health. By keeping a balanced weight in these places improves the status and wealth of family members.  

 Modern Scientific Research on Human Brain Sensitivity to Orientation in Space; Scientific Evidence in favor of VASTU Principles: Recent research in modern science has now confirmed the ancient understanding that our brain is sensitive to orientation, position, and direction in space. Scientists can now measure very accurately how well the brain is functioning under different conditions. This research shows that the firing rate of specific neurons in the thalamus changes in proportion to both the angular velocity and the direction in which the head moves. The scientists conclude that the brain can keep up with the absolute direction in which the head is pointing as the subject moves from place to place. Likewise, neurons in the hippocampus are found to be sensitive to the position (with reference to direction) in space. When one is facing East, the brain physiology functions differently than facing North, South, or West. 

The conclusion is that the power of thoughts and the quality of thoughts is influenced by the direction one is facing. One’s sense of direction gets confused in daily life when one lives in a building with the wrong orientation, not built according to Vastu Shastra, resulting in potential physiological, psychological, and behavioral imbalances of all kinds and strain. This alteration influences every aspect of brain functioning and the entire physiology. This natural tendency of the brain to function with reference to direction is what Vastu advocates to take into account when designing living structures. It says that the entrance to a sound Vastu structure faces because this direction has the very desirable influences of enlightenment, affluence, and fulfillment. The other three cardinal directions also have their corresponding influences. The West direction, for example, has the influence of poverty and lack of vitality and creativity. The North direction has the influence of prosperity and happiness and the South direction has the influence of negativity, problems, and suffering.

Modern Neuro-Science and benefits of Vedic Architecture; Scientific Principles Confirming the Need for Proper Orientation of Buildings: Much like a compass keeps track of our heading relative to a global reference frame (absolute North), there are neurons in the brain that keep track of the direction that an animal is facing within an environment. These ‘head direction’ neurons provide an internal sense of direction that, unlike a Global Compass, can change when an animal moves between environments (Taube, 1998). ( volume 127, Issue 2, 20 October 2006, Pages 239-242)The principle of constructing buildings according to the principles of Vastu, Indian Vedic Architecture, is borne out by both the ancient Vedic Literature and the modern scientific research on brain functioning. (Refer to ‘Progress in Neurobiology‘ 13 (1979): 419–439; ‘Journal of Neuroscience’ 15 (1995): 6280–6290; and ‘Processing the Head Direction Cell Signal: A Review and Commentary’, ‘Brain Research Bulletin’ 40 (1996): 477–486.)In addition, it should be noted that the knowledge contained in the Vedic Literature is far more complete, scientific, authentic, and reliable than modern scientific experiments, because modern scientific experiments, through their objective approach, can only account for physical, material values, which do not and cannot directly measure the more fundamental performance of intelligence on its own level; the level of Natural Law; the level where the holistic value of Natural Law and the specific value of Natural Law function in unison.
Modern Physics and Vastu Shastra

 Human beings and their dwellings, indirectly evident or in mystic ways, are affected by the motion of the Earth, and the microscopic as well as the macroscopic effects of the forces of gravitation and electromagnetism. Some points to be considered are, gravitation and geomagnetism are the two forces which have a direct influence on the animate and inanimate objects on this Earth. Though there are attempts to incorporate short-range force of repulsion in the theory of relativity, gravitation is known to be a long-range force of attraction and the magnetic effect involves forces of attraction as well as repulsion. Gravitational interactions, as per Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’, can be interpreted in terms of space-time geometry. Space-time is the womb of hidden and manifest events. Man has no control over time factor, but for a harmonious relationship with the cosmos, he can alter the space he lives in. Vastu Shastra defines and shapes spaces for designing dwellings that are in harmony with the Earth/ Nature, and are beneficial to the mind and body of the persons occupying these houses.‘Dik-Kaal’ (‘Dik’ means direction and ‘Kaal’ means time) is the theme of Vastu Shastra. Space-time is its reflection in modern physics. Science has been part of Vastu Shastra’s analysis and studies. Modern research has proved that ancient science Vastu has a firm scientific basis. As modern science developed, it began to probe to the deeper levels of Natural Law. At each level, scientists found progressively greater intelligence and power. In the last decade, modern physics explored the deepest level of all the Unified Field of Natural Law. The intelligence at this level of Natural Law is the source of all the forms and phenomena in Nature. The architecture of everything in Nature is eventually designed from here. The Natural Law has for the first time provided a building technology that will transform the way people think and feel; homes and offices by their mere design create good health, clear thinking, happiness, harmony, and prosperity for the family or business. According to Vastu a Southern entrance may sometimes be inauspicious and can interfere with the support of Natural Law and brings negative influences to the inhabitants of the building. Accordingly, there is an ideal place for the living room, the kitchen, the dining rooms, and the bedrooms. It is important to place each room in the house in the proper location according to its function so that one does not become sleepy in the dining room or hungry in the study. This is one of the many factors that are considered to ensure that every aspect of daily activity is in harmony with Natural Law. Just as every part of the human body is properly placed and precisely proportioned, there is an ideal proportion for every room in the home and office for Natural Law to provide maximum support. Latest research in Neuro-science has shed light on the fact that our Cosmic counterparts, the Sun, Moon and the planets have a one-to-one relationship to the different parts of the brain: basil ganglia, thalamus and hypothalamus. This natural tendency to align with the Cosmos has led to the concept of orienting buildings towards the East to gain the full support of the rising Sun.

STRUCTURAL VASTU We see that every house/residence/factory bears a shape or geometry in their construction. This deals with the structural geometry and its directional frequencies relation with the intensity of energy.  Nature Follows Geometry & Forms Two important points are to be observed vis-à-vis the interactions of shapes or geometry with distinguished energy in that direction. 1.     If we observe anything in the Universe, we always see some shapes. In Nature, fruits and leaves have different shapes. However, did we ever question ourselves how they are attributed? It is a miracle of Nature. Even all the rocks and minerals also have shape and crystalline structures. Scientists call that as Crystallography. So is that all animate and inanimate objects do possess some type of structure or ‘Shape’. For any object, we could see the outer structure, but inherently they are also related to the internal atomic structure. In Humans too, there is a hidden structure, we call it D.N.A. Our ancients also represented it as 3.5 times coiled snakes and the same is being used in the Medical Symbol. In inanimate objects too, the atoms are geometrically connected within it representing their own shapes. Above all, there is a force between them and they are inseparable by normal means with their inter-atomic force or bondage. The secret is that ‘Outer Shape’ has a relation with the ‘Inner  Shape’. 2.    Different shapes of leaves produce different forms of flowers and fruits. When we separate few petals of a flower from the bud form surgically then the result would be, the flower may blossom but it would never become a fruit, with a perfect form (Shape). It can be inferred that an imbalance in energy caused disharmony. Even the ‘Yantras’ (Geometrical Forms) used by Hindu and Islamic heritage, possess some balanced structures, which are used for healing. Let us conclude that the structure and shapes have some power and the ‘Yantras’ have become ‘Healing Power Houses’, which in turn have a relation with human structure. Now we learn about the shapes, which have something to do with human biology. The normal ‘Structures’ we teach about, in schools are the same as what we see in Nature, e.g. leaves, animal shapes, etc. 3.  All the other structures are related to the multiple combinations of the above forms. Obviously, as per the above statements, these have some strong energy fields, which may help or disrupt human energy due to interaction in them. Mostly flowers are in the shape of circles and their leaves would be either rectangle connected with triangles or semi-circles. For sustaining life, they indicate the need of Water Energy and Sun’s Energy (Heat). Nature plays this role in geometry to fulfill its requirements. The combination of 9 triangles, 9 circles, one point at the top, and one square at the bottom makes the miraculous figure known as ‘Shree Yantra’, a geometrical figure works as ‘Power House’ emitting positive energy is a great miracle created by the Indian Saints.  NOTE:  Some geometrical drawings with their combination make different ‘Yantras’. They were used by the ancients to give positive energy to cure the diseases. Similarly, the building structures also bear geometry and they give positive or negative energy. 

‘VIBGYOR’ Colors in Vastu  In Nature, we see the following colors, namely Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (‘VIBGYOR’), which are important tools to study Vastu subject.  Our Planets, ‘Kundalini Chakras’, and even ‘Kirlian’ PIP photograph shows these seven colors. These seven rays are primeval formative forces of Nature. Their presence and their combination indicate tangible information.  In Indian Vedic ‘Karma Purana’ Chapter 43, it is mentioned as follows: “These rays that compose his body are omnipresent and illumine the limitless worlds in the universe and among them, seven are the best and highest because they form the matrices of seven planets“. Even the Bible also says the same thing that ‘the Seven Colored Rainbow is a covenant between God and Earth‘.It confirms that these rays and their radiation make every tangible thing. As per Hindu beliefs, it is created by ‘Rays’ (the ‘Brahma’) maintained by ‘Rays’ (the ‘Vishnu’) and ultimately destroyed by ‘Rays’ (the ‘Maheshwara’/ Shiva’).  We call these three qualities as OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPOTENCE and OMNIPRESENCE. This is the Ancient Indian Science.  The visible light is also a large spectrum of energy fields that includes other familiar electromagnetic energy i.e. Micro Waves, Radio Waves, Ultra- Violet Rays, Infra-Red Rays, and X-Rays. The rainbow colors are related to visible light forming a part of the spectrum of light with a wavelength region. They are all higher light waves having different frequencies and wavelength ranging from 400nm to 700nm.

Sunrises in the East, and sunset takes place in the West. From morning to evening, these sun rays appear to have a difference in their frequency range. Very early in the morning at they appear light and to be seen as pearl color and with the highest frequency as sunrises; this turns into golden color and changes to orange later because the brightness of the light is accompanied by heat. By noon, these rays are very hot, changing the temperature level, (a mixture of gases and 70% moisture). During this period, evaporation of water starts taking place and hence we feel discomfort.  Structures and its Relation to Vastu: We all knew that Earth is a huge magnet. In addition, Solar energy is playing a vital role on each corner, different structures on Earth. We also see different plant leaves have different structures and they produce different types of fruits or grains (cereals). They have different tastes, colors, and frequencies. On observing the movement of the Sunflower, one can understand what energy makes the Sunflower to rotate towards Sun’s direction. Apart from it, we have Earth’s magnetic field, which also plays a big role. The dense magnetic lines are extended up to 40,000 miles above the surface of the Earth. They generate from the North Pole and reach the South Pole with greater velocity.  In fact, many of us may not know that our body (bones) is also magnetic in nature. Our blood containing hemoglobin, containing Iron, cuts these magnetic lines and produce sufficient electric power to our body similar to the principle of a dynamo. This electrical power reaches the ‘Hypothalamus’ (motor control center of our brain or MCB) and helps the brain to function with electrical signals to all the limbs of the body resembling the way how a computer does numerous things which cannot be visualized by us. Cell phone waves were existing earlier than our knowledge. Nokia, Japan has identified these during 1980 and everyone is using them now.  Some studies were made on colors, related to planets, ‘Nava-rates’,’ Nava-dharnas’, ‘Nava-moolikas’ (Herbs), and the human character related to diseases for understanding the provisions gifted by Nature to us for better survival. So also, houses, offices, places of worshipping bear different structures and they shall have different energy fields. Based on that structure, location, environment the fruits of prosperity also vary depending on individual frequency levels. Further, the energy relations are based on longitude and latitude linear with gravity at that place, and on an environmental position like. Seashore, lakes, mountains, rivers, drains, meat processing units, burial grounds etc. also play (natural energy) influences on the building, constructed close to them due to the ‘Aura field’. Our ancients have paid much attention to directions with respect to their structures and overall energy levels. These unseen energies have been identified during recent years, as science leaped with further advancement.       ENERGY VASTU‘Miracles do not happen in contradiction to Nature but only to that which is known to Nature.’                                       -Saint Augustine   Energy is defined as the capacity of doing work, but we are not talking about in terms of the energy units like ‘Ergs’ and ‘Joules’ what we read in schools. We see ‘Energy’ in the flowers when they blossoms. The seeds also sprout on their own which is due to ‘Energy’. There are two types of Energy in Nature and they are named as ‘Positive Energy’ and negative Energy’, i.e. ‘Constructive’ or ‘Destructive’ Energy existing in Universe. This positive energy makes the seed to sprout. Starting from microbes to the elephant, they use this ‘Energy’. Similarly, the planets move on their own with some energy but it is said the energy utilized for this rotation is negligible compared to our Universal Energy available in Space.  There are some ‘Destructive Energies’ also prevailing in the Universe, which do not allow the seed to sprout and human to prosper. The worms, bacteria, viruses do this destructive work. Now we are referring to some harmful energy in Vastu in the form of radiations, those are emanating from Earth and from Cosmos. These energies work on the Structures (‘Matter’) and Humans or Animals (‘Bio-Energy Fields’).   Building-Biology (ENERGY)  Our building is not just a place of the dwelling but it is like another layer of skin connecting us with the energies of the outer world. People live in it either partially (offices & factories) or full time (homes). It provides security, protects our belongings. Further, it is in the form of a geometrical figure, similar to a ‘YANTRA’ working as a ‘PowerHouse’. It should provide good health and support in attaining prosperity. It must help us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Here prosperity means, should provide sufficient financial support to sustain, making us free from external problems, and guarantee peace to the dwellers.  (a) Human Life and ‘Building Biology’  It means to say that we have many objects around us, which can be compared to the ‘life’ or the living cells in our body, having an enormous impact on our body chemicals and physical aspects of the matter. This cannot be seen with a naked eye but can be experienced with time like the good and bad effects of them affecting the wellbeing of a human body. Similarly, a ‘building’ is not a simply a structure, but it has ‘energy’ (‘Ojas’ or ‘Prana’) must have the support of following factors like good environment; materials used in its construction like rock, wood, and covering items, etc.; articles placed in it, must have mutual acceptance with the persons living in it. It is called compatibility.  (b) Geo-Biology  The existing Earth’s magnetic field, gravity, sunlight are helping out biology, while the geological structures underneath the buildings, consisting of harmful mineral give harmful radiations, faults, fractures, presence of water channels, conscious bones in rocky structures which affect residents living directly above them these radiations (which breaks the chemical bondage) with their ‘Negative Aura Energy’ may clash with our energy body. It means this affects our Cell Energy. Incurable diseases like Cancer, T.B, Heart Attacks occurred due to blockages of energy in the cell and its functions. The remains of the dead and their bones sometimes believed by some as  ‘Conscious’ may influence the human bio-energetic field, causing psychic problems. The occurrence of unpredictable uneventful deaths, murders brings total turmoil in the peace of the residents.  (c) ‘Bau-Biologie’ or Building Biology  It is a term used by German Vastu specialists to describe a movement, to promote the use of healthy building principles as a means for a better living working place relating to the health of the occupants. Primarily it is a study of pattern of the house, building and its contents vis-à-vis their interaction with the human energy field. It is a field of building science investigating the indoor environment for a variety of irritants. Such an environment can produce negative or stressful results or positive or restful effects affecting the mental and physical health of the occupants. Some un-natural structural irregularities, broken items, metallic items, electrical EMF gadgets, skin or hides, or their heads used as decorative pieces may give Infra-red radiation. Their negative energies may result in unidentifiable nausea, headache, and allergies, etc.      

Cosmic Energy (‘Pranic’ Energy)  As we know our Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees towards the North-East direction and it is moving from West to East direction. For example, when we run we feel the air is coming against our direction. We feel the air. Similar thing happens to the movement of Earth towards the North-East direction vis-à-vis the Cosmic Energy (‘Pranic’ Energy), which comes in from the North-East direction. 

This is the reason that much focus is paid towards the North-East direction. If this zone is blocked then the breadwinner will face many difficulties in life. No obstruction should be along the North-East zone; like bathroom, toilet, storeroom, staircase, master bedroom or even kitchen should not be placed there. The only prayer room is allowed there.
 This area must be kept clean and tidy and preferably lightweight or no weight at all. Keep windows open here in the morning for the beneficial morning sun. Use this place for meditation and prayers. Face North or East always when praying. In addition, keep a bowl of water (clean water) and place it at the corner of the North-East zone. North-East zone represents the water element in Vastu. Respect this zone as if it’s the heart of the house. This room can be used if you are not well and wish to get well fast and to recharge yourself when you are stressed out. Why there are some cases of houses being burgled or robbed by thieves while some are not; certain people get robbed; some dogs attack people easily and some dogs don’t and keep their distance? This may be connected to the energy level of people and their homes. When a person’s energy level or ‘Prana’ energy level is low, dogs can sense it and they may attack. If a house energy level is low, thieves might sense it and notice it. How can they sense it? It comes down to their intuition and instinct and their feeling towards it. That is why that in some houses we sense good vibes and in some, we don’t.
How do we know if a person’s energy level is high or low? When you observe them talking negatively about people and themselves, gossiping and always complaining matters. They are never happy about themselves and the environment. Such persons are generally having very low energy level; so they will continue to attract negative things in their lives.  How do we measure a house energy level is high or low?
Firstly, observe the North-East direction of the house. If there is an obstruction, then the house has low ‘Prana’ energy. Next, observe the South-West zone. If there are no obstructions for the openings, then the ‘Prana’ energy has exited from this zone. South-West zone should always be closed, heavy and with fewer openings, then the energy can be stored.  As a conclusion, leave North-East zone free and open and keep South-West zone closed and heavy and observe the results.
 Magnetic Field (‘Jaivic’ Energy)Magnetic field of Earth flows from North to South. We as humans can only observe this energy when we sleep. If we get bad dreams, cannot sleep at night, or sleeping in excess then we may be or are sleeping with our heads towards North. Our body is receptive to the North-South Magnetic flow is due to IRON in our blood. Our head reacts as the North Pole and legs as South Pole.When we sleep with our heads towards the North, our head and the North Pole repels each other, and we get disturbed sleep. Sometimes we may even get migraine and headaches sleeping towards this direction. The best direction to sleep is towards South. When North and South Pole is against each other, it attracts and we get sound and blissful sleep. We do not really have to sleep directly towards South; it can be South-East or South-West too but never towards North-East or North-West. Solar EnergyThe source of solar energy is only from the Sun. It is the source of Vitamin D as well. The morning Sun is very beneficial to our human bodies. It is best to get morning exposures during sunrise timings. As per the Hindu religion, praying the morning Sun God and chanting sacred ‘Gayatri Mantra’ facing East, would be quite beneficial. Expose yourself towards the morning Sun as much as possible. Take a bath in the morning exposing to the beneficial morning Sun with better absorption of Vitamin D. The best location for the kitchen is in the South-East zone which is the fire zone. Cook facing East. The best time to cook is from 9 am to 12 pm. The Sun will be at the South-East zone to benefit the Positive Ultra-Violet Rays from the Sun. After 12 pm until Sunset, the immense heat of the Sun, which is not beneficial to us at all should be avoided. After 12 pm, the position of the Sun will be at South then South-West then sets at West. This is the reason why our walls at home should be thicker along the Southern and Western zone. This is to prevent the harmful UV rays of the Sun into our living premises.  As we can see, Vastu Shastra is not a belief or a superstition. It is a pure Science of the Cosmos. Nothing to be ‘believed’ or ‘worshipped’. Every principles and technique has its scientific explanation behind it, and it can be observed regardless of religion or beliefs.

How does Vastu Shastra work? Vastu Shastra works on three principles of design that cover the entire premise. The first one is ‘Bhogadya’, which says that the designed premise must be useful and lend itself to easy application. The second is ‘Sukha Darsha’, in which the designed premise must be aesthetically pleasing. The proportions of the spaces and the material used, in the interiors and exteriors of the building ornamentation, color, sizes of the windows, doors, and the rooms and the rhythms of projection and depressions should be beautiful. The third principle is ‘Ramya’, where the designed premise should evoke a feeling of well being in the user. In addition, Vastu Shastra is a complicated form of science put together by seventeen sages. There are certain rules that should be followed while building a house or a building. For instance, the building’s underground water tank or well should be situated in the North-East direction. However, if the building has an overhead tank then it should be placed in the South-West direction. In addition, more space should be left to the North and the East of the building compound and less on the South and the West. Open space should be kept around the building and if the plot has a road on the East-North directions, it is better for the inhabitants. Vastu Shastra (‘Vastu’- physical environment and ‘Shastra’- knowledge) is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture. These canons are codified in texts such as ‘Manasara Silpa Shastra’ (by Manasara), ‘Mayamatam’ (by Maya), ‘Viswakarma Vastu Shastra’ (by Viswakarma), ‘Samarangana Sutradara’ (by Raja Bhoja), ‘Aparajita Praccha’ (by Viswakarma’s son Aparajita) and ‘Shilpa Ratna’. Other treatises such as ‘Agni Purana’ and works by Kautilya and Sukracharya are not popular even though they preceded the previously mentioned documents. The distinction of style exists due to each document’s place of origin. ‘Mayamata’ and ‘Mascara Shilpa Shastra’ are considered Dravidian because they are from South India whereas ‘Viswaskarama Vastu Shastra’ is considered Aryan due to its North Indian origin. Vastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces/energies of the Cosmos such as the gravitational, electromagnetic, and supernatural. Building practices based on limited interpretations of these principles are still sustained in specific areas of India. Movement of EarthIn order to understand the underlying scientific aspects of Vastu Shastra, we take into consideration the following principles: Since the Earth spins from West to East and the North Pole is inclined by 23.5°, the actual North point of the Earth is situated at North-East and South point at South-West. Cosmic Energy coming from North-East provides positive energy to the structures whereas South-West gives rise to negative energy. Hence, efforts must be made to conserve the positive energy coming from North-East and also to arrest the flow of negative energy arising from the South-West. Thus, by keeping the potential high at North-East and low in the South-West, we can ensure an uninterrupted strong flow of positive energy in each and every nook and corner of the structures. This can be accomplished by keeping maximum open spaces and doors in North and East of the plot and the least in the South and West. To keep the level of positive energy high, the height of the building will have to be kept low in the North-East, East and Northside as compared to the South-West, South and West Side. This stems from the inward flow of negative energy. The magnetic flow between the poles in order to maintain uninterrupted flow in the Earth’s magnetic field, it is essential that no pillars are erected in the middle part of the building and the number of the windows in the North should be double of that in the South, thus ensuring maximum utilization of positive magnetic flow coming from the North. Since Lord ‘Kuber’ is placed in the North it enhances the mental development and one gets the strength to make the right decisions and achieve prosperity.
Nature and Vastu The whole Universe is a combination of five basic elements. While making or constructing a building if all five basic elements of nature are considered, then creative energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy is produced. In addition, it gives good health, wealth, and prosperity to human beings. This human body too is a unique example of these five basic elements, e.g. a ‘Water’ element is present in the foot, ‘Earth’ element in the knee, ‘Air’ element in naval,  ‘Fire’ element in both the shoulders and ‘Space’ element in brain. If there is no coordination among these fire elements then our energies weaken and it results in tension, ill health, and disturbs the peace of mind. All five basic elements have their respective results. A human being cannot survive in the absence of even a single element. By adopting Vastu Shastra all the five basic elements can be brought into your favor or be conducive to you. Vastu Shastra is the only way to make our lives better and Secured from things going wrong. Vastu combines all the five elements of nature called ‘Panchbhootas’ and balances them with the men and the material. Indian Sages and Seers found the following secrets of this universe and evolved methods and systems and confined them over the years as VASTU SHASTRA.1. The magnetic field, gravitational effect, etc. of Earth.2. The Galaxy in the sky, stars and planets around the Earth and their effects.3. Light and Heat of the Sun including the effects of its Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red rays.4. The volume and intensity of rainfall and source of Water inside our Mother Earth etc.5. The directions and velocity of the Wind and seasonal changes in our world.
PLATO and Earth’s Energy Grids: Plato (who was a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world) recognized grids and their patterns, devising a theory that the Earth’s basic structure evolved from simple geometric shapes to more complex ones. These shapes became known as platonic solids: cube (4), a tetrahedron (3), the octahedron (8), the dodecahedron (12), and icosahedrons (20). In Timeaus, Plato associated each shape with one of the elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Ether (the regions of space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere), and Water. The Earth’s energy grids, from the beginnings of its evolutionary course, has evolved through each of these shapes to what it is today. Each shape, superimposed, one upon the other to create a kind of all-encompassing energy field that is the very basis of Earth holding it all together.

Earth (‘Prithvi’)It has special significance since life is possible on Earth only. There is a magnetic attraction between the North Pole and South Pole of Earth. The gravitation law of Earth also affects both living and non-living substances. In India, Earth is worshiped as Mother and is called as “Bhooma Devi”, that is why ‘Bhumi Poojan’ is performed first of all while building a house or any construction if a plot is chosen as per right direction, good background and level, and by keeping internal & external atmosphere neat and clean and Earth element conducive to you.South-West corner of a place called “Kubera Molai” and “Naruto” is considered as the related position of this ‘Panchabootam’. Excavations like sump, swimming pools, water bodies, bore well, septic tank, etc. are to be avoided to get the blessings of Earth in the South-West corner. Water (‘Jal’)Water is rain, river, and sea and is in the form of liquid, solid (ice), and gas (steam, cloud). Water forms part of every plant and animal. Habitat and physical life are only where water is present. All the civilian cultures had developed on the bank of a water body.Water only makes life possible. May it be human being or plants, none can survive without water. Three-fourths of Earth is water only. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas (a life-giving gas). In water, an element called ‘Rasa’ (Taste) resides, which flows new energy to our life. Water placement should be in the right direction in the home. We can make water element conducive or favorable to us storing clear water in right direction in our premises.The North-East corner of a place called “Eshanya Molai” and “Eshan Kone” is considered as the related position of this ‘Panchabootham’. Excavations like sump bore well and well are to be done in the North-East corner to get the blessings of Water. Fire (‘Agni’)Fire represents light and heat without which life will be extinct. Fire makes our food, warms our body. Fire can create as well as destroy. The fire still continues inside the Earth and sometimes explodes as Volcanoes. Sun is considered a Fireguard and emits a lot of heat energy. The fire also, like water, is significant. It is fire, which cooks the food, and this food imparts life to human beings. Fire gives us light heat and energy. Sun is the main sources of energy, with the help or presence of energy and light of Sun, plants prepare its food.In India, there is a special significance of fire in ‘Good Deeds’ (‘Shubh Karya’) may it be home, admission (‘Graha Pravesh’), or any other religious function or pious reading, fire element is there in one or other form. Therefore, there should be a right and good combination in the proper ratio, in our dwelling places. This element can be made conducive by placing geyser, stove, mixie, etc. (all electrical appliances) in the South-East direction of the kitchen.South-East corner of a place called “Agni Molai” and “Agni Kone” is considered as the related position of this ‘Panchabootham’. The kitchen is the best form of satisfying this ‘Panchabootham’, the Fire. Air (‘Vayu’)Air is a precious gift given by nature. All living creatures get life through the air only. Air is a very powerful life source as a life-supporting element. Pure air with oxygen is good for the brain and blood. Air deals with the entire body surface through skin, blood system through respiration. Air represents the movement. A huge atmosphere surrounds the Earth. This atmosphere contains many gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon mono-oxide, etc., and particles of dust, soil, steam which affect our life. The North-East direction of a building produces ultra-violet and good omen rays. If rubbish is kept in this direction, it will produce Carbon di-oxide and other poisonous gases polluting the good rays. Therefore, inside and outside of a building there should be doors, windows, and ventilation in the right direction so that healthy air should enter the building and polluted air exits.Air represents the movement. The north-West corner of a place called “Vaayu Molai” and “Vayu Kone” is considered as the related position of this ‘Panchabootham’. Excavations like a septic tank, staircases, toilets/restrooms, and bathrooms are to be] built in the North-West corner to get the blessings of Air. Space (‘Aakash’)All the above Five Natural Elements are contained in the space. It is endless and infinite and humankind has not fully explored it until date. Space, in which not only our solar system but the entire galaxy also exists. Its effective forces are light, heat, gravitational force and waves, magnetic field, and others.The space element is very essential. It causes sound. This gift (sound) has made our life prosperous. There is an assumption that if Earth, Fire, and Air elements have been made conducive then the Space element is turned conducive automatically or by itself.The Center of a place is called “Brahma Sthanam” and is considered as the related position of this ‘Panchabootham’. Excavations like water resources/bodies and heavy structures like staircases are to be avoided to get the blessings of Space. Open to Sky places in the Center of a place is good to gain the energy of Space.

ACCORDING TO VASTU SHASTRA, WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF DESIGNING A HOUSE BASED ON THE ‘VASTU PURUSHA MANDALA’?According to Vastu Shastra, if the house is designed as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala, a perfectly balanced environment which ensures enhanced health, wealth and happiness is created. The Scientific Explanation: This is actually based on scientific principles wherein, the Sun, the five basic elements (panchabhutaas), the Earth’s magnetic field, Earth’s energy fields, and the eight directions are manipulated to create an atmosphere beneficial to man. The Vastu pundits figured out that, when the different rooms were placed according to the Vastu Mandala created by them, a good disposition to the Sun, proper ventilation and lighting and privacy would be ensured in the building.
WHAT IS THE LOGIC BEHIND THE POSITIONING OF DIFFERENT ROOMS ACCORDING TO THE VASTU PURUSHA MANDALA? The Sun emits two types of rays; Ultra-Violate and Infra-Red. These rays have various effects on the human body and the environment. This is one of the basic principles of the Vastu Shastra. Because of the importance of sunlight to humans, the main aim of Vastu Shastra is to ensure that the inmates of a house are inadvertently exposed to the useful rays of sunlight, even if they are inside the house the whole day. However, during a day, people perform different activities in different rooms at different times and the Sun’s position keeps changing from sunrise to sunset. So to ensure that the inmates are exposed to sunlight constantly, each room should be positioned so that it faces the Sun at the time of the day when it is most likely to be used. The 24 hours of 1 solar day are divided into eight parts, which are associated with the eight cardinal directions. In each of these eight periods, the Sun is positioned in one of the cardinal directions. Therefore, the room which is most likely to be used during that period is located in this direction. This is explained here:
‘Pooja’ Room or meditation room in the North-East: The Reasoning – The period between 3 am and 6 am, just before sunrise is called ‘Brahma Muhurta’. At this time, the Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the ‘Pooja’ room or prayer/ meditation room. Bathroom, doors/windows in the East: The Reasoning – From 6 am to 7.30 am, the Sun is in the eastern part of the house. This is the time for bathing and preparing for the day, so East is a good location for a bathroom used for bathing purposes only. In addition, there should be many openings and no obstructions in the East so that the beneficial ultraviolet rays of the morning sun will engulf the house. Kitchen in the South-East: The Reasoning – The time between 7.30 am to 9 am when the Sun is in the South-East part of the house, is the best time for preparing food to be eaten later in the day. The Sun emits more ultra-violet rays in the morning hours than any other time of the day, which have good effect on the human body and the environment surrounding him. These rays have a tendency to kill bacteria. This is why the kitchen is preferred in the eastern side. It is also good to have morning rays fall on our eye and which is why the kitchen platform should be oriented towards the eastern side so that while cooking food ultra-violet rays will enter the eyes. Therefore, the kitchen can be located here, as the UV rays of the Sun will keep the kitchen counter free from germs that spoil the food. Bedroom, Office, Storeroom in the South: The Reasoning – The period between 9 am and noon is the time for work. The Sun is now in the South, and hence this is the best position for an office and a bedroom. By noon, the intensity of the heat is high and so the South is ideal for storerooms which need to be moisture-proof. Master bedroom, Wardrobes in the South-West: The Reasoning – After lunch, it is time for rest, so the time between noon and 3 pm is called Vishranti, the resting period. The Sun is now in the South-West section of the house and so it is the ideal location for a Master bedroom and the wardrobes should be kept on the west wall to reduce the heat. Children’s bedroom, study room, toilets in the West: The Reasoning – The period between 3 pm and 6 pm is the time for children to study. The Sun is in the West and this is the best location for a children’s bedroom or study room. Since the West gets very heated up, it is beneficial to have less-used rooms like restrooms/toilets, which serve as buffers to the heat. The second bedroom, dining room in the North-West: The Reasoning – Generally, the time between 6 pm and 9 pm, when the Sun is in the North-West part of the house, is the time for eating, relaxing and sleeping. Therefore, this direction is good for another bedroom and dining room. Safe, Living room in the North: The Reasoning – The time between midnight and 3 am, when the Sun is in the Northern section, is the time of darkness and secrecy. The North is, therefore, the best place to hide valuables and to keep them protected. NO to Swimming Pool/ Water Bodies in South-West: The Sun emits more infra-red rays during evening hours which are harmful. Water bodies placed at South-West corners are, therefore, not desirable the reflected Infra-Red rays from the water body in this direction enter the house and have an adverse effect on the human body.

VASTU SHASTRA AND GEOPATHIC STRESS: What is Geopathic Stress? There are many defects seen through using Vedic Vastu norms and the other is Geopathy Stress as seen through modern science known as ‘Bau-Biologie’, the ‘Science of Building’, and the defect is commonly understood in Europe as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. The most understood factors disturbing is Geopathy Stress, E-Smog, and Electro-magnetic Radiations.‘Geo’ means Earth, and ‘Pathos’ means suffering. It means suffering from the Earth, which causes stress in the form of illness. Geopathic means related to Earth. Geopathic Stress is the term used for natural or man-made energies emanating from the Earth and which are detrimental to human health. Geopathic Stress is the name given to the effect on your body of harmful Earth radiation. Geopathic Stress, or harmful Earth rays, or geo-stress, or electro-stress can result from natural radiation which rises up through the Earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, and underground cavities. The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms. Man-made disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field include mining, foundations for tall buildings, underground transport systems and public utilities (sewage, water and so on). The natural radiation disturbs the magnetic, electric, the electromagnetic field of living organisms (our body, animals, plants, electrical and electronic devices, etc.) this way becomes harmful to all. Nowadays people may live in the same building for many years and their exposure to a particular form of negative energy or environmental pollution could last a long time that can cause discomfort and ill-health in human beings. Geopathic energies pass through walls, windows, and closed doors and they do not recognize boundaries. Geopathic stress created by radiations and waves makes a building sick, which is also called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ in the technical terms, as explained above. Evidently, Vastu is akin to the Science of Geopathy, the ‘Study of the Diseases linked to the Earth’. Geopathic Stress and related problems are growing day by day. A good Vastu, Feng Shui expert or a Geomancer can understand better how to deal with Geopathic Stress. It is an art for detecting and providing appropriate solutions to them.
CAUSES OF GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONES/ LINES: We usually sleep for about seven to eight hours in the same spot or sit at work for more than eight hours in the same spot, and if that is what is called a Geopathically Stressed Zone, some problem will eventually arise because of that. This Zone can be created by the disturbance because of water veins, fault zones, or areas of geomagnetic disturbance because of these health hazards observed over many centuries in dwellings previously built on such sites. Vastu Shastra has also identified them as per deficiency of any element out of the Five Elements (‘Panchbhootas’). Let us study how these zones disturb us. The reason may be any of the following: The Earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center. The rotation of the Earth creates electric currents in the molten metals found within the Earth’s core, thereby producing a magnetic field. When the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially then it causes Geopathic Stress due to the Hartmann Lines/ Net/ Grid, Curry Grid/ Lines, Black Lines, Ley Lines, etc. The Hartmann Grid: It is already scientifically proved that Earth is gridded with electromagnetic Earth currents from the Earth called telluric lines. These electromagnetic energy lines have a wave pattern and flow in the form of grids. There are different kinds of electromagnetic Earth currents. The first is the Hartmann Grid, which is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, who discovered it. These grids or lines run north to south as well as east to west, forming a checkerboard pattern with a 12-foot square grid and lines about four inches wide. At full moon, they may be wider. The distance between the lines may vary in different areas. This far north of the equator, the lines of the Hartmann grid are only 12 feet apart, which means they are not very far apart, and some will be found underneath your home. Closer to the equator, they are about 17 feet apart, and they are wider and much less intense. These lines are actually rays projecting straight up from the ground, and it does not matter whether you are on the first floor or the fortieth floor because these lines can be 50 km upward to the sky. In addition, we cannot found how deep the lines go. Their depth would depend on how much crystal there is in the rock.
The Curry Grid:
The Curry Grid runs diagonal to the Hartmann Grid, running from North-West to South-East, South-West to North-East, and one grid lies on top of the other. The Curry Grid is 25 to 50 feet apart, so the Curry is not under every home. The Hartmann always is, but the Curry is not. Dr. Manfred Curry discovered this Curry Grid.
LEY LINES: Ley lines are apparent alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths that are thought by certain adherents to ‘Dowsing’ and ‘New Age Beliefs’, to have spiritual power. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his book The Old Straight Track. The believers in Ley lines think that the lines and their intersection points resonate with a special psychic or mystical energy. Ascribing such characteristics to Ley lines has led to the term being classified as pseudoscience.
BLACK LINES: Black lines seem to be naturally generated, although quite how is not known. They may be localized and do not form a network in the same way as Hartmann and Curry lines. This could be similar in nature to the ‘negative energy’ of ancient Indian architectural science ‘Vastu Shastra’ and also the ‘sha’, or deadly energy lines of Chinese ‘Feng-Shui’. They can be curved, straight, at ground level or higher, even found in the upper levels of buildings. There have been described two types of Black lines, one as “black and depressed” and the other as “shiny, black, hard and sharp.” They could possibly represent the flow lines of a negative type of “orgone-type” energy as described by Wilhelm Reich.
Under Ground Water Veins: The other phenomenon we have is water veins. This is water actually traveling in the rock. So where two water veins intersect or where water intersects with the Curry is a very dangerous place to be sleeping. When you have all the grids together, with the Curry line on top of the Hartmann, and the water veins as well, you could experience serious diseases at the crossings. If you are sleeping over the Hartmann crossings, it may generally be the cause of less serious diseases such as arthritis.
Underground Earth System: Every electrical installation is grounded; every building, every transformer, roughly every electric pole along the road is grounded. Since everything is grounded, it causes a certain amount of electricity to go into the soil. We usually measure what goes into the atmosphere and how it affects human health, but whatever goes into the air is not the most serious problem but yes, it is a problem. However, what is coming up out of the Earth becomes a big problem for us now. Natural disturbances to the Earth’s magnetic field include geological faults, underground ore masses, and underground water, particularly running water. Earthquakes and running underground water can slowly erode rock and have a destabilizing effect. Natural radiations that rise up through the Earth are distorted by week electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water creating mineral concentrations, fault lines, and underground cavities. The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms.
Sleeping in a Geopathic Stress is very stressful, as a large area of your body is exposed to the Geopathic Stress. Most of us sleep during the night when the Geopathic Stress is stronger. During sleep, your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. However, if you are sleeping on Geopathic Stress, during sleep, your brain has to spend all of its time working due to the strain of Geopathic Stress and you wake up tired. The impact of sleeping on Geopathic Stress is low immunity, which manifests in some diseases.During sleep, your brain is occupied in creating your new cells, giving the right signals for your body to operate properly and absorb the correct level of vitamins and minerals together with adjusting hormone balance. Geopathic Stress will interfere with this process and leave your immune system weak. It directly does not give you any disease but weakens your immunity. All these body functions will usually become normal very quickly after Geopathic Stress has cleared out of your system. Apparent side effects of GEOPATHIC STRESS

  1. Deep effect on Lymphatic System at Cellular Level.
  2. Effect on Immune System, poor resistance to Colds and Coughs.
  3. Negative effect on Brain Functions and Rhythms.
  4. Prevents the body from absorbing essential Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals.
  5. Negative effect on water, stored underground.

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS OF GEOPATHIC STRESS:Geopathic Stress acts differently upon different people, so no one list is going to be definitive for everyone. There are many telltale signs of Geopathic Stress. There are however no conditions that can be exclusively attributed to Geopathic Stress. That said, however, there are some symptoms, which are more common than others are:

  1. Persistent low-level illness, chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, behavioral problem.
  2. A history of serious disease (especially cancer, paralysis, etc.,) or death in the home over the lifetime of the building.
  3. Infertility and miscarriages.
  4. Suicidal attempt, divorces.
  5. Tensions or arguments in the family, which go beyond the ‘normal’ familial stress.
  6. Severe headaches and cause not known, sleep disorders, grinding of teeth, nightmares, feel like running away from house, life  and organ damaging diseases, confusions and loss of memory.
  7. Not responding to the long-term treatment of medicines.
  8. You never feel fresh when you get up in the morning.
  9. You are restless in the sleep or you do not have a sound sleep at home but when you change your sleeping place or when you go out on your holidays you experience a very good sleep.
  10. Grinding of your teeth while sleeping
  11. Stress and a general feeling of nervousness, Exhaustion and Depression or a feeling of unhappiness
  12. Neurological disabilities in children.
  13. Babies not sleeping well.
  14. Hyperactive children and children with attention/learning problems.
  15. Persistent bedwetting in children, tense or crying babies (they are more sensitive than ‘grown ups’).
  16. Loss of appetite or over eating, hormonal imbalances, mood disorder.
  17. Taste of food changes after few minute of preparation.
  18. Piles of rubbish, cracks in glass, brick and plasterwork, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns, water leaks, derelict areas, and accident black spots both within the home and outside. Areas which are inexplicably cold or damp or have strange smells.
  19. Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam; wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored on a Geopathic Stress.
  20. Sick building syndrome is generally rooted in the presence of Geopathic Stress under the property. ‘Sha’ ‘Chi’ can be spread from the paths of the streams throughout the building by the steel construction frames, wiring loom and pipe work, just as it is spread along railway tracks.
  21. An unwillingness to go into certain areas. Haunting of earth-bound human ghosts and other entities, including poltergeist activity are invariably tied to negative earth energies.
  22.  ‘Paranormal’ activities, feeling presence of unknown, bed screaming, frightful appearance.
  23. Environmental aggression: it is mainly caused to the presence of an object, place, person, living being, pollution around or anything around which is resonating in a detrimental manner.
  24. Bad neighbor syndrome can frequently be traced to a Geopathic Stress flowing from aggressor to victim.

There are also more subtle indicators such as:

  1. History of neighbors with persistent illnesses.
  2. Health and wealth issues after moving to the house.
  3. History of the previous occupants suffering from longterm illness, financial loss or prone to tragedies.
  4. Feeling hungrier than you think you should be.
  5. Having a greater need to urinate when in this place particularly relevant to people with urinary problems.
  6. Excessive problems with mould, lichen or moss.
  7. Electric Meter box on bedroom walls.
  8. Large transformers or high voltage power lines nearby or overhead.

·        A large water body nearby. As we said, Geopathic Stress acts differently upon different animals and birds.

  1. Cats, owls, snakes and snails are attracted to black streams, and a cat’s favorite sleeping place, therefore, if your cat sleeps on your lap only when you are in one particular chair at a particular place, it may in fact be soaking up the negative energies in that spot, rather than being affectionate
  2. Insects, parasites, bacteria and viruses also thrive on Geopathic Stress, and ants, bees and wasps’ nests invariably provide a similar clue.

In the vegetable world clues include:

  1. Lightning-struck trees dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, infertile fruit trees, cankers, and strangely twisted trees.
  2. Fruit trees are the most sensitive, while oaks, redwoods and ashes are more resilient, and elders seem to be positively attracted.
  3. Lawns will often betray bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi.
  4. Vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the Geopathic Stress.
  5. Ivy, bindweed, nettles, docks, thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are naturally attracted.

All of these symptoms are practical signs of how Geopathic Stress lines affect us. If you suspect that, you may have Geopathic Stress in your home or work place get it checked immediately. It really is easy to fix and you should do it now. CORRECTION OF GEOPATHIC STRESSCorrecting Geopathic disturbances is not always difficult and complicated, although sometimes it can be. The first and simplest solution is to try moving the bed or desk to a different place.Sometimes people’s health and well-being improves dramatically from this one simple measure. It is not a good idea to place the bed or desk where a cat likes to sleep a spot favored by a dog is a much better place. Geopathic energies can be handled in several different ways:1. They can be reflected or refracted or bounced2. Absorbed3. Blocked or protectedProtection is very important factors in Vastu/Fengshui of a location. Creating a row of plants/trees. Constructing a fence and 3′ feet height wall. Reflectors send the destructive effect back to the harmful object. (Small objects with small mirror, large mirror to reflect a large structure.) Absorbers are design to absorb destructive object and prevent it from spreading (Ex:-A sand pit can be positioned to counter the effect of an antenna that is pointing down form a hill top). Deflectors are designed to redirect the path of destructive energy away from the building such as mirrors (Be careful while placing deflectors it can send destructive energy to Neighboring house and harm the occupants). Bouncers are designed to bounce the effect of harmful structures away from the building.  (A bouncer includes – coil springs, a baseball bat or boxing gloves pictures of these objects). Blockers are designed to stop an incoming destructive effect and prevent it from entering  Windows with permanent shutters are the most common kind of blocker.Different types of energies need to be corrected in different ways, in one case, reflecting energy may be appropriate, in another it may be appropriate to block it. It is vitally important, that whatever method is used, the undesirable energies are not reflected to affect someone else.
VASTU AND CORRECTION OF GEOPATHIC STRESS:Ancient texts written by Vishwakarma, Varahamithra refer to Building Biology as an interplay of divine energies. Geopathic Stress is one of these energies which can be both destructive and constructive to human development. Our ancient people knew of these Earth energies and their powerful influence on people and they knew how to balance these energies. Some cultures built pyramids in different parts of the world. Vastu knowledge has a vast base of remedial Vastu techniques to remove all kinds of faults and shortcomings at the land, property or its interior arrangements as well as the environment. We all care about our homes and spend time, effort, and money to make them more comfortable. For most people, buying a house is one of the biggest investments of their lives. Your home, its non-Vastu compliant architecture, may damage inhabitants’ health; contaminate the air you breathe and the water you drink, without your being aware of it. Similarly, at work places, environmental stress contributes to overall strain, preventing one from reaching one’s full potential. Resisting these external forces is imperative for growth and development. Watch where the cat is sleeping, or the dog to understand the Geopathic Stress Zone. Any energy harming the cell (human) can be called Negative Energy. These are of various kinds and can be broadly classified into (1) Geopathic Stress, (2) Negative Infrared Radiation, and (3) Negative Ultraviolet Radiation. If a person’s body contains these energies then it means that this person has picked up these energies from either his house or his office where he is exposed for a long time

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