Veg Manchow Soup


I get so nostalgic once I make Manchow Soup. It jogs my memory of all the days we might meet after classes, head to the shadiest street Chinese stall in the neighborhood, and order bowls of this soup. Because it had been perfect and he’d give us unlimited fried noodles to top every bowl with.

This man chow soup recipe comes pretty darn on the brink of the road style one, and you’ll tuck away under a blanket and watch Netflix all day and drink bowls and bowls of this soup.

With most Chinese food, the prep takes longer than the particular cooking time and that’s true for this soup alsoaside from that, this soup is super easy and comes together in under half-hour.

Prep the Veggies

Manchow soup is typically LOADED with crunchy veggies. And we’ve done just that. There’s an entire list of veggies that you’ll get to finely chop (see the recipe card below). this is often literally the sole time-consuming part of this recipe. If you’ve got a kitchen appliance or chopper, this task becomes super easy too. It’s important to form sure that the veggies are an equivalent size in order that them to cook evenly.

Once the chopping is completed, lightly fry the onions and white spring onions with minced ginger and garlic. Then add the remainder of the veggies and water and convey it to a boil.

Use pigeon breast during this recipe. Cut the chicken into small pieces in order that they cook evenly alongside the onions. You can make this soup with or without the chicken. Veg man chow soup is simply as satisfying because of the chicken variant!

The Manchow Sauce Mix

It’s amazing how such delicious flavors come from an easy concoction like this! the bottom flavors for the man chow soup come from making a mix of cornflour, pepper, vinegar, soy, and water. Add these ingredients to a bowl and whisk till there are not any lumps (measurements given in recipe card). The corn flour thickens the soup and vinegar and soy usher in those distinct Chicken Manchow Soup flavors. Add this mixture to the pot of boiled veggies and permit it to simmer. you’ll see the soup getting thicker and that’s exactly how we would like it!

Secret Manchow Soup Ingredients

The two secret ingredients which give this Chicken Manchow Soup that tremendous street-style Chinese flavor is chopped green chilies and a touch of chopped coriander (forgot to feature it within the video but it’s noted within the recipe). It’s not authentic in the least but it’s what is going to transport you to your favorite Chinese restaurant.


Manchow soup without crispy fried noodles is sort of a good biryani without raita. The Chinese stall guy would give us unlimited servings of those crispy fried noodles and that’s how one should eat Manchow soup!! Add chopped spring onions right at the top, for freshness and crunch.

See the way to make Fried Noodles for Manchow Soup!

Chicken Manchow soup served in a white bowl topped with fried noodles and spring onions
Serve this soup piping hot with the fried noodles and you’ve got the right bowl! Manchow soup also makes for nice leftovers!

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