Yoga for Height Increase After 18

Often, ladies aren’t satisfied by the peak that God has granted them and appearance out for various workout programs and supplements to extend it. Today I’m back with a piece of writing on, “Yoga poses to extend height after the age of 20” which will assist you in achieving your height goals in an organic and healthy manner. Therefore, stay tuned for an informative article!

9 Yoga Poses To Increase Height After The Age Of 20

9 Yoga Poses to extend Height After The Age Of 20

1. Tadasana:

Tadasana derives its name from the Sanskrit word “Tada” which suggests a tall sort of a palm. Also, it’s what this asana is all about. To perform this asana, stand erect on the ground and align your legs, waist, and neck during a line, and rise slowly on your toes. abandoning slowly after a short time and repeat 5 times every day.

2. Surya Namaskar:

Surya Namaskar

The practice of Surya Namaskar helps to relax joints and muscles during a short span of your time. It improves spinal flexibility and helps you gain a few inches if practiced on a daily basis. However, the speed of body growth varies from person to person and depends on tons of things. For best results, practice Surya Namaskar during sunrise and sunset.

3. Sukhasana:


It is a comparatively easy asana and suitable for beginners and other people of all ages. Also, you would possibly want to stay your stomach empty before doing this asana. it’s best performed within the morning thanks to its calming and soothing nature. It works by making your back stronger, more flexible and also stretches your knees and calves.

4. Paschimottanasana:


Paschimmotasana is great not as long as you would like to extend your height but, it also works great for your whole system because it gives your whole body and hamstrings a much-needed stretch and adaptability. Also, it improves digestion and fights against obesity.

5. Majariasana:


Also, referred to as cat stretch Marjariasana brings flexibility to the spine, strengthens wrists and shoulders, improves digestion, tones the abdomen, relaxes your mind, and rejuvenates the soul. However, don’t practice this asana if you’ve got severe back or neck problems.

6. Vrikshasana:


Literally meaning the tree pose, Vrikshasana invigorates your whole body and senses by stretching it from top to bottom. Also, it wards off anxiety and depression and increases your power of concentration, and builds stamina. To perform this asana, stand upright and fold your right leg above your left thigh and extend your arms above your head within the namaskar mudra.

7. Trikonasana:


As the name suggests, Trikonasana resembles a triangle. Trikonasana stretches your muscles without putting tons of pressure on your joints and improves your bodily functions. Also, it’s extremely good for flat feet condition, neck pain, and general body stress.

8. Bhujangasana:


One of the foremost popular asanas, Bhujangasana works on strengthening your abs, upper back, and lower back muscles. Also, it blasts fat around your tummy area and provides you a stronger and toned-up torso. aside from this, it increases flexibility in your body and provides you a taller physique.

9. Hasta-Padasana:

A variation of Padasana, hasta-tadasana elongates your spine and provides your hamstrings an honest stretch. to urge this posture right, you’re alleged to stand tall as in Tadasana, inhale and extend your arms above your head, exhale slowly, bend forward and check out touching your feet before releasing slowly. Fret not if you can’t go all the way initially, keep practicing till it involves you naturally.

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