Acupressure for Stress


The occasions we live in, stress is unavoidable. We get so made up for lost time getting different things done that we regularly disregard focusing on our own wellbeing. We are continually adhered to the screens and scarcely discover an opportunity to take part in physical exercises. As such medical problems will undoubtedly manifest, and the most widely recognized one is body torment. Since we can’t and shouldn’t pop pills constantly, turning to exchange mending appears to be a decent wagered, for example, pressure point massage. Pressure point massage is where professionals utilize their fingers, palms, elbows or feet, or exceptional gadgets to apply strain to different basic purposes of our body. In some cases, pressure point massage additionally includes extending or rubbing, just as different techniques.

As per American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, the objective of pressure point massage or different sorts of Asian bodywork is to reestablish wellbeing wellness and security to the body’s channels of vitality and to direct contradicting powers of yin (negative vitality) and yang (positive vitality). A few defenders guarantee pressure point massage treats the vitality fields and body as well as the brain, feelings, and spirit.Dr. Restore Gupta, Medical Head, Dr. Lo hiya Acupuncture Center, says,” People will in general get confounded among needle therapy and pressure point massage. Pressure point massage is finished by either utilizing hand or by a jimmy, a pen-like instrument while needle therapy is finished with the assistance of needles. Pressure point massage has no awful impacts while in needle therapy one should be cautious as it can hamper an organ as well.”

History of Acupressure

Pressure point massage is an antiquated mending craftsmanship utilizing the fingers to progressively squeeze key recuperating focuses, which invigorate the body’s common self-remedial capacities. Pressure point massage was created in Asia more than 5,000 years back. Utilizing the force and affectability of the hand, Acupressure Therapy is successful in the help of pressure related illnesses, and is perfect for self-treatment and preventive human services for boosting the insusceptible framework. Pressure point massage discharges strain, builds flow and lessens torment.

The most effective method to Do Acupressure all alone

Pressure point massage on all fours are called refloxology. As indicated by Dr. Sandeep Nandy, Owner of Ohm Shanti Yoga, Delhi, “Pressure point massage should be possible at home without any problem. The most ideal approach to do it is to initially move your thumb in an enemy of clock insightful course followed by clockwise heading on the weight point. When done, at that point utilize your thumb to put pressure at the focal point of the point.”

Dr. Once again Patel, Practitioner, Hi Tech Physiotherapy and Fitness Center, says, “You can put as much weight as you need on the sole, in any case, behind the sole, press just in like manner to the torment you can hold up under with the weight.” He additionally says that the weight on a specific point ought to be least for a large portion of a moment and greatest for five minutes, contingent upon the seriousness of the agony.

Weight Points on the Feet

Since you realize that nuts and bolts of pressure point massage, here are some weight focuses on the feet given by the National Center of Biotechnology Information:

Tai Cong:

This weight point can be situated by squeezing your finger in the indented spot between your huge and second toe. It is the sorest when weight is applied on that zone.


Stress, outrage, migraines, fractiousness, nervousness and menstrual agony

Yong Quan:

There is a downturn underneath the joint of the large toe which can be situated by squeezing your fingers along your foot. Situated between your second and large toe, it is the place the weight can be felt the most.


Palpitations, sleep deprivation, helpless memory, nervousness, night sweats

  1. Tai Bai: On the center side and close to the chunk of your foot, you may discover this weight point. It very well may be found by squeezing at the edge until your arrive at a downturn and where the weight is felt the most grounded.


Stomach distension, stomach hurts, Rhodesia, looseness of the bowels and regurgitating

Tai Xi:

One of the many weight focuses on the feet, it tends to be found in the indention between the Achilles’ ligament and the head of the average sepulchers (inward hard knock) of your lower leg.


Kidney malady, sore throat, bronchitis, toothaches, asthma and joint pain

Xing Jian:

This point is situated inside the thick piece of the trap of your skin between your first and second toes. It tends to be found by applying pressure and is the place it is felt the most grounded.


Eye ailments, liver infection, leg issues and sinusitis.

Li Nei Ting:

Situated between your second and third toes on the underside of the foot, it tends to be effectively situated because of the touchiness felt when weight is applied to this point.


Press this highlight diminish food contamination and urinary parcel diseases.

Di Er Li Dui:

Another weight point on your feet that is situated in the toe territory. It very well may be found on the upper side of your subsequent toe, just underneath your toenail.

Take a stab at rubbing the accompanying constrain focuses to help diminish your pressure.

Pressure point massage FOR STRESS


This weight point is situated between the trap of your thumb and pointer, at the most noteworthy purpose of the muscle. Apply weight and back rub the zone for five seconds. Rehash as fundamental.


Notwithstanding diminishing pressure, this weight point can likewise help alleviate queasiness and weakness. It is situated along the outside of your shin bone, four fingers from the base of your knee top. Utilize your thumb to apply weight and back rub the point for five seconds. Rehash as fundamental.


The Tai Chong pressure point assists with worry, just as menstrual spasms, lower back agony, and hypertension. To discover this weight point, find the space between your enormous toe and your subsequent toe. From where the skin meets, go up around two finger widths. Apply profound strain to this point and back rub for five seconds. Rehash as important.

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