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If you are a Pig sign, it means that in the system of Chinese astrology you were born in the Year of the Pig. Most Pigs alive today were born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007.

“A typical Pig is likely to be known for its geniality and compassion, sometimes going overboard in its desire to accommodate. Pigs are said to be more comfortable in the country than in the city, with a taste for opulence and gourmet indulgence,” explained consulting astrologer Elisabeth Grace.

However, not all Pig signs are alike. Each Pig birth year is also associated with one of five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth.

According to astrologer and author of “Chinese Astrology: 2019 Year of the Earth Pig” Donna Stellhorn, each of the five Pig types has unique qualities and predispositions.

If you were born between January 27, 1971, and January 15, 1972, you are a Metal Pig. This sign is typically good with money and keeps track of spending.

Pigs born between February 13, 1983, and February 1, 1984, are Water Pigs. These Pigs are usually sensitive, social, and the most likely to be famous. They stay connected with the many people in their lives who are important to them.

Those Pigs born between January 31, 1995, and February 18, 1996, are Wood Pigs. This is a successful, career-oriented combination. Wood Pigs are most likely on track to have a good job and be well-respected by their peers.

If you were born between January 22, 1947, and February 9, 1948, you are a Fire Pig, the most energetic of the Pigs. Fire pigs are the ones who pull together the party, get the work projects in on time and looks for adventure when they travel.

And Pigs born between February 8, 1959, and January 27, 1960, are Earth Pigs. These Pigs are the most stable and hard-working of the Pigs and the most likely to achieve goals.

Both the Chinese and Western astrology systems have 12 signs, but there are also a few key differences between them.

“In the Chinese zodiac, each sign lasts for approximately one whole year and repeats every 12 years. This is different from the 12 signs in the Western zodiac, which change every month, starting with Aries (on the vernal equinox) and ending with Pisces, in a cycle that repeats every year,” said Grace.

Another difference between the Chinese signs and the Western zodiac is that the latter represents the constellations; the Chinese signs do not. Additionally, the Year of the Pig actually starts on February 5, 2019, which means that babies born in January of 2019 won’t actually be Pig signs.

Money & Finance

The prospects of the year are favorable, especially in the professional life of the Pig natives. They can expect some positive developments even from the beginning of 2021. It is likely to receive more interesting and satisfying work tasks, followed by promotions or transfers. Professionally, the Pig’s year is one of progress. Using their talents and experience, the Pig natives are going to make a good impression, due to which they will make a few steps forward. At the same time, having an ingenious, sharp mind, capable of interesting ideas, the Pig natives are advised to use it. In 2021, the Pig natives could make full use of their two great qualities: the entrepreneurial spirit and the talent for making money.

The Pig’s professional progress will lead to a gratifying increase in their income. As usual, they will prove their great skills in solving financial issues. They should be given an advice: if they can, it is recommended to save some money for the future because the money set aside during the Year of the Ox 2021 has the potential to become a useful capital in time.


The Pig natives are very sensitive and romantic in love. In time, if they are neglected, they might become jealous or possessive. In the lunar year of 2021, the Goat, the Dragon or the Rabbit might be ideal partners for the Pig. Living together with the Rat is not going to be monotonous either. However, the relationship Snake-Pig should be avoided; they are not going to have one second of peace together. Being two compatible Chinese zodiac signs from the first moment, the Pig and the Goat fall in love at first sight. Less favorable aspects of the Pig Year will have an effect on the Pig’s personal life and, in this respect, the natives must show caution. Possible troubles can affect both family and social life. Their capacity for maintaining interpersonal relationships is likely to get challenged during this Chinese year, although, usually, the Pig native is a true master in this regard. Moreover, if the Pig natives want their friendships to be long-lasting, they need to take into account the opinions and feelings of every person in his circle of friends. In conclusion, for the Pig zodiac sign, 2021 is going to be, from many points of view, somehow out of ordinary. While the perspectives for their career and financial situation are favorable, the personal life requires them to take some precautionary measures. The Pig’s native mastery of solving problems is going to be of great help. This is a year when precaution is in order, which doesn’t mean that during this year the Pig natives are not capable to make considerable progress. Read also : 10 Feng Shui Elements That Bring Luck in Love


The 2021 Chinese horoscope for Pig doesn’t reveal anything worrisome health-wise. Maybe you are not going to hit the jackpot in terms of career or money, but you have nothing to complain about as far as health is concerned. The Pig natives will enjoy a good state of health from March until the end of 2021. The Pig natives’ level of trust will be high and they will choose a healthy lifestyle. Even if some of the Pig natives are going to indulge in some excesses, their capacity to work will be high and these excesses are not going to lead to anxiety. If they rest as much as they should, they will be in great shape all year. During the winter months, the vitality of the Pig natives will diminish and it’s necessary to relax more in order to avoid health and mental breakdowns. Their health will be fragile during January 2022. The Pig natives should pay attention to their own bodies, to exercise, to have a proper diet and to rest. Also, a good idea is to travel in balneary and climatic areas, at the sea or in the mountains to strengthen their organism. Read also : Powerful Feng Shui Remedies for Health

Feng Shui Tips Money:

A small Feng Shui tree full of jade fruits and leaves will add additional positive energy in your house and at the office. The natural or artificial plants can be observed in the Chinese homes because of their propriety to attract prosperity, abundance, and luck. The Mandarin is a grandiose fruit that adds a plus of energy in the house or at the office. Placing this fruit in its natural or artificial form in the house is very suitable for bringing additional luck and prosperity. In the Chinese houses, symbols of oranges and mandarins can be seen all year round because it is believed that these fruits have the propriety to attract a lot of energies for luck, prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

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