Feng Shui House Plants

Other than improving the style of a space, plants welcome the vitality of nature into your home or office. What’s more, as indicated by feng shui standards, houseplants can be sustaining and mending for your own vitality. In any case, with regards to the best plants for good feng shui vitality, there are sure rules to follow.

Plants and Feng Shui

Adorning with living houseplants reinforces the vitality of one specific feng shui component: wood. The wood component brings essential vitality of development and activity into your space. It can likewise move sympathy, consideration, and adaptability. In addition, the shading green—the shade of numerous plants—is related with mending.

There aren’t really acceptable and awful feng shui plants. All things considered, the way to feng shui is to see the interconnection between dualities. All things considered, there are plants that are all the more regularly suggested for feng shui applications, alongside plants that can be trying to use to get great vitality.

The Best Feng Shui Plants

All in all, most plants are extraordinary for feng shui, as long as you care for them well. Plants with delicate and adjusted leaves are regularly best, as they advance a delicate, sustaining vitality.

Areca Palm

This is an incredible plant for air-sanitizing, just as feng shui. The areca palm can become bigger than numerous different houseplants, and it has beautiful, fan-like leaves. It needs splendid, backhanded light.

Boston Fern

Boston plants are anything but difficult to think about inside, as long as you have enough light. The modest variants are ideal for little spaces and for hanging.

Relative Tongue

Otherwise called the snake plant, relative tongue is an extraordinary plant for fledglings. In spite of the fact that it may show up sharp, it likewise has a nature of defensive vitality.


Additionally alluded to as a cash plant, the jade delicious highlights many adjusted leaves. This gives the plant a delicate, rich appearance.

Fortunate Bamboo

Bamboo speaks to development and versatility. In feng shui use, the quantity of stalks has an emblematic importance. For example, two stalks should feed parts of your life related with adoration, and three stalks feed your satisfaction.

Brilliant Photos

The brilliant pothos is anything but difficult to think about and proliferate. It develops rich, following plants with heart-formed leaves and is fantastic for cleaning indoor air.

Testing Feng Shui Plants

In feng shui, there’s an idea of sha qi, or sharp vitality. This is while assaulting vitality, regularly from sharp items, is aimed at your body, depleting you of your own vitality. Along these lines, it’s ideal to stay away from pointy and spiky plants, for example, a desert flora, on the off chance that you need to advance great feng shui vitality.

Moreover, a perishing and ignored plant additionally can develop depleting vitality. So before bringing any plants into your space, ensure you have the correct condition (and an opportunity) to keep them sound. Likewise, expel any perishing parts of a plant quickly.

At last, utilizing counterfeit plants to advance great feng shui vitality can be somewhat precarious. You should discover top notch counterfeit plants to get any advantages. They should look so sensible that you need to contact them to affirm they are phony.

Plants and the Bagua

A basic method to utilize plants for feng shui applications is to find them in explicit bagua territories. The bagua is the feng shui vitality guide of your space, with every region being associated with a part of your life.

Best House Plants for Good Feng Shui

Harmony Lily

“A few plants normally drop a significant number of the allergens and unstable natural exacerbates that are available in cleaning items and in most cooling units,” clarifies Gordon. “My preferred filtering plants that are likewise low-support are harmony lilies and snake plants.”

Snake Plant

“Notwithstanding cleansing the air, plants drop the positive particles that radiate from gadgets, which we are increasingly more encircled with,” she includes. “This year I set a snake plant at my doorstep, and I have not had a sensitivity [flare-up] yet during this allergen season.”

Jade Plant

“For good Feng Shui riches, I suggest a plant called Crassula ovata (otherwise known as jade plant),” says Gordon. “Spot the greatest number possible your home. In Chinese culture, these plants are accepted to pull in riches in light of the fact that their leaves look like coins. Have a go at putting those plants in your riches corner.”


“In a jar, place a couple of stalks of bamboos in freshwater,” says Gordon. “Spot five stalks in a jar for scholastic accomplishment and inventiveness (in your innovativeness region), place seven stalks in your wellbeing and family territory, place eight stalks in your riches region, and nine stalks for by and large karma (you can put these anyplace, yet it could likewise be in the focal point of your home.) Don’t neglect to change the water every now and again.”

Cash Tree

“For good karma, I suggest Pachira Aquatica, otherwise called a cash tree,” says Gordon. “These plants can bring karma into your life, particularly during a major achievement, for example, opening up another business.”


“I use plant in draping grower in all sides of my home. In the first place, they look extraordinary. Second, they need little support, and thirdly, corners are thought of as ‘poison bolts,’ implying that when you face a precise shape, you could feel uncomfortable from the sharpness of the item or corner you see. I use them to conceal corners in my home.”


“An image of richness and innovativeness, white orchids can be set in the youngsters and imagination gua. On the off chance that they are pink and have two stems, you can place them in the adoration gua. In the event that they are yellow, you can put them in the middle and wellbeing, and in the event that they are purple you can show them in the riches gua.”

Orange Tree

“Regardless of whether developed in an indoor porch, on a gallery or outside, the orange tree will bring plenitude into your home. It ought to be put in your riches or wellbeing gua. Citrus trees are accepted to be exceptionally fortunate. I used to have a grapefruit tree that developed so enormous, we could furnish the whole neighborhood with organic product all year. This is the genuine importance of plenitude: When you can give enough to yourself as well as other people.”

Sage Plant

“Sage is a refining plant that effectively develops outside in various types of atmospheres. It develops and develops, and will in the long run furnish you with enough leaves to make your own wise smirch stick. Refining your home by saging it will pulverize indoor microbes and will leave the vitality in your home light and upbeat.”


“The peony is the most mainstream bloom to draw in sentiment. It is flawless and adjusted and exists in various shades of pinks and reds. They can be planted outside and take three to four years to sprout after you plant them. Peonies sprout in pre-summer. At the point when they are entrenched, they blossom each year and can live around 100 years.”

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