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Feng shui is the use of spatial arrangement to create positive energy that started in ancient China. One way to create good feng shui is through the placement of certain types of plants in certain areas in or outside your home. Choosing indoor and outdoor plants based on where you have space and what sort of energy you’re trying to attract can help you use plants for good feng shui.

8 Secrets of Inviting Positive Energy by Using Feng Shui Plants for Front Door

According to feng shui, front door plays a quite important role. The importance of front door in feng shui cannot be separated from the fact that it is actually the mouth of Chi or energy. In other words, front door is the place where Chi goes through.

In relation to that, those who believe in feng shui when it comes to home decorating and home designing should know about the right way to decorate and design front door rightly in order to invite the positive energy to come. The question is how?

If you are interested in the topic, in this post we will discuss about a way you can do to invite Chi to your house right from the very front part of it. The way meant here is by using feng shui plants for front door.

Before discussing about the specific topic, it is great for you refresh your mind a bit about feng shui first from the following information.Table of Contents

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is something already familiar to many people and you may be included as one of them too. This is often described as a way of designing house by using Chinese principles. The question then is; is that common description right?

Actually, the more proper description of feng shui is a specific Chinese art used to balance and harmonize the surroundings of garden, home, and office, in order to maximize the flow of energy or Chi.

Another interesting thing you need to know as well is that there are three main concepts of feng shui. Those are the balance between yin and yang, the flow of energy or Chi, and also the interaction of five different elements of the universe. The elements include earth, fire, metal, water, and wood.

Who Can Give Design Suggestion Based on Feng Shui?

Feng shui has been known for a very long time. In the past, maybe there are people called as feng shui masters. Now, suggestion and consultation about feng shui is usually given by feng shui consultant.

The same thing between the master and the consultant is that both study first in order to get knowledge about feng shui including also about how to apply it in home designing.

For today’s consultant, the knowledge can be obtained from formal study with feng shui as the major. After finishing the study, they can open a service to give people consultation abut feng shui and home design.

When Is the Suggestion Needed and Why?

Feng shui suggestion is usually needed when it seems there is something wrong with your house so that happiness, health, wealth, and other positive energy seems to be very hard to get.

If being asked about why the suggestion about home feng shui is needed, of course the reason is so that your house can become a better place for you and other family members to live in. This way, everyone can be happier and healthier, especially when they are at home.

If given properly, the suggestion can possibly also change the fortune of the family.

Where to Find Feng Shui Consultant?

At this point of time, it is not so hard to find Feng Shui consultants since they can be found almost in every country in this world. The hard thing to do is finding the right feng shui consultant who can really give you the right suggestion about your house can invite more positive energy to come.

Since it is so, whenever you think you need to consult feng shui consultant about your house, it is recommended for you to be very careful. The purpose is none other so that you can get the right suggestion to make your house a better place for you and family to live in.

How Is Feng Shui Applied to Home Design?

If being asked about how feng shui is applied to home design, the answer can be depending. It depends on what you need.

For example, if you think you have a very strong feeling that our house is blocking you from wealth, you can hire a service of feng shui consultant.

Usually, he will come first to check out your house and find out where the possible blockage of wealth is located, such as wrong location of front door or something else. Finally, he will give suggestion about what to do to fix the situation.

That is the simplest explanation about the way to use feng shui in home design.

What You Need to Know about Feng Shui Plants

The main topic of this post is about feng shui plants for front door. This will lead us to further discussion about how the plants are helpful in creating the flow of positive Chi through the front door of your house. But before going there, you need to know first about the general information about feng shui plants.

What Are Feng Shui Plants?

In feng shui, plants can be said to have special place since it is the representation of wood element in the universe.

However, you need to know that not all plants can be used in designing home based on feng shui. Only plants that are believed to contain specific energy and have balancing ability especially when interacting with the surroundings that can be used in applying feng shui in home design.

Welcome Plants

When the main topic we talk about is feng shui plants for front door, it means the discussion get even more specific.

Especially for front door area, feng shui plants are known to have other name, which is none other but welcome plants.

This name is given not only because front door is the home element that will welcome you whenever you arrive at home or whenever people come for a visit. It is also because, as told in the beginning of this post, front door is the home element that can welcome positive energies to come to your house through it.

Best Welcome Plant Type in Feng Shui

In feng shui, plants are usually chosen based on several values, including colors, orientations, and also shapes. The same idea is also applied in welcome plants.

For you to know, succulent plants with rich dark tone and also round full leaves are the favorite of many people. The reason is because this plant represents money and gold, which in other words, it means the plant can invite wealth and prosperity to come.

Considerable Options of Feng Shui Plants for Front Door

The very first secret of using feng shui plants for front door as decoration as well as a mean to invite positive energies is by choosing the right plant type. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of types available for you to choose.

In the following are 7 of the best types you can take into consideration. Each of these plants is special and has its own special quality as welcome plants in feng shui.

The Other 7 Secrets of Decorating Your Front Door with Feng Shui Plants

If it has been told previously that decorating the entrance of your house can be done by picking the right plant type, you need to know that there are still some secret ways can be done so more positive energies can be invited to come in your house. The secrets will be explained one by one in the following.

  1. The best way to decorate your front door with feng shui plants is by placing the plant in both sides of your front door instead of placing it in a side only. So, when you are sure about what fortune plant to pick, you can place two plants flanking the door.
  2. The plants that you will use to plank the front door must be healthy. Only healthy plant can effectively invite more Chi to come in your house. This also becomes the reason why when choosing a certain type of welcome plant you need to understand properly about how to take care of it. It includes the right way and time to water the plant, the amount of sunlight needed, time to fertilize the plant, and many others.
  3. The placement of the welcome plants must not block the entrance of your house. That is why flanking position is the best here. If you accidentally place the plants blocking the entrance, there is a quite big possibility for you to lose a chance of gaining positive energies from your front door, which is also the mouth of your house.
  4. Still about placement, when you already put two feng shui plants flanking the front door, you can make the flow of energies through it even better by putting few more plants along the corridor in your house that leads to the front door.
  5. If you are familiar with the idea of poison arrow in feng shui there are several things you can consider. Poison arrow itself is none other but the direction in which bad energies comes from specific items and can possibly enter your house from the front door. The items can be cemetery, the edge of a building, lamp post, and many others.
  6. To invite Chi even better, some feng shui plants can actually be combined with other elements. The example can be seen in Lotus flower that is simply perfect to be combined with water element. Having some water element in your front door area is great because it is the symbolization of your desire to obtain prosperity and wealth.
  7. If possible, you can choose a feng shui plant with red color accent, such as in the flowers because red color in front door will not only attract prosperity but also joy. If the plant is quite hard to get, you can simply just paint your front door red as alternative.

If you do not want to paint your front door red or you are unable to find the red flowery plant to place there, a good alternative is by placing good fortune plant in red pot like this.

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