Feng Shui to Increase Sales

Better energy in a shop will make the place more attractive to customers, increase sales and harmony to the persons who happen to be inside the store. Shopping is an emotional experience, and remember: the energy of a shop is already felt before the person decides to enter.

From the outside look at the front door, the store name, the logo, the shop windows, and your neighbors. Then ask yourself a question: If I see this shop for the first time, would I enter? According to Feng Shui, the purpose is to create a powerful flow of Chi energy on your entrance. Strong energy flow is created with a clear and strong presence that includes a significant logo, a clean aspect, well lighting, and fresh shop windows decoration, and the use of appropriate colors for the favorable direction of your front door.
Now enter the shop and be careful about where your attention goes. The energy is attracted from the right or the left side? Or, you are not attracted to enter the shop, even if the store is full of beautiful things? The basic concept is the necessity to create routes to make flow the Feng Shui energy. Direct the energy to create an enjoyable experience and guide the customer to explore by himself what you have to offer. Imagine the Chi or another FengShui energy like Water and watch where would be the flow of water, where it stops instead of flowing smoothly.

Respect the sense of independence and curiosity of your customers. The best shops I have seen, are those which invite me and allows me to explore objects in different ways – touch, feel, look, etc.
We buy on the basis of emotion, and in Feng Shui, the definition of emotion is moving energy. Be aware of the environment like air quality, different levels of lighting, music, nice perfumes.
As always, Feng Shui means harmony of energy and your consultant is one who knows the flowing movement of this energy.

When you’re ready to see more sales start streaming in, it helps to understand some of the key principles of feng shui. Once you do, you’ll see how you can stimulate movement if sales have been flat  — and help start the flow of sales again.

1. Change your merchandise.

Feng shui likes movement and flow. Rotating your merchandise is one way to both keep your merchandise fresh and the sales stimulated. In a retail establishment, keep rotating seasonal merchandise and regularly mix up the floor plan of the store. Sometimes just moving the merchandise to a new location can make sales. In an online business, move your offerings around and have a variety of options at a variety of price points. Point out different items you have to sell at various times.

2. Make use of the lucky corner.

These are the feng shui power corners. The corners opposite and diagonal to the door are the “lucky corners” that can be used to create a special corner with special offerings or unique products. These corners are perfect areas to add extra eye-catching details, too. Add lighting and plants in the lucky corners to add extra growth and fame energy – which also stimulates sales.

3. Hide the bathroom.

I shopped at a local boutique for five years before I ever noticed there was a restroom in the establishment. Never call attention to a bathroom. Because these are “yin” spaces, they’ll drain sales, so don’t make them prominent in your business unless you want sales to go down the toilet.

4. Be a sore thumb.

Yep, that’s right. Sticking out is good feng shui and captures people’s attention — always a good idea when you want to make sales. Find a way to catch someone’s attention in a unique and unusual way and you will help draw attention to a product and lead your customer to the cash register.

5. Show gratitude.

Gratitude is excellent feng shui because it creates goodwill, and that often keeps businesses afloat. Make sure customers know you’re happy they made a purchase with you. You can do this with a free gift, a note tucked into the purchase, even a label on the box (if you ship) that says “thank you for your purchase.” How could you show your customers that you appreciate them?

6. Be friendly.

Customers like to feel appreciated and that you’re happy they’re there. The atmosphere is critical in feng shui.  An atmosphere that is welcoming and warm helps bring in more customers and is just as important as great merchandise. One very popular local hamburger restaurant greets customers as they walk in the door and says a hearty “thank you” as they walk out the door. The whole restaurant has a family feel about it and it creates long-term repeat business because the customers feel welcome there.

7. Hire the right people.

The right people will create a positive feeling in your business and your customers will be happy when they interact with them. Good employees will create more goodwill with your clients and will draw more customers.  These employees also create good chi for the business. Customers will continue to come to your business when your employees are knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant.

8. Change and stay fresh.

How does Madonna stay in the news all the time – or Jennifer Anniston? They keep their looks and style fresh and new and that keeps them in the newspaper and magazines. Stale sales come from stale companies and merchandise.

Keep updating your look and improve your website or your store. Consider freshening up your packagings, such as shopping bags, your logo, your business cards, your professional photo, your website, or your blog. Maybe all you need is a coat of paint. Just freshen up and do so regularly.

9. Keep the register close to the door.

The front door is so important in feng shui because this is the “mouth of chi” – it’s the point where energy enters your store. When the door’s close to the cash register, this energizes the register and directs energy straight to the cash till! When the register is too far from the entrance, it’s easy for the energy to be diverted and never make it to the register – and that means slow, straggling sales. Try to move your register close to the door and envision that Ka-ching! sound every time the door opens!

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