Feng Shui Wealth Colors

You can use feng shui colors to enhance and attract prosperity luck. There are five main colors considered feng shui wealth bringers.

Traditional Five Feng Shui Colors of Prosperity

The five feng shui colors associated with prosperity are red, purple, green, black, and blue. You can use them in combination with décor accessories and objects for a non-intrusive addition to your home interior design. Each color has a specific feng shui meaning attached to it. You can utilize any or all of these colors to enhance your prosperity luck, especially your wealth and abundance luck.

  1. Red and purple represent the fire element that rules the south (fame and recognition) sector.
  2. Green represents the wood element that rules the east (health) and southeast (wealth) sector.
  3. Black and blue represent the water element that governs the north (career) sector.

Colors Associated With Wealth Prosperity

Most people associate prosperity with wealth. When considering the best colors for your wealth prosperity the colors green, silver, and gold represent an actual currency. You can safely use any or all of these colors to promote affluence in your life.

Wealth Sector

The wealth sector is in the southeast. The best colors for this room are wood colors of green and tan. You can also add various hues of these colors with other colors.

Personal Wealth Direction

Your personal wealth direction (Sheng Chi) is a perfect area to decorate with feng shui colors of prosperity. You can find this direction based on your Kua number and the eight mansions formula. You can play up this sector of your home by using the sector colors and supporting element colors of the productive cycle.

Prosperity Colors Beyond Wealth Sectors

There are other kinds of prosperity in addition to wealth (southeast) and your personal wealth direction. By using feng shui colors, you can create good fortune in other areas of your life, such as career (north), education (northeast), health (east), recognition and fame (south), marriage (southwest), descendants’ luck (west), and mentor (northwest) luck.

Other Feng Shui Colors to Attract Prosperity

Whether you use Classical feng shui or BTB feng shui, you want to select the appropriate sector to add feng shui colors of prosperity. For Classical feng shui, you’ll use the compass sectors and their assigned element colors.

Sector Colors for Feng Shui Prosperity

If you wish to stimulate prosperity in a specific sector, you can use the color that is assigned to that compass direction. The guiding principles of classical feng shui colors can help you decide which colors to use for bolstering auspicious energies for prosperity.

How Element Colors Support Prosperity

Each sector has one or more colors assigned to it, based on the compass direction and element of the sector. You can easily use these colors to reinforce auspicious chi energies and stimulate the sector’s luck for greater success in that area of life. Be sure to explore all values of these colors for a wider choice of hues. For example, the earth color ochre can be expanded to include light to dark values, such as lemon yellow and pale yellow.

Combinations of Element Colors

When you use the compass directions and their element colors, you can create some very auspicious color combinations. You can incorporate the productive cycle element colors for additional colors. These hues will further bolster prosperity energies in that sector. The productive cycle is very simple and logical to understand how the elements support each other:

  1. Water (blue and black) feeds wood (green and tan).
  2. Wood fuels fire (red, orange, purple, pink).
  3. Fire produces earth (ochre and brown).
  4. Earth creates metal (gold, silver, white, brass, copper, bronze, iron).
  5. Metal (gold, silver, white, brass, copper, bronze, iron) attracts water (black and blue).

Pairing Up Element Colors

When you pair up the two supportive elements, you can double the power of your prosperity colors. Use as many colors as you wish in the combination. Remember, you have a range of values for each color. Based on the productive cycle, these color combinations include the following:

  1. Black, blue, green, and tan
  2. Green, tan, red, orange, purple, and pink
  3. Red, orange, purple, pink, green, and tan
  4. Ochre, brown, red, orange, purple, and pink
  5. Gold, silver, white, brass, copper, bronze, iron, blue, and black

Examples of Wealth Color Combinations

A good example of how to combine two-element color palettes is the first one of an east or southeast sector home. These sectors are ruled by the wood element and nourished by the water element. You might choose green and/or tan as your main color for this room. To give greater depth and choices in your décor, you can add a few values of blue, such as light blue to dark blue or black accent colors to represent the water element.

Combination Colors of Elements That Weaken or Destroy

The element color approach means you should steer clear of colors that represent an element that would either weaken (exhaust) or destroy the ruling element of that sector. You can further explore the destructive and exhaustive cycles to gain a better idea of how these cycles work.

Prosperity Colors for Home Office

You can take advantage of your personal wealth direction in your home office by placing a few representations of the sector colors in your sheng chi (wealth) direction. For example, if your office is in the north sector, but your wealth sector is in the southwest, you can add an earth color (ochre and/or brown) in the southwest corner of your office to boost your prosperity luck. You can also use iconic wealth symbols, such as gold ingots or Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon.

How to Add Feng Shui Colors of Prosperity

The easiest way to introduce colors in any décor is through accessories. These can include feng shui elements. For example, you can add the element and the color for the southwest (earth element) with earth colored crystals in citrine, amber or yellow aventurine. Another way to introduce the element color is with pottery (earth element) in various hues of ochre (yellow).

Ways to Combine Element Colors with Elements

Another way to take advantage of feng shui colors is to combine the elements and colors. For example, in a southwest sector where you wish to activate the south (fire) wall recognition and fame you could combine the color red (fire) with the supporting earth element (southwest element) by choosing red crystal or gemstone, such as red carnelian, garnet or red jasper.

Fabrics, Accessories and Art Objects

Fabrics, such as new draperies, an ottoman, a new duvet, or comforter can be used to infuse feng shui colors into your décor. You can place various art objects and accessories, such as pillows to bring feng shui color to a sector.

Feng Shui Wall Décor

Other ideas for bringing feng shui colors into your home include works of art, relief art, plaques, and other types of wall décor. You want to select pieces that you feel a strong connection that resonates with your energy.

Paint or Wallpaper

You can always paint or wallpaper a room to introduce feng shui color. For example, a color combination would be a north (blue) sector bedroom with metal colors (gray and white). Avoid painting entire rooms black or red. There is such a thing as too much of a color. When an entire room is painted red, the yang energy can overstimulate. However, you could paint a south wall with red paint for an accent color.

Water Fountains and Aquariums

Water fountains and aquariums are great wealth element stimulators. You can incorporate color with these. For example, you can select a black or dark blue colored water fountain. For an aquarium, you can use blue gravel and/or blue background.

Use Plants for Color

You can add color to your feng shui décor with various plants for the east (wood), southeast (wood) and south (fire) sectors. You can also place plants on an east, southeast or south wall to stimulate prosperity energy and growth.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers generate auspicious energy. Live flowers in element colors placed in rooms (except the bedroom) create yang energy to stimulate prosperity and abundance luck. A dining table flower centerpiece that’s reflected in a mirror will double your prosperity luck.

Colorful Feng Shui Symbols

The feng shui symbols of wealth, such as gold ingots, gold bars, colorful crystal jewels, and Chinese brass coins tied with red ribbon can be used in your home and office. Place these in the southeast and north sectors. Red envelopes are a long-time favorite good luck symbol.

Front Door Color

Another way to invite prosperity into your home is to paint your front door. Select a color based on the compass direction of your front door. Prosperity is officially invited inside with colorful containers of flowers on either side of the door.

Landscaping With Color

You can use color in your landscaping to attract prosperity energy. Make sure you maintain a balance in your design and don’t create poison arrows or obstacles to the chi energy movement.

Choosing Feng Shui Colors of Prosperity

There are many feng shui colors of prosperity you can use in your home and office décor. These colors can include more than the traditional feng shui colors of purple, red, blue, green, and black when you choose element colors and various color combinations.

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