Guided Body Scan Meditation Script


The body scan can be performed while lying down, sitting, or in other postures. The steps below are a guided meditation designed to be done while sitting. You can listen to audio of this three-minute guided meditation, produced by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), in the player; if it doesn’t play, you can find it here or download it from MARC’s website.*

There are some concerns as well… You should not be overly concerned with these aspects of a body scan. However, the body scan meditation is primarily a relaxing practice, although other more uncomfortable sensations, such as tingling, burning or numbness may also arise.

Body Scan Meditation Script

Today we are going to focus on muscle relaxation… something perfect if you feel any tension in your body, if you feel tired and you need to release that uncomfortable sensation.. this body scan will help you to listen to your body in a brand new way learning how to release any tension and any stress all over it…

Lie down on your bed, on your couch, or sit on your meditation cushion… wherever you feel calm and able to let your defenses down finally…

Find a comfortable, relaxing position where you can feel grounded, at ease, finally ready to chill and to focus on how you feel.

Don’t force your body to change how it feels but instead try to accept its signals…this is the way your body and mind speaks to you… instead of shutting it all down respect that… listen to it… cherish every single message to learn something more about your body and how it reacts to things, emotions or illness… Did you know that muscular tension is strictly linked to stress, anxiety, and worries? It’s time to release all this from your body and your minds as well.

Now we will begin the body scan from the top of the head to observe all the body from head to toes…we will observe how we really feel, to notice how body sensation and release some pain and tension with this meditation.. with the power of our caring mindful and nourishing breath…
So.. let’s begin…

Now scan your body from your head to your toes. As a total body overview.. take your time to notice how you really feel….if you feel any tension, any pain, bring your awareness to that area of your body and breathe in positivity and energy to it and exhale out the discomfort and the pain you feel… feel yourself in total relaxation… feel your body free from all the tension and ready to rock the rest of your day with a relaxed and brand new perspective.

Use this relaxing body scan whenever you need to find your center, whenever you need to feel yourself and to relax.

You have a brand new approach towards your body, and towards your own personal, intimate sensations you can use to manage stress, anxiety, and pain. You can finally be the master artist of your body.

Body scan meditation has been researched very well and found to be effective for improving well-being, decreasing physical discomfort and pain, and reducing stress levels. Anything in life that you put your focus on will be amplified to some degree, so just be aware that any discomfort, in the beginning, will ultimately benefit your meditation practice.

Especially for those new to the body scan, we recommend performing this practice with the audio. However, you can also use the script below for guidance for yourself or for leading this practice for others.

Begin by bringing your attention into your body.

You can close your eyes if that’s comfortable for you.

You can notice your body seated wherever you’re seated, feeling the weight of your body on the chair, on the floor.

Take a few deep breaths.

And as you take a deep breath, bring in more oxygen enlivening the body. And as you exhale, have a sense of relaxing more deeply.

You can notice your feet on the floor, notice the sensations of your feet touching the floor. The weight and pressure, vibration, heat.

You can notice your legs against the chair, pressure, pulsing, heaviness, lightness.

Notice your back against the chair.

Bring your attention into your stomach area. If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften. Take a breath.

Notice your hands. Are your hands tense or tight. See if you can allow them to soften.

Notice your arms. Feel any sensation in your arms. Let your shoulders be soft.

Notice your neck and throat. Let them be soft. Relax.

Soften your jaw. Let your face and facial muscles be soft.

Then notice your whole body present. Take one more breath.

Be aware of your whole body as best you can. Take a breath. And then when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

* You can also listen to a 45-minute version of the Body Scan that the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness uses in its training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

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