Kichen Position as par Vastu

Vastu Shastra is a type of design adjusting to the conventional standards as indicated by the Hindu framework. It is otherwise called the study of design. It has been accepted for a very long time that a kitchen worked as per Vastu standards pulls in success and wellbeing for the individuals living in the house. In an Indian family unit, the kitchen is the most necessary piece of the house where individuals invest a large portion of their time and vitality. Each machine has a specific spot in the kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra, and on the off chance that it is set in understanding to it, it is helpful for the occupants of the house and guarantees positive vitality in the house.

Great wellbeing is the way to remaining positive and cheerful and having a placated existence. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire, known as Agni, stays in the south-east bearing, making it the perfect area for your kitchen. An option in contrast to this would be the north-east bearing of the house. You ought to make sure to maintain a strategic distance from the headings north, north-east and south-west for your kitchen as these bearings are bad for a kitchen situation and may cause contradict among relatives. There are numerous such little yet ground-breaking focuses that you should bear in your psyche to make your kitchen Vastu consistent.

For what reason is Vastu for Kitchen Important?

We are constantly encircled by energies around us. Vastu Shastra helps in adjusting every one of these energies around us and the spot we live in. The kitchen is where crude and uncooked food gets changed into nutritious and sound food which gives vitality to all the individuals from the house. The vitality that is gotten from the food causes you to feel positive and mollified. In any case, on the off chance that there is an irregularity in the vitality exuding from the kitchen, at that point a similar food may make negative vitality in you. Your wellbeing endures, and the repercussions can be felt on your everyday work too. The manner in which the grains are put away or your kitchen oven is put can hugy affect the energies that encompass you. Subsequently, it is essential to adjust these energies present in the kitchen according to Vastu Shastra.

Issues in a Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen

As referenced before, a Vastu resistant kitchen influences the individuals living in the house. Here are a portion of the regular signs that insight Vastu adjustments are required in the kitchen.

Debates in the Family

In the event that you regularly experience questions in the family, Vastu could be a contributing component. Conflicts and partitions are regularly found in a Vastu rebellious house, and the greater part of the occasions, the kitchen should be fixed.

Medical problems

The relatives frequently experience the ill effects of gentle or extreme medical problems in light of the fact that the energies in the kitchen are not adjusted.

Monetary Losses

This one is interrelated with the first and the subsequent focuses. Debates and medical problems could prompt budgetary misfortunes.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

In Vastu Shastra, each apparatus, little or large, has its own place and ought to be set as per the plans spread out by it. This will guarantee positive vibes and vitality in your home. Be that as it may, the greater part of the occasions, particularly in lofts we have almost no decision to pick the spot for our kitchen or apparatuses. They are all pre-structured at times as per Vastu prerequisites and in some cases without it. In the event that you are living in a house that isn’t worked according to Vastu, we have some simple tips for you to compose your kitchen according to Vastu. You can roll out some plausible improvements in your kitchen to get the best advantage of this great antiquated design information without making a lot of progress your previously existing set up. In the first place, how about we examine the things that you’ll need to do and afterward we will continue to the don’ts.


Gas oven

Gas oven means fire and ought to be put where the Lord of fire stays. The correct situation of the gas oven according to Vastu is in the south-east course of the kitchen. You should cook confronting the east heading to acquire positive energies your home. Likewise, recollect that the fire component and water component ought not be put corresponding to one another. Since they are both restricting components, they can negatively affect the conduct of the individual. This additionally may bring about causing cracks between the relatives.


The kitchen ought to in a perfect world be situated in the south-east heading. On the off chance that there is no arrangement for building your kitchen in the south-east course, you can likewise select north-west heading according to Vastu.


Fridges can be set in south-east, north, south and even west headings as indicated by Vastu Shastra. The bearings to keep away from are south-west and north-east.


Each kitchen ought to have at any rate one window confronting the east. The early delicate lights of the sun are extremely valuable for our wellbeing. They likewise light up the kitchen and look lovely. Additionally, the beams of the sun in the kitchen can decrease the utilization of power. Windows help in ventilation as well, and it is better for your kitchen. The fumes fans ought to be introduced the southern way of your kitchen.

Utensils Storage

According to Vastu, a kitchen ought to be without messiness. All the utensils ought to be kept perfectly in the cabinets according to Vastu necessities. The pantries are smarter to be introduced in the southern and western dividers.


As indicated by Vastu, the north-east bearing is most appropriate to store water containers or water bottles or the water sink. Pick the kitchen piece shading from green, orange, or yellow to augment the impacts of Vastu standards. It is noted in Vastu rules that in the event that you keep up agreement in adjusting the water component in your kitchen, you can thrive in your riches.

Divider Colors

Vastu for kitchen shading recommends that you pick energetic shades like yellow, orange, and red.

Electrical Appliances

Any kitchen requires electronic devices, for example, broilers, microwaves, and radiators. Putting these in the southeast bearing like that of the gas oven would acquire a great deal of advantages for your kitchen.

Grain Containers

According to Vastu, all the holders used to store grains, heartbeats, and flavors ought to be set in the southern or western ways as they are accepted to draw in wealth in the house.


Cleaning the kitchen chunk, utensils and the floor is sterile and furthermore in accordance with Vastu standards. Cleaner spaces give a constructive vibe and kind of energize individuals living in the house. It is additionally accepted that individuals living in cleaner spaces are more cheerful and tranquil than the individuals who don’t.


To have a Vastu-agreeable kitchen, there are a few things you ought to maintain a strategic distance from. Follow these focuses referenced beneath to guarantee a nonstop progression of positive vitality in the kitchen.

A kitchen ought not be developed above or under the spot of love.

The gas oven ought not confront the kitchen entrance.

The kitchen entryway ought not be in a corner.

A kitchen ought not be worked in the north-east course of your home.

You ought not confront the west while cooking as it might expose you to different medical issues.

Abstain from shading your kitchen dividers dark.

Try not to put your cooler in the north-east bearing of the house.

A kitchen ought not be put over or under a room.

Abstain from building a kitchen over or under a latrine.

Try not to manufacture a kitchen in the south-west corner of the house as it prompts conflicts between the relatives.

The universe is supposed to be loaded up with energies that are both positive and negative. Vastu is an antiquated science that can help in adjusting all the components of the universe – fire, water, air, and earth. It is up to us how we bridle the positive vitality to our advantage. The kitchen is the spot that fills our stomach and heart and keeps our brain and body solid. By utilizing the standards of Vastu for our kitchen, you can attract positive vitality your home. Making these little changes in your kitchen condition according to Vastu standards can profit you colossally.

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