Palm Reading Fate Line

Chiromancy, widely known as palmistry, has been in practice since ancient times. Although frequently considered a superstition, this old palm reading technique is still being in use.

Chiromancy literally means divination from hand, since the original Greek word χειρομαντεία, comes from two Greek terms that of χεῖρ, which means ‘a hand’ and μαντεία, meaning ‘divination’.

Chiromancy has been found in numerous ancient civilizations around the world.

The basic idea behind palmistry is that palm lines, which all of us have, could tell about one’s destiny and life. Each hand is different, just as each one’s palm lines patterns are unique; it is the same as with our fingerprints.

The origins of chiromancy could be traced back to ancient India and China, but were present in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, all over Mesopotamian civilizations, on Tibet and elsewhere.

It grew popular in Europe of antiquity, spread across the continent after Greek and Roman culture.

Just as many other ancient mystical practices, chiromancy faced some rather dark times during the medieval era. It was labeled as sorcery, witchcraft, devilish work and else of the sort.

It was largely unappreciated in middle ages. However, with new age of discoveries, when esoteric flourished over the Europe, chiromancy was kind of revived.

Today, most of people think of it as either some dark mysterious thing or simply a superstition.

However, there are many appreciating the idea of palmistry, especially in the age when we have finally started reconnecting with old holistic practices, such as reflexology and similar traditions related to overall well-being.

Although palmistry has nothing to do with healing, it might give some interesting insights into one’s fate, which could serve as a useful life guideline.

Fate line in palmistry

Fate line is perhaps one of the most interesting and important lines to consider when looking at your palm lines pattern. This line is vertical and it is located more or less across the middle of the palm.

It starts at the base of the palm, typically from the middle point of the base, and it stretches up to the base of the middle finger or that also called the Saturn finger. Therefore, it is also called the Saturn line.

In Chinese palmistry, fate line is often regarded as line of the career and people would observe t in order to find about their ‘fate’ considering career aspect of life.

This line tells about how fortunate one would be in these terms and possibly tells about one’s job opportunities.

Observing the fate line, a palm reader could tell what awaits you on your career path and what, perhaps, has already happened.

The fate line does not tell only about your destiny in terms of job and career, but also about your own working potentials and capacities. A clear and deep, easily visible and unbroken fate line is always an auspicious sign and it means you are truly a lucky person in terms of your good fortune.

Fate line is commonly called ‘success’ or ‘luck line’, since it tells much about both of these.

One thing that should specifically be taken into account when analyzing your fate line is so called ‘fate line timing’. The base of the palm, the point where the fate line starts, corresponds to your chronological age of five.

The place where it crosses the head line corresponds with age 35 and the point of the intersection with heart line stands for 55. The mount of Saturn, the final point of fate line, corresponds to the age of 75.

Timing of fate line helps one follow his or her own career development and, perhaps, predict what could wait him or her in the future.

The absence of fate line

What if one does not have a fate line? Should you be concerned about it? If there was no fate line that, of course, does not mean a person will be career-less in life.

It does tell about the inconsistence of your career, job and all that was related to it. It means you do not focus on one thing and your occupation might be versatile, for good or for bad.

You do not follow the straight road to success and to achievement of one well set goal, in terms of professional development.

This could be a reflection of a generally indecisive or too careless personality, but it could also mean you just cannot hold one job because you are interested in many things.

Either way, the absence of fate line does not mean you are not going to be successful, but there is obvious turbulence in your lifetime, addressing the matter of career. It is not uncommon that versatile, artistic personalities do not have fate line.

Fate line deep and long

If you have a deep and very long, consistent fate line, it is a good sign.

This reflects not only that someone was born under a lucky star, but also that the person has great potential to become his or her own boss. This type of line is commonly found in people who take the initiative, are self-confident and express traits of natural born leaders.

If your line is the same all along its ‘road’ over the palm, that is a sign of potentially very successful career.

If the line fades away as it runs upward, it is assign that you will probably be more successful and lucky in younger days of life and that you could face difficulties later in life.

This could be precious information that could help you plan your future better so to avoid unnecessary inconveniences you definitely do not need at an old age.

Oblique Fate line

If your line is not quite straight, but is very deep and accented, it reflects your unique attitude towards life.

It means you are an inventive, innovative and creative person who would always come up with original ideas, especially in terms of proposals related to work.

This type of fate line could also suggest that you have a natural talent to get to success through quick reasoning and invent yourself brilliant shortcuts to amazing things in life, all by your original thinking and daring personality.

Shallow Fate line

Shallow fate line is not a good sign, if we have in mind previously mentioned. It means that one would most likely experience difficult road to success or that he or she would never actually achieve some of the goals.

This fate line indicates struggle, lot of hard work and turbulences over the career development.

If the line was especially wide, but still very shallow, this is a sign of troublesome career and the absence of any greater success. It indicates hard work and not much of glory.

However, if your fate line is shallow and not easily visible and if it was, at the same time, very thin, this could be seen as quite a ‘mysterious’ line.

It indicates you are not born to pursue a ‘regular’ career; you are not a type of person to be engaged in career that follows rules by the book, one that is conventional and mainstream.

Your destiny is going to be specific, whatever it means in reality. It could be exceptionally good, but not necessarily.

Fate line starting from the Life line

The location and length of the fate line tells a great deal of information.

If your fate line starts from the life line, it is a good sign that tells about the vital energy, which is, of course, inseparable of pursuit for a career.

This fate line indicates you are lively and social character, with the status that would definitely affect your career positively, along with all the efforts you invest in it. You are destined to have a satisfying career and joyful life.

Fate line starting from the Head or Heart line

When a fate line starts from the headline, it corresponds with fate line timing, in terms of life success. It means you are going to experience some rather positive turn in your career after you were 35 years of age. It indicates struggles and difficulties in terms of career before that age.

This means you are going to use all of your learned life lessons and experience later in life and all of those will serve you well.

When a fate line starts from the heart line, it is also related to fate line timing. It means you are going to be successful late in life, a ‘late bloomer’, one would say.

Your good fortune starts from your 50 years of age, while before you may struggle to achieve any solid accomplishment. Do not be discouraged, these are not bad news if you are younger and struggle with your career or worry about it a lot.

However, keep in mind that it also means you are going to work in your late age.

Fate line starting/ending at a specific mount

If your fate line starts from the mount of Venus, it is associated with some inherited money; it is a fortunate sign indeed. If it starts from the mount of the Moon, it indicates success related to your creativity and your good relations and communication with people.

If it ends at the mound of Saturn, that is an especially fortunate sign indicating a super successful career out of nothing.

If it ends at the mount of Jupiter, it indicates you are likely to be a person with some position of power you could use to get ahead in life.

The line ending this way also indicates great respect from others and an overall good reputation. If it ends at the mount of the Sun, it is an auspicious sign for those with artistic talent.

It means you are likely to achieve success through your creativity in an artistic sense. If the fate line ends at the Mount of Mercury, it is especially a good sign for trade and commerce. It means you are gifted in these fields and would likely make good investments.

Fate line stopped by other lines

If one’s fate line is stopped by the hear tine, it means that the emotions have a great impact over that person’s career.

This characteristic shows that you are possibly incapable of separating your emotions from your work, which is always a double-sided blade.

If your fate line is, however, stopped by the headline, it means you are the one who will decide the end of your career.

However, it does not mean the decision is going to be right. It corresponds with the age of 35, as seen in fate line timing.

Broken fate line

Breaks along the fate line greatly correspond with fate line timing. Follow the section points on the fate line that determines the chronological age.

Breaks indicate periods of setbacks, losses related to career, or simply periods of no major achievements or any developments.

If the whole fate line was intermittent and full of little breaks, it reflects difficulties and twists over a lifetime, related to career. Gaps are commonly associated with changes in jobs.

Branched Fate line

A fork in a shape of a trident at the end of the line is a good sign that indicates fame and wealth.

A branched line, with one side running towards the mount of Sun and other to the Venus mount tells about too intense desire, associated with unstable fortune.

If the fate line has a branch to Jupiter mount, it indicates you could have charge not only in one job and you are going to be in a position of power.

Double Fate line

Double fate line is generally an indicator of artistic skill and versatility. It means you could have more than one interest and you are likely to work on both of them.

This requires great patience, great efforts and possibly difficulties to maintain them both.

It could be a true blessing, but not always. Alternatively, it could also mean a double income. If one of the lines was shorter, it means that one would play a supportive role in terms of your career development and the help the stronger one flourish, which is a good thing.

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