Seeing Kittens in a Dream

Kittens are the tiny and vulnerable version of adored and admired cat, one of the most beautiful animals in the world, both loved and hated by humankind.

As we all know, cats were believed to be deities in various mythologies around the planed and throughout human history. Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and the lioness Bast, Nordic goddess Freya’s companion cats, Japanese lucky cat, Maneki Neko, and many other spiritual shapes and forms of this beautiful creature has been playing an important role in creating our picture about cats.

Wild, self-willed and a bit arrogant, cats are never to be tamed. Even if they let you pamper them, purring and cuddling with you, cats are never manipulated.

Many people do not like them for being stubborn and free-willed, unlike dogs that are far more obedient and friendly. However, it is not unusual for a cat pet to become greatly attached to her human being and develop a special, everlasting, and unbreakable connection with its owner.

On the other hand, there are not so many people who could remain cold-hearted seeing kittens!

Those irresistibly adorable furry balls awake sweet emotions of joy, love, kindness and beauty. They are so tiny and fragile, cute and funny.

Little cats are a synonym for everything pure, innocent, soft, and tender. They are very vulnerable, being small, light, and soft, but they also possess the courage of an adult cat.

There are so many situations in which a little furry ball faces a much bigger opponent, for example, a big dog, and yet stands its ground

Kittens are favorite pets to many people. In a spiritual, symbolic sense, these tiny creatures are an ultimate symbol of innocence, purity, and vulnerability, no matter if you generally love cats or not.

Furry and so tender, kittens are associated with some of the most gentle and pure emotions humans can feel; they represent love and happiness.

However, dreams about kittens could mean many different things, depending of nature of particular dreams and personal experience of a dreamer.

Kittens in dreams

Generally speaking, dreams about kittens have two basic meanings that could easily relate to any dreamer.

Dreams about kittens represent either gentleness or vulnerability. They are universal symbol of tenderness and innocence, so dreams about kittens could reflect good and positive emotions of a dreamer.

It could mean that a dreamer is feeling relaxed, satisfied, harmonious and loved in his or hers waking life. Kittens are protected by their mothers, in dreams; this means you are feeling protected, nurtured, pampered and cared for in the most positive way.

On the other hand, the very same associations could be interpreted quite differently. Dreams about these tiny, soft furry balls could reflect your own feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, self-doubt, vulnerability, frailty and everything else related.

Maybe you have found yourself in a situation or a phase of life in which you are feeling exposed or even endangered. Think about your kitten related dream; what emotions it provokes?

Kittens appear in all sorts of dreams. Some of those are relaxing, funny and inspiring, while others are scary and dreadful.

Now we will interpret several most common kitten-related dreams to help you understand the meaning of your own subconscious images that appear to you while you are asleep.

Maybe you just have a cat with kittens and you care for your pets! However, dreams about kittens may help you better understand very important aspects of your own life.

Dreaming about white kittens

White kittens are the ultimate combination of symbols of innocence, softness, and purity. White color has always been associated with light and positivity, although it is a culturally variable interpretation, we speak about the most common interpretations.

Kittens are always seen cute, innocent and completely positive little fellows.

Having these two ideas combined, it is easy to assume that white kittens in a dream are a positive thing, especially if kittens are playful, happy, well fed and satisfied.

If you see white kittens in a dream, it means your life is good, you are a relaxed and content person. You do not have to worry about the future, just keep enjoying the fruits of your work.

If you are feeling stressed in your current life situation, white kittens are a lucky sign. It means you will soon be able to take a deep breath and finally let go of your burdens.

Dreaming about black kittens

If you dream about black kittens and you feel uncomfortable about the dream, you are either a very superstitious person or you are paying way to much attention to unimportant things in life and stress about some normal and regular stuff.

Black kittens in dreams represent all those things you find distressing and disturbing, but those that actually does not deserve so much investing of your emotions.

For example, you constantly think about what others think about every single world you say. You should stop doing that; black kittens in dream are a good reminder.

Dreams about kittens with mother

If you dream about kittens with their cat mom, it could be interpreted in various ways.

If you feel good about this dream, it is most likely a reflection of your own feeling about being taken care of and protected by a dear person with positive intentions (e.g. parents, a partner, a best friend, even a tutor, or someone else).

On a negative side, it could mean you are actually feeling pressured by someone who does care for you, but tries to control you, thinking he or she is doing the best for you.

Kittens with their mother also represent you feeling of being controlled and manipulated, usually by someone very close to you, such as parentally figure or a spouse, even a friend.

It could also have more negative meaning.

Try to think by your own head; do not let others persuade make decisions you actually do not feel into, even if you see they would only like to help you.

Dreams about abandoned kittens

If you see abandoned, scared kittens in your dream, it is most likely a reflection of your fears in your waking life or a reflection of your depression, sadness and similar feelings.

You are feeling alone, left on your own and scared.

Maybe you have faced a great loss; losing a dear person or something that means a lot to you or is related to your existence and well being (e.g. if you have great health issues or you lost your home, job, etc.) could often reflect in a dream about tiny, fragile and abandoned kittens.

Dreams about meowing kittens

If you dream about kittens that are mewing, it means bad news. It means there will be some troubles, most likely minor, but distressing.

You have surrounded yourself with some people that are constantly nagging at you. Maybe you have piled up more duties and responsibilities than you are able to handle at the same time.

Meowing kittens in a dream is sort of a warning sign; it means you should slow down a bit and try to find out what are your priorities and what things or even people can wait.

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