South-East Corner Extended Plot Vastu

Plots Vastu Shastra: To understand which plot is best to buy and extension towards which direction is safe and the like information is provided in this page. Residents should not buy any plot or should not take any decision based on our website content.

Please get proper consultation from Vastu experts. On this page we provided some guidelines step by step, and provided Vastu tips for plot selection and plot extension, and which plot location is safe to buy.

What Are The Key Points To Be Kept In Mind Before Buying The Plot

1. Prepare a checklist before buying the plot like legal issues, exact legal heirs of that plot. What points should be check when buying a plot.

2. Geographical Surrounding effects on the plot

3. Level of the land and roads around the plot.

4. Buying the new plot is extended to the existing plot

5. Carefully observe if the plot has any street focus.

6. Is the plot has any water bodies nearby, find out where they are situated and how they are affecting environmentally to the concerned plot.

7. Is the selected plot has any nearby apartments, if so in what direction.

8. Need to observe how many roads lead to the selected plots, what are they.

9. Carefully observe the access road to the concerned plot, no need to say this tiny point, but sometimes this lilliputian point may also create legal issues, which may cause mental torture in the future.

10. What are the degrees of the selected plot, it is 90° or tilted/skewed.

11. What are the other influences of the selected plot.

12. Is the plot has sufficient water source or should depend only on municipal water supply.

13. If the selected plot is a gated community, then where is the water storage tank, how it impacts the selected plot. For example, the Northeast water storage tank which stands on the pillars may not be auspicious. Care should be taken in this regard.

14. Where is the swimming pool for the selected plot in the community layout, in which direction this pool constructed to the selected plot.

15. One should be careful on ‘plot cut’ or “Truncation of Plots”, any reductions of directions of a said plot affects the people residing in that structure.

Welcome To The World Of Plots Vastu

Read Do’s and Dont’s in buying the plots below.

Do’s In Buying Plots

1. If a plot has Northeast extension then residents can buy it.

2. If there is two roads like North road and east roads, consider this as an auspicious plot.

3. Southwest to Northeast slopy lands are considered to be healthy.

4. West to East land slopy considered to be favorable plot.

5. South to north land sloppy plot deemed to be proficient.

6. If there is a water creek or water bodies towards North direction is supposed to be advantageous plot.

7. If there is a water body towards East direction then it is granted to be the high-grade.

8. Waterbody towards Northeast is said to be one of the best features in vastu shastra.

9. Hills or mounts or Hillocks or mounds or elevated lands, apartments, towards South is said to be great financial strength to the said plot.

10. Elevated areas, hummock, apartments, hump projection lands, fully loaded tall trees towards Southwest is excellent.

11. Mountains, huge apartments, rocky areas towards West is treated to be adequate nourishing plot.

12. Rectangular plot is marvel.

13. Square plot is excelsior.

14. A plot which has South and west apartments which is considered to be fantastic.

15. A plot which has complete open lands towards North is extremely marvelous.

16. Total open lands towards East is said to be extraordinarily and unbelievably profitable.

17. Heavy open places towards Northeast is extremely auspicious.

18. A plot which has Northeast Street focus is spectacular and splendid.

19. Eastern Northeast Street Focus to a plot is acknowledged to be wonderful plot.

20. A plot which has Northern Northeast Street Focus is reflect to be matchless.

Dont’s In Buying Plots / Which Plots Should Be Avoided

In unusual instances residents rush to buy plots without having vastu consultants evaluation, in such circumstances, these following tips may be helpful in apprehending specific conclusions.

1. Don’t buy the plot which has Southwest water body.

2. West water body plot is said to be not good (Please note that some points may not be applicable for homes in Florida, USA).

3. Having water bodies towards South direction is judged to be worst.

4. Waterbody towards Northwest is not profitable.

5. South east water body is not practically benefited.

6. Hillocks towards Northeast is treated to be evil plots.

7. Having elevated lands or Mountains towards east direction is said to be financial and health destructive plots.

8. Mounds, heavy rocky lands, hills, huge apartments towards North is said to be iniquitous plots.

9. A plot having Eastern Southeast Street Focus is concluded to be sinful plot.

10. Having Southeast Street Focus is termed to be unsolved issues creating a plot, at any cost don’t buy such plots.

11. If a plot has Southern Southwest Street focus then ignore this and search for another good plot.

12. Forget about Southwest Street Focus plot and findout only the best among avaialable.

13. Stop thinking about Western Southwest Street Focus plot, search for auspicious plot.

14. Cease to think of buying Northwest Street Focus plot.

15. Ignore Northern Northwest Street Focus plot. Search only unrivalled plots.

16. Southeast extended plot is not at all good (But it can be adjusted by lacerate the extension).

17. Northwest extension plot is concern itself with a discordant plot. (plausible for corrections)

18. Southwest extension plot is said to be not profitable. (Possible for the alteration)

19. East to West slopy land plots are not auspicious.

20. North to South slopy land plots are bad.

21. Northeast to Southwest slopy lands are extremely ominous plots.

22. Apartments towards North and east directions are considered to be perilous plots.

23. Heavy open space towards South direction is unsafe plot.

24. Heavy apartments towards East direction is wicked plots.

25. Too much ponderous towards Northeast plots are not good.

26. Heavy open space towards West is risky plots.

27. If a plot has Southwest too much open space, then forget buying this plot.

28. Care should be taken in inclined plots. Without expert opinion, one should not buy plots.

25. Triangular plots are not auspicious.

26. Unshaped plots should be decided with the help of experts, don’t take any risk in buying such unshaped plots.

27. Beware of Gomukhi and Shermukhi sites, extremely important point here is getting proper advice from Vastu master, without his guidance don’t dare to take any decision, it may harm the life with unpredicted and unforeseen situations.

28. Care should be taken on T junction Plot. Is the plot is exactly opposite to the T junction or side. In many community layouts map, we can observe T Junction plots. Please note that some T shaped plots are good and some T junction plots are bad. Get proper advice from experts on this T point plot vastu.

29. Should be thoroughly checked the L shaped plots, at any cost, don’t take the decision alone with this L shaped plots.

30. Triangle shaped plots are not giving good results, only a few may be good, not all. So care should be taken in this Triangle shaped plots.

31. Further, care should be taken on parallelogram, quadrilateral, rectangular, vidisha plots. Please check the length and width of the plots.

32. Is that plot is near to dead end road, if so which dead end road, which direction falls on this dead end road, this point is most important in deciding to purchase the plot.

33. Some residents asking, can we buy plots near the temple. When plots are near the temple, residents first observe what is the height of the temple gopuram, and which direction falls of this gopuram. If the temple is very huge then is that the temple has a compound wall (boundary wall) or it’s an open temple. This point will be finalized by experts only. General folks cannot take any decision by having diminutive knowledge on Vastu shastra.

34. Residents should be very careful when buying the 3 side road plots. They should be cautious about 3 side road plot. Where are these 3 roads, which direction.

34. Few residents asking about Is 5 corner plots are good. Can we buy 5 sided plots the layout communities? It is not easy to state the exact comments on this 5 corner plots. Many things need to be examined to find out perfect 5 corner plots.

Northeast Extension Plot Is Good Or Bad

Plots which have natural extensions towards the Northeast are very auspicious leading to all-round prosperity and health.

The exceptions are any cuts or reductions at Southeast or Northwest turn to an extension in the Eashanya Kona. As most of the residents know that the NE is considered to be the most important direction in Vaastu.

Can I Buy Northeast Cut Plot, Is This Bad

A cut or reduction in the Northeast is worst. It adversely affects the prosperity, growth, and happiness of the residents. For detailed information, the residents can read more info on Hashana.

As far as possible, rectify any irregular shapes or cuts in the corners of the plot and make the site of land either square or rectangular.

To minimize the bad Effects it is recommended to rectify the site by constructing a compound wall of 3 feet or 4 feet height so that the site has a square or rectangular shape.

The cut-off portion can be utilized for a separate shop, Showroom, or godown depending on the direction and requirements. Our elders said Vastu Purusha will be happier if the plot is either square or rectangular.

According to Vastu shastra square or rectangular sites are considered to be the best for residential or commercial purposes. But in actual practice we find the plot shapes to be irregular more often. The effects of plots extended in different directions or reductions in some corners are of prime concern.

Care should also be undertaken while carrying out extensions in an already constructed house. It has been observed that very bad results accrue to the owner after purchase of an additional plot of land in the South, West, or South-west of the existing house.

As a general rule, avoid buying land or carrying out extensions in the South direction, West, South-west, South-east or Northwest direction of your current house. Buy any land which is in the north, east, or Northeast direction of your property.

This rule is valid for any naturally extended plots buying additional adjacent land and extensions carried out in existing built-up structures.

Acquisition of neighboring sites: Some times there needs to be a neighbor’s properties. Before acquiring such properties one should be very careful or aware of some principles of Vastu shastra. One should not buy the West of South properties existing towards his own properties.

As per the tenets of Vastu, it is always laudable to acquire a plot or house existing in North or East or Northeast. Anyway, it is better to approach one best expert Vastu consultants before taking any such decision of extension purchases.

If there is a North plot is for sale for your existing house, if your house has a Northeast Street focus, at that time resident should not buy the North plot. important logical point. Beware of acquisition neighborhood properties. Finding a good plot is not rocket science. Get proper guidance from experts then one can easily find a good plot.

Now We Are Discussing Plots Extensions

In this chapter, we are discussing plot extension in all directions. Further, the comment is also running whether the extension of the plot is good or bad.

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