Vastu for Pillars in the House

Pillars and columns in a house are built purposely to distribute the load evenly over the floor. But if these are built in the wrong place or direction, they can have an adverse effect on the occupants. A wrongly built pillar may hamper the growth of family members and may also lead to disputes.

Hence, it is important to understand the basic principles of Vastu for pillars in the house and also the Vastu for beams. 

Vastu for Pillars in House – Give a strong support to your house

When a house has some protruding edges or corners, it creates bad Vastu and also hinders the path to success. Hence, we are here to help you with some Vastu tips for pillars.

  1. Any pillar should not block the main gate or the entrance. This obstructs the inflow of positive energy into the house. 
  2. Avoid constructing pillars just inside or at the entrance as this will be an obstacle to growth and success.
  3. If you have purchased the house with a ready pillar at the entrance and if it cannot be removed, then the Vastu for a pillar in front of the main door suggests changing the main entrance to some other positive direction. This will help in getting rid of the vast dosha.
  4. If changing the main entrance is also not possible, then without any delay, hang a picture of an open field or a road and paint the pillar with a color that gives a sense of the open area.
  5. If the structure of your house rests upon the pillars, it creates a void and lets the wealth escape from that void. It is advisable to build a room to seal the void and retain your finances. 
  6. If the pillar is too sharp and pointed, then cover it with plants or mirrors. Ensure that the mirror does not reflect toilets or entrance in it. And it is important to frequently change the plants as the strong negative vibes are absorbed by them when they are put near the pillars. 
  7. Avoid having pillars in the living room. But if there is one that cannot be removed, then you should divide the room from the pillar. This will help in the easy movement of positive energy and invite abundance without many hurdles.
  8. As per Vastu for column count, one should have an even number of pillars in the house for peace and prosperity.

Pillars in Brahmasthana – A Vastu Flaw 

It is believed that the center of the house, which is the Brahmsthana, is the core and is the calmest place. It has the maximum connection with the cosmos and its energies. This area should never be obstructed with anything, especially a pillar. The ancient Indian houses were built with open courtyards as it was the Brahmsthana of such houses. And the open space helped the house absorb most of the positive energies from the cosmos. All this led to a harmonious relationship amongst the family members and also blessed them with a sense of content. Vastu Shastra advises not to have any pillar in the Brahmsthana. But if it is unavoidable, then one should follow the Vastu remedy for pillars in Brahmsthana without any delay. Crystal lotus, Ashthakon pyramid, and Copper pyramid shifting arrows can be installed in the house as a remedy for this Vastu dosha. But all this should be done under the guidance of a Vastu expert. 

The Beams Vastu

As there is Vastu for pillars, Vastu Shastra also guides us with Vastu tips for beams in the house. 

  1. It is not recommended to have a beam just above the place where members sleep. This will affect their health and also lead to stress and sleeplessness.
  2. Even sitting below the beam is not advisable as it releases negative energy and drains out all the positivity. It acts as an obstacle to career growth.
  3. The beams should be covered with a false ceiling as this helps in getting rid of Vastu doshas.
  4. If it’s not possible to have a false ceiling, then it should be decorated and kept clean. This will help in the flow of positive energy.
  5. Hanging two flutes wrapped in red cloth, over the beam, is an effective Vastu remedy to reduce negativity due to beams.
  6. The Vastu pyramids can be used to get rid of the Vastu dosha due to the presence of a beam at some critical place in the house.
  7.  Never ever have a pillar block the main gate or the main door. Do not even have a pillar right inside the entrance door. These act like a ‘dwarfed’, in other words, a structure causing an obstruction. Such pillars will make the residents face many obstacles in their path to success. In cases where such pillars cannot be removed, it is better to change the position of the entrance door. By changing the orientation, you will be able to do away with the Vastu flaw. If changing the position isn’t possible, paint the pillar or hang a painting on the pillar in such a way that it creates a feeling of an open field or a long winding road on the pillar. When you look at it, you should get a feeling of depth rather than a vision of an obstructive structure.
  8.  Many times you will see the structure of a house standing on pillars. This is to make the front facade beautiful. Although the structure may look beautiful, the gap that gets created between the pillar and the wall will make the good energies escape, taking away prosperity from the house. No good luck will ever be retained as the foundation is missing. To get rid of the negative energy, create a wall, and fill the gap. A better solution is to create rooms within.
  9.  The center of the house, often referred to as Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra, is supposed to be a sensitive area of the house. Ideally, this zone should be devoid of structures to be able to bring maximum benefits to the residents of the house. A pillar in the center of the house or even a staircase here is considered a flaw. People living in such a house may feel burdened financially and experience stomach-related physical ailments.
  10.   A pillar in any zone of the house, especially if it is square with pointed edges, will act like a poison arrow hitting you. Cover or hide the corners with green luscious plants. Do remember to change the plants continuously as the negative energy from the sharp edges and corners is so strong that plants can dry up rather quickly. Drying or dying plants bring stagnation to one’s life. If it is impossible to maintain real plants, even artificial plants will do. Another method to fix the pillar flaw is to cover it with mirrors and ensure that the mirror does not reflect the entrance or the toilet to get rid of negative energy. If for some reason pillars are a must, make sure they are round or have softened edges instead of being square and sharp.
  11.  Large living rooms often have pillars in the middle of the room. The living room is the area where the energy needs to flow uninhibited. If there are pillars blocking the room, you can divide the room into two zones rather than have one single room being blocked by pillars.

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