Vastu Remedies for Money

Maintaining the right flow of energy is very important in a house. It makes it conducive for positivity to spread through your home and additionally, keeps the Lord of Wealth smiling down upon you. Indian homes are designed keeping in mind a key aspect known as Vastu. It loosely translates to the ‘Science of Architecture’. This science is crucial if you would like to be calibrated and in tune with the energies of the universe.

Financial stability can be brought on by harnessing the energies inside your house to work in a manner that is advantageous to you. If you are planning on buying a home, redecorating your existing home, or renovating some part of your house, there are many things you need to keep in mind from the perspective of financial prosperity. Read on about how you can make certain Vastu-related changes to facilitate your financial inflow.

15 Vastu Tips to Bring Wealth into Your Home

There are some very important things to keep in mind if you would like to harmonize the energies inside your house to increase your monetary standing in life. You may have unwittingly placed some obstructive elements inside your house that can block the flow of positive energy and thereby obstruct cash flow. Here are some Vastu tips you can follow:

1. Swimming Pool Location

The ideal location for a swimming pool is the north-eastern or the Ishan corner of the plot/ house. If you do not have sufficient open space for a pool there, then the next best option is the east or north. If you have a swimming pool in the south-west area of your plot, it should not be below ground level. Make sure to have a swimming pool or any other water body at a level above the ground for better cash flow.

2. Cash Drawer or Almirah

An important aspect of Vastu for financial gains is your cash almirah. Make sure to place your cash almirah closest to a south-western wall and opening out in a northern direction. This is supposed to be the direction of Kubera, the God of Wealth. Do not place your cash drawer under any structural beam as this implies pressure and financial stress on the individual or the family. Have a mirror in front of the cash cupboard so that it becomes symbolic of your wealth doubling every time you open this cupboard or almirah.

3. Staircases and Other Structures in the North-East Corner

Keep the north-eastern part of your home free of clutter and dirt. Do not have obstructive constructions like stairs in this portion as well. Do not place heavy machinery in this region of your home either. If possible, make sure that the north-eastern side of your house doesn’t have any tall neighboring structures and high-rise buildings whose shadow falls on your house. Construct straight walls and never curved ones on this site.

4. Plot Elevation

Buy a plot that has the same elevation as the surrounding buildings and the road.

5. Roof Elevations and Walls

Ensure that the roof on the south-western side is slightly elevated as against that of the north-eastern side. This means that your roof should slope ever so slightly towards the north-east direction. Walls on the south and west should be thicker and higher if possible.

6. Water Bodies in the House

Have some water body like a small fountain, a plain glass water feature, or a water garden in the north-eastern part of your house. Moving water symbolizes the flow of constructive energy.

7. Leakages

Repair any leaky faucets, runny taps, and other faulty plumbing. Leakage of water denotes the leakage of finances and loss of money.

8. Have an Organized Kitchen

Keep your kitchen organized. A neat and clean kitchen is a symbol of a healthy home. This increases the flow of positive energy in your house. It also increases the harmony between inhabitants of the house and removes any negative energy that may be affecting the family.

9. Main Entrance Beautification

One of the important Vastu tips for money has to do with your main entrance. The main entrance to your house is where the Gods of wealth are supposed to make their entrance. Keep it clean and beautified. Have pleasing nameplates, house numbering, and decorations that draw in positive energy. Also, keep all other doors and windows clean to avoid obstructions in energy flow.

10. Feeding Birds

Have a bird feeder in the north-western part of your house. Feed grains and water regularly to the birds around your plot or apartment as one of the Vastu remedies for money.

11. Keep an Aquarium

Vastu principles suggest keeping a fish aquarium in the north-eastern part of your house. Fishes can purify the energies in your home. Keep the aquarium aerated and clean, though.

12. Plants and Accessorising for Prosperity

Prosperity is indicated by the color purple. Try to have a purple flowering plant in your house or keep a money-plant in a purple pot. Do not grow large trees on the north-eastern side of your plot.

Hanging Vastu-related paintings across your house can bring in the wealth. Paintings of fish in water, waterfalls, fountains, flowing rivers, or natural sunlight can increase the positivity in your house.

Having a Buddha statue in the house also symbolizes amity and harmony. Place it in the drawing-room, garden, or kitchen. This improves the financial status of the house. It is said that the larger the statue, the greater the prosperity.

13. Calibrate the Clocks in the House

Make sure that all the clocks in your house show the same time. All clocks should also indicate the correct time. Dysfunctional clocks symbolize stagnation in finances or delays in cash inflow.

14. Maintain Free Space in the Centre of the House

Let the central part of your house be a free space. This is known as the Bhramasthana. It is one of the most important Vastu wealth tips there are, to have no furniture, machinery, or obstructions in this part of your home. Only a temple can occupy this place. If not, it should be kept open and free.

15. Maintain Air Flow and Have Wind Chimes

Keep the house well-ventilated. Cross ventilation and air-flow determine your cash flow as well. Have a wind chime at the entrance to enhance the flow of wealth too. A wind chime at the entrance is to welcome the wealth. A wind chime at the bathroom entrance stops the draining of wealth.

Vastu works on the simple yet beautiful concept of maximizing the energy in and around your house. India as a country, has, for long, advocated that if you mobilize and activate hidden energy, you can open doors to fame, fortune, and well-being. It is of utmost importance to have a keen eye for small details when you plan living space. If your plot, building, and interior structures are Vastu-compliant, then you are very likely to have peace and prosperity that is long-lasting.

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