Yoga Asanas for Lungs

Lungs are the foremost important organs of the body because it involves the breathing process. Proper functioning of the lungs is critical for all the opposite body parts to function well. Recent pandemics including COVID-19, SARI and ILI infections are associated with tract , especially the Lungs, making pulmonary health most vital for everybody to stop and manage these infections. Though we all know Pranayamas are controlled breathing or breathing exercises in Yoga, actual control of breathing starts with Yoga Asanas or the postures. Each Asana has its own breathing pattern. Breath or Prana is that the primary source of energy or the force that keeps us alive. So, it’s important to stay our lungs healthy and powerful . Practising simple yoga asanas can have huge benefits on our lungs and overall health. Here are 5 simple Yoga Asanas which may strengthen our lungs with other benefits.

Simple Yoga Asanas To Strengthen Lungs

simple yoga asanas

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This posture fills the lungs with many fresh air while we inhale and expands the skeletal structure and abdomen. All the alveoli within the lungs are crammed with extra oxygen and this enhances the performance of the lungs.


  • Stand straight with both the feet 2 inches apart
  • Inhale deep and lift both arms over the top and interlock fingers of both hands with palms facing up
  • Lift both the heels slowly while slowly raising your entire body upwards
  • Balance your entire body on your toes
  • Holding the position for few seconds while inhaling and exhaling normally
  • Slowly exhale while lowering the hands and heals down
  • Come to the remainder position

2. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This Asana exposes the thoracic cavity and lets the airways open for the lungs to urge the air easily.


  • From standing straight position to spread your legs apart for 3-4 feet
  • Turn the proper foot facing out 90 degrees toward right
  • Turn the left foot about 30 degrees inwards to the proper
  • Inhale and lift both the arms abreast of the edges . Shoulder should be relaxed
  • Exhale and slowly bend your body onto the proper side
  • Try to touch your right foot the maximum amount as possible with the proper hand until the body is parallel to the bottom and spine is straight
  • Slowly lift the left arm upward in line with the proper arm
  • Hold this position for few seconds while looking up toward the tip of left
  • Slowly inhale and lift up your body. Exhale and convey down the arms on your sides
  • Repeat an equivalent on the opposite side now

3. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Fish Pose)

This posture expands the chest and lungs on each side


  • Sit on the ground with the legs stretched ahead of you with feet together
  • Bend the proper knee and keep the proper foot with sole up
  • Sit on the proper heel in order that the left side of the sitting fits on the arch of the proper sole
  • Now take the left foot over the proper side of the proper knee
  • Keep the left foot flat on the ground
  • Relax the shoulder and draw up the spine
  • Now place the proper arm on the surface of the left knee with hand and facing up
  • Inhale while lifting the rib and exhale while slowly twisting the spine towards the left
  • Keep the proper pal flat on the rear of your right foot
  • Turn your head towards the rear from left side
  • Maintain the pose for few seconds
  • Slowly exhale and obtain back to the sitting position
  • Repeat an equivalent on the opposite side

4. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Though there are many benefits through this pose, it expands the chest and lungs to enhance the lung capacity


  • Lie down with face down and feet together
  • The forehead should be touching the bottom
  • Place both the palms on side of your shoulders
  • Elbows are on the brink of the body
  • Inhale and tighten the hip and therefore the tailbone
  • As you exhale drawing the shoulders back, life the upper body
  • Back and abdominal muscles are stretched
  • Look straight or towards the ceiling the maximum amount as you’re comfortable
  • Hold the position for few seconds
  • Exhale and return to the face down lying position
  • simple yoga asanas
simple yoga asanas

5. Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose)

This is one of the straightforward poses that’s easy for everybody this is often also called as child pose or Baalasana. It improves the lung capacity, expands the rear a part of the lungs, relieves upper and lower back issues and also spine issues


  • Sit in Vajrasana (Sitting on your feet with soles facing up and knees bent)
  • Inhale and slowly raise both the arms upwards straight above the top
  • Your abdomen and thoracic cavity are raised up with spine erect during this position
  • Now slowly exhale and bend forward with the spine erect
  • Let the abdomen rest on your knees
  • Hand-stretched straight and rested on the ground above the top
  • Maintain this position for few seconds to jiffy while breathing normally
  • Inhale and lift your body and arms up
  • Get back to the Vajrasana position

All these Asanas have many other benefits on our health including increased flexibility, metabolism, toning the abdominal muscles, and spinal health. People with back issues, neck issues, spine issues got to take care while doing any Yoga postures. it’s always good to find out Yoga Asanas under good guidance. People having serious or chronic medical issues got to consult their doctors before doing Yoga.

We hope you are trying out these 5 simple yoga asanas to strengthen lungs and level up your health! For more articles on yoga, inspect Healthy Reads or learn them in LIVE sessions conducted by yoga specialists on GOQii Play.

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