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The dining room is the room in the house where all the members of the family come together, eat food, talk and have a fun time together. The room is meant to bring everyone closer and have a chit chat session, know each other better. Often it is said that “a family that eats together, sits together always stays together.” Well, this is the room that is best to have some time together. It is a place where guests are entertained and served.

Many people have started to follow Vastu Shastra in their daily routine. Some are such firm believers that they even take a step towards anything new after considering Vastu Shastra, from constructing a house to an office, etc. When it comes to constructing a house, Vastu Shastra offers guidance for every room, every corner of the house. Here is some of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for Dining Room, let’s have a look at them for better understanding:

1. • Placement for the Dining Room: 

The Dining room can be an autonomous room or in continuation with the kitchen in the east, west or south side. Often people feel confused about the direction, but when it comes to the dining room, any direction is suitable, all it takes is it must be near to the kitchen.

2. Near and same floor as the Kitchen:

 The Dining room should be on the same floor as the Kitchen. There is no point of having the Dining room on any other floor other than the Kitchen as it will become difficult to carry utensils and hot food. So, Vastu advises to always keep the dining room and kitchen on the same floor for smooth flow of work.

3. Perfect Shape for the Dining Table:

 The finest form of the Dining Table according to Vastu Shastra is Square or Rectangle. There are many Shapes like round, oval, hexagon or any other irregular shapes dining tables are available but they are best avoided. When sitting at a table one needs enough space so that one can eat comfortably. At the same time, there should be enough space on the table to accommodate everyone’s plates, which is why the square and rectangular shape is preferred.

4. A place for the Dining Table:

 The best place for the dining table is in the center of the room. Avoid touching the dining table with walls as it is easier to sit on all the chairs. In case, the dining table touches the wall, make sure only one side gets covered, and the rest of the space is free and spacious enough to sit.

5. Way to sit on the Table:

 Vastu also gives guidelines on how to sit on the table. When it comes to sitting on the dining table, one should sit facing east, north or west side. The head of the family must take the east side, and the rest of the family can sit facing east or north or west side. It is considered good when the sun rays enter directly from the east direction and brighten up the day. Avoid sitting south facing as the North Pole and south-facing direction repel each other and create an imbalance in life.

6. Things to Avoid: 

In a house, all the rooms are adjoining and interconnected. Make sure to construct a bathroom away from the dining room as it is considered very unhygienic and uncomfortable to eat near a bathroom. Also, in case the door of the bathroom is left open, the foul smell is very uncomfortable to bear, thus avoiding the dining room near bathrooms is best.

7. Door for the Dining Room: 

The door of the dining room must not be facing the entrance door. It is very awkward when people from outside can watch a person or the family eating. So, keeping the entrance door away from the dining room door is the best. Also, the best directions to fix the door are east, north and west directions.

8. Colors for the Dining Room Walls:

 The Dining room is meant to be a place where hunger strikes and the stomach gets fulfilled. It is a place where family members eat and rejoice. The appropriate colors for the room can be light blue, yellow, saffron, peach, light green or light shades of pink and orange. Using these shades stimulates the appetite and also makes them look bright, big and interesting.

9. Wall Decors: 

There is no room in the house that is free from wall decors apart from a store room. Wall decors are important for every room, as they enhance the beauty of the room and also cover up the empty walls. When it comes to the dining room, a person can always hang nature related paintings, food related paintings or posters, and famous chef’s painting with motivational quotes. Vastu Shastra advises hanging nature paintings as they give a calming effect on the mind and make a person feel relaxed and at peace while eating.

10. Placement for Wash Basin: 

Earlier, people used to have a small washbasin in the dining room to make it easy to clean hands and mouth after eating. Vastu Shastra says that if there is a washbasin in the dining room, the perfect place to fix the basin is in the North or east side of the room. Having a basin on these sides makes it easy to reach the washbasin and also the sun rays coming from the east side keep the water pure.

Other Things to keep in mind while in Dining Room:

• While eating, try to be relaxed and stress-free.

• Make a habit of eating together at least once in a day.

• Speak politely while eating and converse about positive things in a respectable manner.

• Playing soft and subtle music in the dining room attracts positive vibrations and creates a blissful ambiance while eating.

 While eating food, make sure that there is no television, computer or laptop in the dining room as they work as a distraction. Instead, interact with your family and have a gala time.

Right Direction for Accessories According to Vastu for Dining Room

AccessoriesBest Direction As Per Vastu
Wash BasinNortheast
ConsoleSouthwest wall of the dining area
Microwave, Radio and TelevisionSoutheast
WindowsNorth or East side
DoorsEast, North, or West

Sitting Arrangement

1. The head of the family must always face east while eating.

2. The rest of the members can face north, east, or west.

3. Avoid the Southern direction

4. Keep the number of dining chairs even to avoid dispute within the family members.

Colors According To Vastu For Dining Room

Vastu colors for home suggests that the color of the dining room walls must beLight greenOrangeCreamlight pink

Avoid painting the walls white or black.

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