Wardrobe Facing Vastu


Vastu Shastra affects each part of your house from main door to position of your furniture. It touches every aspect of your life. A wrong direction can bring a lot of negative results in your personal and professional lives. How does a direction affect our life? This universe is made up of energy and we all are energy. This energy is invisible yet strongly effective. We call this Cosmic Energy. This cosmic energy flows in a definite direction and any obstruction in the flow of energy can bring negative impacts on a family. These problems can be related to wealth, health, career, marriage, relationship etc.

You can apply Vastu tips for wardrobe to increase positive energies in the house. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles with his 20 years of in-depth study. These three principles allow cosmic energy to get connected, balanced, and channelized through best direction, correct structure and activated chakras. These changes and Vastu solutions for any individual are based on his/her date of birth which many Vastu experts miss. Vastu Shastra is not a standard set of Vastu solutions but it depends on the date of birth of an individual.

With the help of personalized and exclusive Vastu solution for wardrobe, one can balance the positive aura in the house and can bring happiness, joy and prosperity. You can use a few generic Vastu tips for wardrobe to maintain good luck and joy in life.

  1. Place the wardrobe in your favorable direction as per Vastu Shastra.
  2. Try to have a wardrobe in the Northwest or southwest corner. Southwest is preferable.
  3. The doors of almirah or wardrobe should be opened in either east or south direction.
  4. As per Vastu for wardrobe, cash and jewelry must be kept in the North direction as this direction owns by Lord Kubera, the Lord of money.
  5. Never have a mirror on the almirah or wardrobe. If you have a wardrobe in the bedroom then the mirror should not face towards the bed as it causes prolonged disease, health problems, and disputes in the family.
  6. Don’t build a marble wardrobe. It should be made of wood or iron.
  7. Colors of almirah or wardrobe should be light and soothing. It should not be distracting. Dark colors absorb negative energy from the environment.
  8. Use a single door wardrobe.
  9. Safe or Cash locker should be placed on a heavy and stable floor.
  10. The wardrobe should be spacious and organized as per your requirements.
  11. Wardrobe doors should never face the toilet wall or toilet seat.
  12. Always have a few inches gap between the wall and wardrobe. It allows the flow of positive energy in the room.
  13. The wardrobe should be of regular shape. The irregular shape of the wardrobe obstructs the free flow of energy.
  14. The wardrobe should be clean and clutter-free.
  15. Do not keep unnecessary items in the almirah and organize it from time to time.

By following these easy yet feasible Vastu tips for wardrobe, one can have free-flowing and balanced positive cosmic energy. Vastu Shastra provides you the way of living for every part of life. To get more precise and unique Vastu solutions, you can consult a Saral Vaastu expert.

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