Herbs For Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection, which is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria resulting in high fever and gastrointestinal problems.

It generally occurs after the consumption of contaminated food and water. 

And major reasons for typhoid are poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions.

The symptoms of typhoid fever are loss of appetite, body pain, skin rash, pink spots, etc.

Sometimes the fever even reaches up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which cannot be brought down by medicines.

In such extreme situations, the person suffering with typhoid fever needs to be admitted to hospital.

People generally get a typhoid vaccine as a precaution to stay away from the typhoid infection.

But the injection can only help for some years to prevent us from getting infected by the bacteria.

So, it is necessary to eat healthy and nutritional food regularly to increase the body’s immune system.

The consumption of healthy food items will keep you safe during the fever even.

Apart from that, there are some home remedies as well, which you can follow during the typhoid fever. Check them out below.

Drink fluids

Typhoid often results in dehydration. So, the patients who have fever need to be hydrated all the time by drinking a lot of fluids. The fluids can be anything such as water, fruit juices, herbal tea, etc. Water helps to stay hydrated and maintain the water level in our body. It helps to remove all toxins and other waste materials from the body. It also increases the immune system to fight against the bacteria.  © Provided by Pink villa  

Eat garlic

If garlic can be eaten raw or semi-cooked, then it would be great for typhoid fever. Garlic has anti-oxidants, which purify the blood. It also helps the kidney to remove all unwanted things from the body to cleanse it. It also boosts immunity power to fight the bacteria. © Provided by Pinkvilla  

Basil leaves

Basil leaves, also found in Ayurveda, are quite common among home remedies for typhoid fever. They can heal inflammation and joint pains. It also comes with anti-bacterial properties. Basil can be consumed by infusing with tea or boiling in water and you can also add some honey to it. It can also be taken along with ginger juice or black pepper. a close up of a flower © Provided by Pinkvilla  

Apple cider vinegar

The acidic properties of apple cider vinegar are good as a home remedy for typhoid fever. The vinegar can also bring down a high fever as it draws out heat from the body. It comes with several minerals which are good for a person suffering from typhoid fever.a red apple sitting on top of a table © Provided by Pinkvilla  

Cold compress

Cold compress during typhoid fever helps to cool down the heat caused by the fever. Do it with a cloth dampened with cold water; the water should not be too cold and the cloth should be clean and changed from time to time. Put it on the patient’s forehead, armpits, feet and hands to get him some relief.  

5 Best Home Remedies For Typhoid Fever

Typhoid or typhoid fever is caused by salmonella typhoid bacteria. This bacterial infection causes high fever and gastrointestinal problems. People usually get typhoid through the consumption of contaminated water or food. The symptoms can range from body ache to the loss of appetite. Some people might also get a skin rash or pink spots with the fever. Major reasons responsible for typhoid can be poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions. The high fever can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit; one may need to get admitted in the hospital if the fever is not brought down by medicines. A typhoid vaccine can help prevent a person from getting infected by the bacteria for a few years but it is still necessary to eat healthy and nutritional food which is free from any kind of infection. There are several medications available for people who suffer from this disease; however one can also refer to home remedies for typhoid fever.Typhoid or typhoid fever is caused by salmonella typhoid bacteria
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Here are some home remedies for typhoid fever:

1. Drink lots of fluids

Diseases like typhoid often lead to dehydration; therefore, the patient should at all times keep themselves hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. The fluids can be water, fresh fruit juices, herbal tea, etc. Water is known as elixir of life. It helps us stay hydrated and it is extremely important for maintaining water levels for a healthy and disease-free life. Typhoid might cause diarrhea, therefore intake of fresh juices will help in getting rid of toxins and other waste materials from the body. It also provides the required nutrients to boost the immune system and fight the bacterial infection.home remedies for typhoid fever: Fresh juices help in staying hydrated during typhoid

2. Garlic

Garlic is bestowed with a wide variety of health benefits and can be extremely helpful for curing typhoid fever. It contains antioxidants and acts as blood purifier. It helps the kidney flush out unwanted substances from the body; thus, cleansing the system. However, it is should be consumed raw or semi-cooked to make the most of its benefits. It fosters the healing process and boosts immunity of the person suffering from typhoid fever. It works great as one of the home remedies for typhoid fever.Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that help aid typhoid fever
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3. Basil

Basil is a popular herb which eases inflammation and joint pains which are common with home remedies for typhoid fever. It is also included in many Ayurvedic medicines and is said to cure many diseases including malaria. It can be infused with tea or can be boiled with water or consumed with honey by the person suffering from typhoid. It can also be infused with ginger juice or black pepper for quick relief. The antibacterial properties of basil help in removing the bacteria that causes typhoid.Basil helps with joint pain during typhoid fever

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties and is a good home remedy for typhoid fever. It brings high fever down as it draws out heat from the body of the person suffering from typhoid. It contains minerals which are extremely important for a person who is sick and is losing nutrients because of diarrhea.Apple cider’s acidic properties help with typhoid fever

5. Cold compress:

A person down with typhoid suffers from high fever which stays for days; therefore, it is very important to maintain a normal body temperature. This can achieved with the help of a cold compress which is a cloth damp with cold water. It is then put on the patient’s forehead, armpits, feet and hands. However, the water used in this process should not be too cold and the cloth should be changed from time to time for best results.

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About five years ago, being called to a patient who had prodromic symptoms of typhoid fever, and insisted on some prompt remedy, I gave him a half-grain pill of hydrarg. protiodid, knowing it to be one of the most powerful antiseptics and having frequently prescribed it in cases of specific disease, for several days in succession, without causing any trouble. After one pill daily for two days he was so much improved that nothing more was given and on the fourth day he went out and remained well.

Later, in two similar cases, it was used with like results. Some time after, I was sent for at night to see a young man who had diarrhea and had been sick for a week, but not in bed. His family had considered it as merely a bilious attack, until the delirium alarmed them. I found him with a temperature of 104,

10 Home Remedies for Typhoid!

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Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection caused by contaminated water or food. It affects the intestinal tract and then spread to the bloodstream. It is caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhoid. Poor hygienic conditions, unsafe drinking water, and contaminated food are the usual causes of typhoid. Fever, headaches, abdominal pain and weakness are the primary symptoms. With the progression of the disease, delirium, hallucinations, chills, enlarged liver and nosebleeds might also surface. To promote quicker recovery, use home remedies with regular medication for the best results. Here are some of the time-tested home remedies for typhoid.

Increase Fluid Intake

To prevent dehydration, keep sipping on fluids. Staying hydrated also helps in the timely elimination of waste materials and toxins from the body. Apart from water, have fruit juices, coconut water, and soups.

Use Cold Compresses

To combat high fever, use cold compresses to bring down the temperature. Sponge off armpits, feet, groin, and hands. Applying cold compresses on the extremities brings down the temperature most effectively.

Drink ORS

Ensure that you have WHO recommended ORS. Buy sachets from any chemist or keep deliciously flavored tetra packs at home. You can even make at home by mixing sugar and salt in a liter of boiled water.

Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain a proper pH in the body. It draws out heat from the skin and therefore, reduces the body temperature. The loss of minerals because of diarrhea is compensated by having apple cider vinegar. Mix a teaspoon in water. Add honey if needed. Drink before meals. Read more about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar


The holy basil is antibiotic and antimicrobial. Add basil to boiled water and drink three to four cups daily. Basil boosts immunity and calms the tummy. Or you can 4-5 basil/ tulsi leaves to make a paste. Add pepper powder to this paste and a few strands of saffron or Kesar. Mix all these and divide them into three parts. Have this mixture after every meal. Read more on the health benefits of tulsi (Basil).


Garlic speeds up recovery from typhoid due to its anti oxidative properties. It boosts immunity and detoxifies the body. Eat two cloves on an empty stomach. This is not conducive for pregnant women and children. Also, read 10 health benefits of garlic.


Bananas have pectin, a soluble fiber that helps the intestines absorb fluids, thus curing diarrhea. Potassium in the fruit helps in replacing the electrolytes lost through loose motions. It is one of the best things to eat when having typhoid.

Triphala Churan

This is an essential ayurvedic churan that shows positive effects on fever and typhoid. It hampers the growth of Salmonella typhi. Chemists provide this in the form of powder and tablets.


Cloves fight against bacteria that cause typhoid. Boil water with cloves, strain in a cup and have two cups daily.


Pomegranates are an effective home remedy against typhoid. It helps in preventing dehydration. Have it as a fruit or take out the juice.

Consult a doctor and use the home remedies as an adjunct therapy. With proper rest, light food, clean water, and patience, the patient will recover quickly.

The use of botanical raw materials to produce pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, dietary supplements and many industrial materials constitute an important global resource in terms of healthcare and economy. In Nigeria and other developing countries, the indigenous knowledge on the uses of plants lies mainly with the elders who are decreasing in number due to death and other unforeseen occurrences. An ethnology-botanical survey was carried out to obtain information on the ethno medicinal plants used by the people of Gombe State, northeastern Nigeria, in curing enteric fever. Oral interviews were conducted and 34 informants availed themselves for the interview and were consulted. All relevant information obtained from the respondents was recorded. Valid nomenclature, along with local names, family names, part of the plant(s) used, methods of preparation and administration and 54 plant species belonging to 27 families as well as 7 unidentified species that are commonly used by the people of the state in ethnomedical treatment of the ailment were documented. Those interviewed included traditional practitioners, local herb sellers, traditional rulers, hunters, farmers and patients. Results showed that the people of Gombe State are knowledgeable on herbal medicine in the treatment of diseases and ailments. However, further scientific validation of the traditional claims of anti-typhoid properties is imperative. This would establish their candidature for any possible future research for active principles and the possible development of new cheaper and more effective anti-typhoid drugs, as well as in the conservation of this rich diversity of medicinal plants.

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