Mirror in Bedroom Vastu


Have you ever been worried about the right placement of mirrors or for that matter, any object in your bedroom Do these objects, once placed in the right zone, affect one’s marriage or inter-personal relationship in a positive way Or is there a sure-shot way of reaping benefits from the correct placement of different objects, consumer durables, and artifacts in the house let’s find out?

The modern approach towards Vastu Shastra developed by MahaVastu is based on the scientific research of Vastu Shastri, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, spanning over a period of two decades. Through his evaluation and over 10,000 proven case studies, a great deal of emphasis is put on the need for harmonizing energies in a built-up space. The energies are balanced by balancing the five main elements, ie water, air, fire, earth, and space, in the different directions or Vastu zones in the built-up space.

There is a great deal of myth regarding the placement of mirrors and dressing table beside one’s bed. These and several other myths have been busted by the scientific approach of Bansal. He further explains the need for the consideration of zones and the proper placement of different objects in them that can affect the different aspects of our lives.

The correct zone for placement of an object, such as a mirror or dressing table in your bedroom, is selected only after analyzing the balance of the different elements in different Vastu zones as discussed above. Any form of imbalance or disharmony is rectified using different Vastu remedial solutions, including color balancing techniques, space programming, remedy placement, and other elemental balancing or enhancing techniques.

A mirror has an impact on the subconscious mind of the people sleeping in the bedroom. There is a positive or a negative effect on their lives, depending on the placement of the mirror and the balance of energies in the built-up space — bedroom in this case.

“What most of us do not know is the fact that life can be blissful if colors, rooms, interior decoration items and other objects of our surroundings are properly placed or arranged in the way the universe wants them to be. Universe has designated a specific place and direction for each and every element, object and color. When each item of our home or office is at its perfect place and is not in conflict with others, it emanates positive, happy and blissful energy that brings cheer in one’s life,” says Bansal, who apart from being the founder of MahaVastu is also a popular author, motivational speaker and renowned Vastu Guru of the country.

It was earlier believed that the reflection of bed in the mirror or the dressing table has a negative impact on the health and relationships of people using the bedroom. However, the real impact of a mirror is measured only by the direction in which it is placed coupled with the analysis of the attributes of the different elements in that zone. For instance, placing a mirror in the southeast direction of the bedroom results in adverse effects on the people sleeping in that bedroom. South East is the Vastu zone of fire and placing a mirror, ie a water element is like adding water to fire. Thus, there is a severe imbalance in the energies in the southeast zone. There are different Vastu remedies and balancing techniques used to correct this scenario.

A dressing table in the South-South West zone is also considered negative since it is the zone of disposal. People using the bedroom suffer from a lot of wastage and even loss of fertility in such a case. It is again advised to opt for a new zone for placement of a mirror in the bedroom or use color balancing or enhancers, such as plants for establishing harmony.

Similarly, placing a dressing table in the southwest zone of relationships affects the inter-personal relationships between people living in the bedroom. Partners start expecting more from each other and there are frequent quarrels and disagreements due to this. Hence, South West is again a negative zone for placement of the mirror in your bedroom.

Therefore, it is important to understand the scientific basis of the need for evaluation of energies in a particular zone in a living space. There is a need to achieve balance and harmonize each zone of a room in a house to help build positivity. Every object needs to be placed in the correct zone and proper symmetry needs to be established.

You must learn how to place the different objects in your home to be able to manifest your desires and attract more happiness, love, and prosperity in your home.

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