South-west Facing House Vastu


Do you feel exhausted and gloomy all the time? Are you facing financial loss? Is your career sinking? It’s time to check the direction of your house! Maybe the invisible bad and negative due to bad Vastu is affecting your life. And, if your house is in the southwest corner or direction, then it is significant to understand the southwest Vastu. Let’s understand the South West facing house Vastu.

Vastu Dosha of South West facing Houses

There are doshas or negative effects of having houses in the southwest direction. A few such doshas are mentioned below.

  1. When the kitchen is in the southwest direction, it has an adverse effect on the health of the family.
  2. Toilets in the southwest lead to a financial crisis.
  3. Extension in the southwest will increase the dominance of negativity.
  4. Having entrance in the southwest may hamper the social reputation and also affect the married life.

Vastu Tips of South-West Facing House or Corner 

The southwest corner is also known as Nairuthi corner. It is believed that the Nairuthi corner is ruled by bad spirit and negativity. Hence, it is not advisable by Vastu Shastra to own a house in a southwest direction. Rooms or houses facing southwest enhances the quality of leadership in occupants. Hence, Vastu advises the owner to have the master bedroom in this direction. There are many other Vastu tips for southwest-facing houses.

  1. Open spaces should be avoided in the southwest direction of such houses.
  2. Extension in the southwest zone of the house is strictly prohibited in such houses as it gives extra room for negativity to flow.
  3. Construct an over-head water tank in the southwest of the house. This will balance the energy.
  4. Storage of heavy materials should be in the southwest of the house.
  5. Under-ground water tanks are a strict no in the southwest.
  6. It is advisable to construct a high and thick boundary wall in both the south and west direction around the house. This will obstruct negativity to enter any further.
  7. Design a slope towards the north-east direction to balance the energies.
  8. Install a water body in the Ishaan corner, which is the north-east corner to attract positive cosmic energy.
  9. There should be more open space in the north-east area for the free flow of positive energy.
  10. The Vastu for extensions in the southwest house considers such extensions or projections inauspicious. This leads to financial loss.

Vastu Remedies for South-West Facing House

After understanding the reason behind the problems you are facing, you should not make any further delay in finding the remedy for the southwest facing the house. Considering each part of the southwest facing house, there is a Vastu remedy for all. Let’s have a look.

  1. If the kitchen is in the southwest direction, then create an auxiliary kitchen in the south-east of the house and cook something every day. Avoid washing utensils in the kitchen and minimize water usage. The gas stove should be placed in the south-east corner of the kitchen. Paint the kitchen yellow. All these remedies will help minimize the negative effects of the Vastu dosha of the southwest direction.
  2. When the toilets are in the southwest direction, keep the doors closed all the time. This will not let the negative energy enter the other rooms. In the southwest corner wall, outside the toilet, place the Vastu pyramid to negate the Vastu dosha.
  3. Vastu for cuts in southwest suggests keeping Vastu pyramids in all the four directions.
  4. If the entrance gate or the main door is in the southwest direction, the southwest facing house remedy suggests having an Om, Trishul, and Swastika on sides and top of the door on the outside of the door. One can also choose to have Vastu pyramids on both sides and top of the door.
  5. If there is a bore well in the southwest, you should install Rahu yantra there. Paint this area with red color. 
  6. The large open area or windows in the southwest direction should be covered with dark curtains.
  7. If there is an extension in the southwest, one can fix the dosha by installing vastu strips made of brass, wood, or copper. 

Follow the Vastu Tips

After having a deep understanding of the Vastu defects and negative effects of the southwest facing house, one should follow the Vastu tips and get the remedy for the southwest facing the house. Southwest Vastu will ensure good health, finances, marital bliss and overall growth in career. So, if you are looking forward to having a lucrative career and happy life, use the remedy for southwest facing the house. 

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