North West Facing House


The northwest zone is dominated and ruled by the wind element – Lord Vayu. This helps in being creative, socially active, and prosperous. But if the northwest facing house is not vastu compliant, it may lead to disharmony at home and a downfall in professional life too.  So, here we are with a brief on the northwest facing house vastu.

North West Facing House Vastu 

Vastu shastra believes that the northwest facing houses are ruled by the Moon and hence the effects are supposed to be attended with care. If the house facing northwest is not vastu compliant, it may lead to friction in personal life. It may also result in some serious legal issues and health problems. Due to these problems, the finances will be drained out. So, it is essential to follow the vastu tips for northwest facing house.

Vastu Tips for North West Facing House

There is no problem without a solution. So, there are Vastu tips to negate the impact of bad Vastu due to the North West facing the house. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  1. The entrance in the northwest direction is not considered much auspicious. It might not have considerable adverse effects but will not surely fetch many positive opportunities also.
  2. The best direction or zone for bedrooms is the southwest, so avoid having bedrooms in the northwest. It may lead to loneliness and disgust.
  3. If there is any road near the house, it should be running towards the west. It should also end in the west direction. This brings financial stability.
  4. Leave more space on the north and east side of the area. This enables positivity to move around swiftly. 
  5. The boundary wall on the northeast side should be lower as this will attract more wealth and positivity.
  6. The boundary wall in the southwest should be higher to obstruct negativity to enter the premises.
  7. Having an aroma garden in the houses facing northwest is an excellent choice as it attracts all positivity and keeps the lord Vayu happy.
  8. Avoid any T-junctions. Also, avoid projections and cuts in any direction, except the northeast. This will lead to health issues and instability.
  9. The kitchen should be in the southeast of the house.
  10. The kid’s room should be in the east. This will make them wise and intelligent.
  11. Pooja room should be in the northeast as this is filled with positivity.
  12. Avoid having water tanks in the northwest. This invites heaviness and misunderstanding, which may lead to a bad social image.
  13. Avoid constructing a septic tank on the northeast side. This will drain out all the wealth.
  14. The staircase should be in the north or west center.
  15. Let the wastewater or the rainwater pass through the northwest direction. This will help your children succeed.
  16. Avoid having a lake or water body around the house. This may lead to bad habits for the owner.

Vastu Remedies for North West Facing Houses

After a brief description of the vastu tips for northwest facing houses, let’s see if we have some concrete solution to the vastu dosha in northwest houses. And of course! There are vastu remedies available for the northwest facing houses.

  1. Vastu Shastra suggests that if there is northwest facing the door, then place three Vastu pyramids, one on each side and one top. This will reduce the negativity and obstruct the path of problems.
  2. Swastika, Trishul, and om should be placed on both sides of the entrance of northwest facing houses as per Vastu. This will keep health issues at bay.
  3. As per the northwest Vastu, install a Chandra Yantra. This will help you get the blessings of Lord Moon, who is the ruler of this direction.
  4. If there are any cuts in the house, then place pyramids in each direction. 
  5. The residents of the house facing the northwest should observe a fast on every Monday. This will keep them healthy, happy, and prosperous.
  6.  In the North-west plot, the major directions fall in the corner of the site. The strength of such a plot is weak compared to a regular plot.
  7. Make a lower boundary at the northeast zone of such a plot. The lower boundary at the northeast will help in attracting the positive flow of cosmic rays from the Ishanya corner.
  8. The south-west boundary should be higher in north-west facing properties. The height and size of the boundary wall should be based on the size of the house as well as the plot.
  9. Leave more open space in the north-east zone of the plot while making a construction.
  10. Keep  equal space on the south-east and north-west zone of the plot while making a home constructions
  11. Leave minimum space at the south-west zone of the plot while making a construction. This will improve the Vaastu strength of the plot.
  12. Plot facing north-west can make an aroma garden to enhance the wind element properties.
  13. Avoid any projection in the plot (Except Northeast to the extent of 10%)

Roads and surrounding

  1. Also avoid plot with veedhi schools (road ending) at the east of south-east, north or north-west, south-of south-west and west of south-west.
  2. Correct north-west zone dosha (defect) by installing a nine or multiple Lapis Lazuli pyramids the border of the north-west boundary.
  3. Avoid plot with T junction from any side.
  4. Any T junction at north-west should be treated with strong Vastu remedies. T junction plot or home is highly inauspicious and need strong Vastu remedies, if selected, use Vastu partitions, crystal boundary and, also Vastu bricks to rectify the defect.

Vastu for North-West Facing House

  1. A North-West facing properties should have a fire element i.e. kitchen, power station, electric panel etc. should be placed in the south-east zone.
  2. Make sure that Vastu plan for a house has all internal & external arrangements as per Vastu guidelines before making a construction.
  3. Vastu remedies like a pyramid, Vastu brass helix, wind chimes (wind element), aromatic plants etc. can be a big help in enhancing north-west facing properties.
  4. Any extension or projection or cut in the north-west corner could impact on career or business relationship, because this may cause enmity with friends & relatives.
  5. Enhance counter direction i.e. south-east by installing strong fire element in the fire zone. This will improve the energy of north-west
  6. Finally, North-west facing properties should have a master bedroom in the south-west, children bedroom at east, pooja room at northeast and bathroom in the west zone of the house.
  7. Get Vastu evaluation and Vastu strength evaluated before you buy the house. Property with 70% or more score is ideal for Northwest facing house.

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