Remedies for South Facing House

Vastu refers to the directional and architectural science, which is based on energy from different sources. As per Vastu a good building or office springs from the right construction. But in urban areas, houses constructed according to Vastu are hardly found. But, there is a solution to it. You can consult some Vastu consultants for Vastu remedies if your house is wrongly constructed.

Vastu remedies refer to the corrective measures that you can apply to turn the negative energy into positive energy. Vastu remedies help us to overcome the Vastu defects. There are specific Vastu rules for a house. A few of them are given below.

  • The Southeast direction is best for a kitchen setting
  • The northeast direction will be best for your pooja room
  • Southwest direction is ideal for the master bedroom
  • You can choose between North as well as Northwest positions for your bathroom

But if your house is constructed with Vastu defects you can follow some Vastu remedies.

Vastu for South Facing Houses and its Remedies

South facing entry is valid for Vastu but with certain rules like:

  • Do not have your entrance of the house in the South.
  • Energy circles of a house can be boosted by using Swastika Yantra or any other suitable Vastu pyramid. You can install them in some particular location like the center of the house or a specific room to balance the electromagnetic field. It will harmonize your mind, body, spirit, and environment.
  • There should not be any toilets in Northeast or Southwest directions
  • You can do a Shri Ganesh Puja as a Vastu remedy.
  • If possible you can recite the “Om Namoh  Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah” mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times
  • Place a statue of Ganesh or Shri Yantra if the walls facing the entrance are naked.
  • The best Vastu remedy for South facing houses is not to leave any open balcony on the Southside.

Effects of South Facing Houses

  • Women living in South facing houses may be aggressive and strong by nature which is the inherited attribute of fire (Southeast).
  • Underwater or septic tanks in the South region will lead to mishaps and loss of wealth.
  • Any extension in the South direction can be harmful to the people in the house.

Vastu remedies are popular in every particular area. To avoid the harmful effects of South facing houses it is better to follow some Vastu remedies.

Top 10 vaastu tips for south facing house

Over time, South facing house have earned a very bad reputation for themselves it is believed that all such houses are bad, however it is not so. In fact, as per Vastu shastra, a South facing house can be very auspicious if it follows certain very specific Vastu principles. Hence, if you get a chance to stay in or buy a South facing house (that’s built as per Vastu shastra) then there’s nothing better.

Now, If you aren’t well-versed with Vastu shastra then you must read our article that’ll give you a clear understanding of the relevant concepts.

South Facing House Vastu- The Tips, Rules and Guidelines

As mentioned earlier, the entrance of a south facing house is of prime importance in vastu shastra.

If a house is South facing, then the entrance or main door of the house must be located on the 4th pada (step or part) of the south side.

Given below are some simple remedies for rectifying vaastu dosh in the south facing property and house.

  • If south is increased, cut it and make it into a square/ rectangular shape.
  • Fill up the depression or holes in the south and make it higher than all the other direction but lower than the southwest direction. Keep heavy furniture in this direction.
  • In the house or workplace, sit with your back to the south. To avoid death (Yama), keep your face towards health (Soma, the north) to receive blessings of Soma. In this way, you receive the strength and wisdom of your ancestors.
  • The wall of the south side should be made thicker and heavier with lesser openings in the form of doors, windows, and ventilators. Build a heavy stone boundary wall, fence, or trellis in this direction.
  • If the open area in the south direction is available equal to or more than the height of the building, tall trees or dense hedges can be planted.
  • Indoor plants in this direction should be of heavy types such as an indoor palm, rubber plant, or umbrella tree planted in big heavy concrete pots.
  • Use red color symbolically in this area outside of your house to appease its ruler, Mars.
  • A red-colored photo or painting of Lord hanuman or your favorite action hero should be installed on the southern wall of this sector. Mars is the planetary lord of this direction. He rules courage, bodily actions, adventurous sports, and fearlessness.
  • Install Mangala Yantra in the south direction with the due procedure in the Shukla Paksha.

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