South-east Facing House Vastu

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South east facing house should be designed with a careful arrangement as a fire element is dominant in this zone.

Following are a few important rules of VAASTU Shastra for property facing Southeast.

External Vastu arrangements

  1. Southeast facing House / Home / Plots are considered a medium type of plot where the occupant has an average success in his/her life. Success comes in little by little.
  2. South-east facing plot or house should have a lower compound wall boundary towards the east (half )& higher boundary towards the south (another half). The height & width of the boundary should be based on the size of the plot.
  3. The main gate (compound gate) should be placed in the auspicious zone on the south-east boundary wall. Ideally, it is advisable to make an internal lane on the north-east boundary wall. This will reduce the size of the plot but will help in making a door in a positive direction.
  4. Slope the plot should be towards the northeast direction of the plot. Plot having a slope towards the north-east is proved beneficial to the owner of the plot or home.

South East Facing Apartment

  1. Entrance facing south-east while buying an apartment or flat should have all internal elements to be as per Vastu.
  2. The kitchen should have maximum windows towards the north-east and north-west directions.
  3. Master Bedroom in South-West,  Prayer area in North East, Kitchen in Northwest and living area in Eastern zone will give south-east facing home with a  “B+”  rating.
  4. Avoid a lift or staircase going down in front of the main entrance.


  1. Make a lower boundary wall at the northeast side of the plot. The lower boundary at northeast will help in attracting a positive flow of cosmic rays from Ishanya corner.
  2. The boundary at the south-west line should be the highest in the south-east facing plot. The height & size of the boundary wall should be rather based on the size of the house or plot facing south-east.

Open Space & Slope

  1. Leave more open space in the north-east zone of the plot while making a construction. More open space in the northeast assures abundance & success in life.
  2. Leave equal space on the south-east and north-west directions of the plot while making a construction.
  3. Avoid slope either towards the east or south-east or south of south-east of the plot or home as this will create a “major Vastu fault”.
  4. Avoid any projection in the plot. Plot having projection or extension at south-east could lead to legal problems, female health issues, financial losses or accident (Except Northeast to the extent of 10%)

Surrounding & Corrections

  1. Avoid plot with T junction from any side. T junction plot or home is highly inauspicious and need strong Vastu remedies if selected, use Vastu partitions, crystal boundary & Vastu bricks to rectify the defect. Also avoid plot with veedhi school (road ending) at the east of south-east, north or north-west, south-of south-west and west of south-west.
  2. Correct south-east zone by installing fire element pyramid (Vastu element-fire),  fire element pebbles & Vastu Partition strips (Vastu element-fire) on the south-east border. Some people use copper wire remedy, but Vastu partition strips are found to be more effective.
  3.  Make an underground water tank or bore well at the northeast zone of the plot to improve the cosmic vibrations. Water in the northeast brings a better quality of life for all. The water tank should be in proportionate to the construction area.
  4. Plot with bore well or underground tanks at south-east or south-west is serious Vastu defects. This defect will cause a delay in construction work.
  5. Avoid a septic tank for the toilet in the south-east, south-west and, also north-east zone of the plot. Its a major defect as per Vastu Shastra.
  6. Finally sure that Vastu plan for internal & external arrangement should be made according to the Vastu guidelines before starting construction.

South Facing House Vastu – What to Avoid [7 Tips]

  1. Avoid main entrance in any pada from 5th to 9th.
  2. Avoid having anything related to water like sump, bore-well etc. in the South-West corner.
  3. Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South.
  4. Avoid a cut or extension in the South.
  5. Avoid car parking in the South.
  6. Avoid keeping more open space in the South than Northside.
  7. Avoid kitchen in South-West.

South Facing House Vastu – What to Do [10 Tips]

  1. Make sure to have the entrance or main door on 4th pada or step.
  2. If space, after utilizing 4th step, seems less then you can use 3rd, 2nd and 1st
  3. Make the walls in South and West thicker and higher than North and East.
  4. Choose a plot that slopes from South to North.
  5. Make sure that the kitchen is in South-East or North-West corner.
  6. While cooking face towards East (for South-East kitchen) or West (for North-West kitchen).
  7. Make the master bedroom in the South-West corner.
  8. You can have a staircase in South.
  9. Make a living and/or Pooja room in North-East.
  10. You can make a guest bedroom in North-West.

Having said all this, I believe and trust that you – now – understand what a vastu compliant south facing house means and aren’t afraid – anymore – to dwell in one.

Also, since you’ve understood south facing house Vastu, I suggest you read what Vastu Shastra says about the kitchen, bedroom, living room, Pooja room, toilet, etc.

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