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As the adage goes, ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ but what if studies and games alike don’t make a difference in your child’s behavior. What if your little one does work hard but without any success? Wondering what the reasons might be or where you might have gone wrong? Keep your worries aside for it may only be the negative energy in your child’s room that influences his or her behavior. And this energy can easily be made positive by applying some easy Feng Shui tips.

Feng Shui, a Chinese concept much like the Indian Vastu, literally means the flow of energy through wind and water. “It is the study of balancing the all-pervading universal energies which exist. It is the science of balancing the five elements which prevail in the universe namely water, wood, fire, earth, and metal to create harmony, prosperity, and happiness,” says SBS Surendran, a master consultant with Bangalore based Fengshuiserver .com.

It is imperative to have the children’s room in balance to create a conducive atmosphere for overall progress. According to Feng Shui, each direction promotes a particular aspect of one’s life. “The child’s room must be in the north of the house as north is the direction of a career,” says Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, director of New Delhi-based International Institute of Vedic Culture. Surendran adds, “Ensure that your child’s room is not under a loft, tucked under the stairs or at the far end of a corridor. Having large windows with bright lights is important. Avoid sloping roofs and ensure good ventilation.”

Furniture is an important aspect of a child’s room. The type of furniture and its placement can affect your child’s health and overall growth. Bhardwaj says, “The bed and the study table in children’s room must be made of wood and not metals like wrought iron. Metal carries energy from the body to the earth while sleeping and thus, the child becomes lazy.”

On the positioning of the furniture, he says, “For your child’s good health, the bed must be placed in the south-west direction with the head in either the south or the west direction. The study table must be placed in the north direction of the room or on the east side as the east is the direction of support from relatives which will help your child in his studies.” Also, one must ensure that if the furniture is wooden then it is placed in the south-east direction and if it is made of metal then in the west direction.

Colour is another main factor of feng shui. As per Feng Shui, each element has its own colour and, therefore, the walls must be painted in that colour. “Blue is the colour of career and it should be painted on the north wall of the room for a prosperous vocation,” says Bhardwaj. He continues, “Similarly, a soothing shade of green should be used for the east wall, red or maroon for the south wall as they indicate fire and light grey, white, silver or gold for the west wall as they signify metals.” Apart from these factors, accessories can also bring positive and balancing energy in your child’s room. Bhardwaj says, “Placing a crystal tower of education on your child’s study table will help in your child’s mental clarity. Also, a crystal globe must be placed in the south-west direction of the room.”

Do keep in mind the purpose of the room while accessorizing it. “If the room is only used for studying, then place an aquarium with a minimum of nine fishes in the north-east direction. There should be one blackfish as it gives life and one goldfish as it is a symbol of educational success,” says Bhardwaj. He adds, “However, if the room is used for sleeping, then there should be no water element as it disturbs sleep. A right blend of these will give your child the perfect place for rest and rejuvenation allowing him or her to excel in all fields.”

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural system that provides guidelines for interior design and layout, basis the five elements of nature. It works to balance these elements with man and material to provide the optimum environment for healthy family life. When it comes to our children, we will go to any lengths to ensure that they have a happy and healthy life. Vaastu Shastra is one such medium.

While the effect of Vaastu Shastra can be debated upon, there’s no harm in applying these guidelines in an effort to maintain your child’s health and happiness. They also help you in organising your child’s room in a better, more balanced manner.

1. Placement of Bed

When placing the bed of your child, the southwest corner of the room is your best bet. Make sure that your child’s head faces south or east when sleeping. The bed should ideally have side tables as well. Beds shouldn’t be placed under a joint in the wall and a few inches away from the wall. They should ideally have a headboard as well.

2. Study Table

The placement of the study table is an important factor as this is where your child will study and it, therefore, should have positive energy flowing around it. Don’t place the study table under a bathroom. Place it in a way that your child faces east, north, and north-east while studying. This is in the direction of the sunrise and will help boost memory and concentration.

Make sure to keep the table clean when not used as cluttered books and papers can obstruct the flow of energy. Avoid sticking the study table to the wall and keep some gap between the study table and the wall for the same reason. A square or rectangle shape is ideal for the study table.

3. Mirrors

Never place mirrors or any reflective surfaces like TV screens opposite the bed as it is considered a bad omen. Your child should never wake up and see his reflection as the first thing in the morning. Ideally, place the mirror on the right or the left side of the bed, but make sure that you’re not placing the mirror on the south wall of the room. Ensure that there is no mirror near the study table as this will increase pressure on your child.

4. Windows & Doors

Doors and windows should be in the east or the north of the room as it allows the flow of morning light which brings positivity along with it. Doors should ideally have two shutters and shouldn’t be opposite the bed, ideally. It is best if they are diagonal to the bed. Also, ensure that doors should always open inside the room and not outside.

5. Colours

Colours affect mood and general well-being of our kids. Light colours like lemon yellow, white or green will augment swift mental progress. Avoid dark coloured curtains or intricate geometric designs. Green is the ideal choice with its refreshing and calming effect. Yellow is also a good choice as it gives a healthy glow to the room and will consequently have the same effect on your child.

6. Lights

Skip sharp lights and use soft spotlights to avoid mental strain on your child. Soft spotlights will also generate positivity and ensure your child is well-rested and refreshed. Up-lighters placed in the southeast corner will generate positive energy. Make sure the room is well-lit as dimly lit rooms might slow down your child’s concentration and focus.

General Guidelines of Vaastu Shastra

  1. Place almirahs or cupboards in the west or south direction of the room
  2. Make sure to keep the center of the room empty for the free flow of energy
  3. Similarly, keep the room clutter-free and avoid sticking the furniture completely to the walls, maintaining a gap, to avoid blocking the flow of energy
  4. Avoid any columns or exposed beams in the room
  5. Avoid TVs and computers in the children’s bedroom
  6. Hang the clock, if any, on the east wall
  7. Work on balancing everything – feminine (wool) and masculine (leather) products, calming and positive colors, etc.

Do you know of or follow any more Vaastu tips for your children’s rooms? Do share them with us in the comments below.

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