Mount of Moon Palmistry

The Mount of Moon is one of the many padded areas of the palm. Most of these areas are named after planets, and they describe specific personality types as per astrology. If you are learning palmistry, it is important to first understand what these areas mean because the lines on their own do not give many clues in a palm reading. It’s also essential to take into account the shape of the hand overall because a well-developed mount on a large palm might not mean the same as one on a narrow one.

This area at the base of the hand, opposite the Mount of Venus, is the mount of Moon. It rules your moods, emotions, romance, travel, imagination, and represents the mother, the wife, and fertility. It associates with the subconscious, sensitivity, and passions. In a man, it still signifies his sensitivity, (although he might not show it). It can symbolize his mother, his wife, or the ideal woman. The Moon mount represents:

  1. Imagination and creativity.
  2. Idealism.
  3. The love of travel.
  4. Empathy, nurturing, and sensitivity.
  5. Intuition and memory.

The Mount of Moon, when well developed, shows a kind, inventive, creative, and imaginative personality. They are risk-takers and can achieve success in business due to their originality and inspirational ideas.

The large mount of Moon also depicts a love of nature and animals. These people are caring and make great parents. An overly developed mount of Moon shows someone whose vision is so high that they may fantasise or have little sense of reality. (Especially if the head line dips down to the Mt. of Moon as well).

If the Mount of Moon is Flat or Wrinkly

When the Mount is noticeably flat, it portrays an introverted and realistic character. They use their intellect before gut feelings or emotions in making decisions, (might suit government type positions). Imagination may be deficient, but they show a responsible and dogmatic nature. On the negative side, the flat one depicts a cold nature. There is a lack of nurturing feelings of closeness with the mother or female figure. Obviously other features can offset the flat Mount of Moon, such as a small thumb and soft skin.

If the mount is deflated with coarse skin and some areas of the hand show redness or other indicators of anger, it suggests the subject has little empathy. Indicators of anger can be a developed mount of Lower Mars, hard skin, red patches, red fingertips, small nails, and bulbous thumb tip. In such a case, they might lack the nurturing traits required to care about others in general.

Marks on the Mount of Moon

The marks on the mount of the moon should be minimal. However, some of the marks can have meaning. The mark needs to be made up separate to other lines.

STAR – Powers of instinct and imagination. Fame in a literary career. It can also depict a fear of the sea.
CROSS – Fear of travel, especially over water. Overactive imagination.
SQUARE – Protection against danger in travel.
TRIANGLE – Gift for literary or artistic work.
GRID – Feeling overly sad, nervous, or discontent.

The Pluto Mount beneath the Mount of Moon

The area of Pluto joins the Moon mount and likewise represents the subconscious and imagination. It has a connection to occultism, death, obsessions and sexual energy. It also reveals the nurturing and maternal instincts. In some hands, this area appears to drop below the wrist lines.

Pluto has similar qualities to the Moon mount, and when well developed, the nurturing qualities, intuition and imagination are active. Overly enlarged, (when it appears to hang onto the wrist) implies amplification of these qualities; they may be highly intuitive (or even fanatical).

With the well-developed Mount of Pluto, in some instances, there may be some instability regarding the psyche. There may be some mental illness or insanity; depending on other weak aspects. Abnormally short or crooked fingers, or very long, thin fingers are some of the more fragile signs. A small or short thumb would also add to this attribute as with a marked, broken, dipping, or missing headline. The main indication of instability is a long and narrow hand. Accentuated water qualities give impractical traits.

Ideally, the most favorable Pluto Mount should be free from other lines and disturbances. The mount of Moon above it should be bouncy with minimal lines or marks.

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